The record warm dry summer officially ended Friday with the first real rain since early June.  The temperatures have also dramatically cooled and following the relatively dry coming week, heavy rain is predicted for the last half of October.  The irrigation season is essentially over.   We have either cut back significantly or even shut down most irrigation systems. As we are beginning to plant fall pansies, those valves will stay programmed to water.   Year to date, our irrigation need based on weather has been 20% greater than last year.

With the onset of fall, our priorities are changing and we are preparing for fall activities, including leaf removal, pansy plantings and fall wet weather mowing. The change in seasons keep us busy and hopefully the weather stays cool but does not complicate our early fall activities.

We began planting pansies this past week as the rain and cooler weather is taking its toll on summer flowers. Our goal is to get all pansies planted by the end of October.

As the weather cools, the lawns will slow their growth and we will move toward a bi-weekly mowing schedule.

Before the leaves begin to fall, our focus is to get as much pruning completed prior to winter. This is our major focus and what we use the extra time we get with the bi-weekly mowing.

As we get to the end of October, leaves will be our sole focus. We are preparing now to ensure we can collect leaves as quickly as possible.
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