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Try on a Disbility  



"Try on a Disability" is on sale through our website and available for purchase at $20 plus shipping and handling.  


This DVD is a wonderful educational piece that can be used in companies, by architects and designers. In schools, or at clubs and associations. It's less than an hour long, and it tells a very powerful story.


Please go to our website
to purchase, or call Zosia at


to order. 

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Langley Pos-Abilities Society
#80 - 2270 196th St
Langley, B.C. V2Z 1N6

Hope is 

Not A Plan


The video, "Hope is Not A Plan" is now available on the website, in our blog and at This film should be required viewing for everyone, whether you have a disability or not. Why, you ask? Simple. Most of us will, at some time in our lives, become disabled in some way. The fact is that those of us with disabilities have no civil rights when compared to those of us who are not disabled. This should resonate with every Canadian. No disability? Your time may come. Do you want your rights? Watch the video.


An election is almost on us, and we need to discuss civil rights for people with disabilities with politicians. People with disabilities do not have a way to enforce civil rights in British Columbia, or indeed anywhere in Canada. This must change!  


View the video. Pass the link around. It's less than an hour long, and it can have a huge, and a positive, impact - if enough people see it!  



Happy Fall to All! 


Who writes this stuff anyway? Total cornball. Anyway, it's fall. You know what they say about fall around here: "If you can't see the mountains, it's raining. If you can see the mountains, it's going to rain." But we love it. 


On to the really important stuff:


Garage Sale 


The Langley Senior Centre is holding a garage sale tomorrow from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM at 20605 51B Avenue in Langley. Short notice, but there are always bargains to be had!  


Patient Self-Advocacy Workshop  


The MS Society of Canada is holding a patient self-advocacy workshop at:  


Langley Senior Resources Society, Sharon Birnie Hall, 
20605 51B Avenue, Langley

 on Saturday November 1, 2014 from 10 am until 1 pm.


This free and open-to-all workshop is designed to help patients to become advocates for their own health. Topics such as:  

Learning to actively communicate your symptoms
*  Preparing the right questions before every appointment
*  Telling your story clearly, concisely, and convincingly
*  Making the most of your medical appointments
*  Knowing your rights and learning how to partner with your doctor
*  Finding an advocate in yourself


will be covered. Among the speakers on the panel are:


� Dr. Grace H. Park, BSc, MD, MBA,
Family Physician & Medical Director, Home Health, Fraser Health Authority
 � Jocelyne Wong, RN, MN, MHA, CHE
Manager, Newton Home Health, Langley Home Health, Fraser Health Authority
 � Zosia Ettenberg, Patient Advocate
Langley Pos-Abilities Society
 � Allen MacCallum ,MacCallum Law Group LLP


Register at  

or by phone at  

604-602-3219 (MS Society), or 604-530-3020 (Langley Senior Resources)




Our Pub Nights have been incredibly successful and well attended, so why not keep going? The next one is on

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 16 at 5 PM (Dinner at 6:30)

We're back at the Artful Dodger Pub (2364 - 200 Street, in case anyone forgot).

We'll have a silent and a live auction, door prizes and raffles, and live entertainment by Richie Vokes, a renowned Langley guitarist and vocalist who covers Blues, Folk, Rock and Pop. Our favourite auctioneer, Wild Bill Henke, will do the auction honours once again.

Tickets are $25, a drink and a buffet dinner are included. Ticket sales are limited to 100. Call us at 604-961-0117 or talk to a Board Member.

It will be fun! It always is!

Until we meet at one (or all) of these functions, stay warm and dry!