September 10th, 2021 | Your Pre-Fall Planting Guide
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Fall Is For Planting...And We Have It All Here!
Colorful New Flowers For Your Fall Containers
Add Instant Fall Color With New Hanging Baskets
New Hanging Baskets
The easiest way to get in the mood for fall is to add a few of our gorgeous new hanging flower baskets to your front porch or back deck. These pretty petunia baskets are the perfect choice for a fresh summer to fall transitional look.
Huge Variety Of Fall & Winter Blooming Camellias
White & Pink Winter Daphne Odora Evergreens
Beautiful clusters of white or pink flowers will bloom in January and February. Sweet fragrant flowers are best enjoyed when planted as a specimen plant near the house. Prepare ground to ensure drainage. Partial sun and medium water.
New & Improved Limelight Prime Hydrangeas
Edgeworthia Chrysantha Paperbush Plants
Buttery-yellow and white clusters of tubular flowers will brighten up your late winter to early spring landscape. At night, the flowers will release a very sweet fragrance. Lush foliage will stay green for summer and yellow in fall.
More Than 30 Varieties Of Japanese Maple Trees
Book A Professional Landscape Design For Fall