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12/08 1:30-4:00 p.m.

Signing Smart Increases Language!

Research demonstrates that children who participate in
just 8-10 weeks of Signing Smart programs show improved language skills by 12 months of age. Typically developing, hearing children usually have 1-2 spoken words by age 1, whereas Signing Smart children have 16 signs and 23 words!


Parents, Teachers, Child Care Providers
Join us for
Teacher Training on 9/29!

Toddler asks for BALL by signing instead of crying or grabbing!
A toddler signs BALL (and gets the ball!) and the teacher keeps 
reading, never even realizing that life-long conflict resolution strategies are being used behind her! Imagine if they could not sign/talk yet... what strategies might have been tried? Grabbing? Crying? Whining? Then the domino effect happens in the classroom. Sharing? Taking turns? These strategies take time and patience to develop in young children.  
Even asking for help, would interrupt the story.   
Learn more at our parent or child care provider or preschool teacher workshops!

Signing Smart for Child Care Providers


Happy 40th Birthday Kindermusik!

Come to Kindermusik
Foundations: Cuddle & Bounce 
 with your 0's & 1's (Birth-23.9 mos.)
7 Saturdays, 9/22-11/10, 11:35-12:25
Come to Kindermusik with your 1's & 2's (12-35.9 mos.)
7 Saturdays, 9/22-10/11 10:30-11:20
Create Your Own
with your Birth-5 year-old child or Call us to arrange one at your playgroup! 

30 min/week = 32% Literacy Gain!

Parent Child U   are incredibly affordable & fUn! 
$100 for 3 hours for Miss Tracey :)
$75 for 9 goodie bags with our
CDs, books, and shakers!! 

Happy Almost Halloween Season!
Wear Your Pajamas/Costume Day 10/27

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