Jr. Irish Soccer Club News

September 2023

The Fall season is underway!

Many teams have already begun their fall season competing in the Schaumburg Soccerfest and Chicago Developmental Showcase tournaments. Leauge play is also underway. We look forward to having our teams out on the fields and in our community representing Jr. Irish with pride!

We have our major fundraising opportunities coming up in partnership with Barnaby's local restaurants. See below for more info.

Have a current high school player? Watch your inbox for an upcoming email about uniform ordering for U16+ players (birth years of 2008 and older.) You won't want to wait as we've experienced several supply chain issues this fall affecting uniform availability. Make sure you click the link and order your spring uniforms as soon as you can!

Several Jr. Irish teams are looking for additional players for their roster. Check out which teams have space and invite your friends to join the club!

We look forward to seeing you around the fields. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime! 


Barnaby's Fundraiser Continues through September 30!

Keep selling those Barnaby's vouchers! Jr. Irish keeps $5 from every sale which is incredible! Remember that there are cash prizes for the top three selling players and the team that sells the most overall will win a pizza party!

Contact us if you need more vouchers!

Did you know that Jr. Irish Soccer Club has a combined over 250+ years of Coaching Experience?

Did you know that our coaching staff boasts 3 USSF A licensed coaches (highest license in America), 2 USSF B licensed coaches, 1 USSF C licensed coach and 3 USSF D licensed coaches?

A few more facts about our Coaching Staff:

  • We have 4 former College Coaches (3 at the D1 level) who have a combined 80+ years of college coaching experience
  • Two coaches have the USSF A and the USC Premier (USC is the other coaching education governing body in the USA) and that they are 2 of only 5 total coaches in all of Indiana that have both!

Jr Irish Soccer Club without a doubt has the best coaching staff in all of Northern Indiana and one of (if not the top staff) in all of Indiana. Facts are facts and no other club in Northern Indiana is even remotely close to the experience, education and ability of the Jr. Irish coaches. We take your child's experience very seriously and have done everything possible to assemble the best possible coaching staff to aid your child's development not only in the sport but in their journey through life!

Learn More about our Coaches

And while we're on the subject of Coaching...

Parents, as discussed in every team meeting this season, there is to be no shouting instructions to players from the parents' sideline. Not only does this put your child in the terrible position of having to decide between listening to either his/her coach or you, it also is completely counter productive to their ability to learn and make their own decisions. It raises your child's stress levels during the game. Jr. Irish Coaches are trying to teach the players how to observe the game, make their own decisions, execute the action based on their decisions and then learn the consequence of the action. This process is completely impossible with parents screaming out instructions from the sideline.

Make no mistake, we know you have good intentions and want the best for your child but you are changing the opportunity for a child to rely on his/her ability, make a decision and learn from mistakes. Remember this is THEIR game and THEIR team. How they play and what their results are have no bearing on you as a parent or person. Coaches facilitate learning, parents facilitate encouragement. Please make this a positive learning environmen and refrain from yelling instructions from the sidelines. 

Here's more information in an article that discusses this issue.

Reminder: there is NO PARKING

on Moreau Court.

Our business neighbors are working 24 hours and are concerned about children and vehicles being hit. This goes for weekly training and games. Even if you are sitting in your cars, please park in the nearest parking lot (north or south) to avoid being towed.

Reminder to all parent's, players and coaches:

Please help keep the JI fields beautiful by picking up your trash and belongings after every game and training.

We have over 50 trash cans placed all throughout the park so at any given location there should be at least one within walking distance. It saves time for our volunteer Board and our mowing crew. We appreciate your help!

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