Fall is almost here and we are looking forward to the and we have our Fall Kick-off on August 25! We will have a Reach meeting as well to discuss next year's trip!

Fall Kick-Off!!!
On August 25, we will officially kick-off the Fall with our Youth picnic! This is a relaxing event with food, fun, and fellowship. Not sure if you'll know anyone there? Bring a friend along. Know someone who'll have a good time once they are there? Be sure to bring them!

All family and friends welcome! All will hear about the upcoming year in Youth Ministry at St. David's!

Reach Meeting
At 4:00pm, Sunday, August 25, we will have a Reach meeting for Adults to decide on next year's Reach Mission trip dates and location. Please come to the new building called the annex and help us decide and also hear a brief update on this year's new Youth Ministry format.

Hershey Park!
This Sunday, August 17, we will head to Hershey park at 9am from the church and return around 9pm. We invite all family and friends to participate in this event. It's easy to bring along a friend!

Be sure to sign-up to let us know if you're coming so that we may arrange transportation. We can accept sign-ups through Thursday.
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