September, 2015
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California Road Charge Pilot Program

On September 29, 2014, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Senate Bill (SB) 1077, which requires the State of California to design and implement a statewide pilot program to study the implications of a road charge model no later than January 1, 2017. The overall goal of this Bill is to address the increasing need for road repair and maintenance. The Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), a fifteen (15) member committee, was created to study road charging, inclusive to researching alternatives to the gas tax, based on the fact the State of California tax is unable to generate sufficient funds to maintain and repair 50,000 miles of roads. Recent advances in technology are developing cars and other vehicles to become increasingly efficient, thus reducing the use of gas and enabling drivers to pay less to fill up their tanks. The TAC is responsible for gathering public comment and making recommendations to the California State Transportation Agency (CalSTA) regarding the design of a road usage charge pilot program. The TAC will prepare and submit to CalSTA official recommendations for the design of a road charge pilot that will be implemented statewide, through a live demonstration .
Transportation Project Wins

State of California Department of Transportation
Architectural & Engineering Facilities Design Services - Statewide

As a single firm selected for a six (6) year contract with FTA funded projects, Owen Group, Inc. (Owen) was recently awarded a statewide contract by Caltrans to provide Full Design Services for the development and construction of proposed Caltrans transportation facilities. Owen's scope of work involves architectural design, civil engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, plumbing design and layout, landscape architecture, specification writing, and security systems design. Owen is also responsible for providing feasibility and planning studies, cost studies and estimates, value engineering analysis, and infrastructure studies and design support for construction. Caltrans buildings and facilities range from office buildings, equipment and maintenance facilities, pumping plants, transit station structures, underground structures, earth retaining structures, and more .
Orange County Transportation Authority
On-Call Architectural & Engineering Design and Construction Support Services

Owen Group, Inc. (Owen) was recently awarded a contract by the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) to provide On-Call Architectural and Engineering Design and Construction Support Services for Facility Projects. OCTA owns five maintenance and operations facilities and various transportation centers and park-and-ride facilities throughout Orange County. As facility modifications and upgrades are required for these facilities, Owen is responsible for providing architectural design and civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering for the preparation of PS&E, cost estimates, and construction support services. Specific modifications range from site selection and planning, security and operation improvements, design of building and building mechanical system upgrades, design of UST replacements, and other projects. Owen will be involved in all phases of design, bidding and the award of contracts, and construction monitoring.

Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Blue Line Station Refurbishments - 21 Stations
Los Angeles, CA

Design/Build team of Amoroso-Owen was contracted by the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) for the Metro Blue Line project involving refurbishments of the entire group of 21 Metro Blue Line stations. Owen Group, as a design partner to Amoroso, provided full architectural and engineering design and ADA accessibility/compliance for all the 21 Blue Line stations and rail platforms. These refurbishments will upgrade the 20+ year old stations with a renewed look, as well as sustainable technology. 

As an extension to the recently completed improvements, Metro will also be refurbishing 52 rail cars and purchasing 78 new rail cars, as well as complete track replacements as needed. The Blue Line Upgrades project is a $1.2-billion effort with the overall goal of producing a safer and more reliable and modernized Metro Blue Line for many years to come. As an integral part of the downtown Los Angeles commute, these much needed improvements and upgrades will benefit the commuters who rely on this indispensable rail line and improve their commutes by being more efficient, safer, and reliable-and more enjoyable.
Owen Completes the Metro Project Ahead of Schedule

"SJ Amoroso and Owen Group performed very well on the Metro Blue Line Station Refurbishment project, completing the project ahead of a very tight schedule. It was a pleasure working with this group."

- Mat Antonelli, Metro Construction Manager
This was a fast-track project which was scheduled to take 24 months of design and construction to complete all 21 stations, which involved construction almost around the clock on fully operating stations. Owen exceeded Metro's expectations by completing the project four (4) months ahead of scheduledespite the constrained schedule and active rail site conditions. In order to achieve this, Owen established groups of field teams to work on multiple Blue Line stations simultaneously.

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