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Fall Kickoff is Sunday from 5-7 PM

Outside at FPC

FPC Youth and Families,

Here are a few announcements about our upcoming kickoff event:

  • Fall Kickoff is THIS Sunday from 5-7 PM. Youth group will take place from 5-6 and families will join us at 6 for dinner and other fellowship events! I will be calling to let Jason's Deli know the number of people attending Tomorrow Afternoon, if you have not RSVPed yet and you would like to PLEASE do so by tomorrow at noon!

  • Please bring a gift. These gifts are for the Jr. and Sr. High youth rooms. This is a great way for us to replenish the rooms with items that we don't have or that we need a new supply of. The Amazon Wishlists are there for ideas of items that you can bring, but feel free to get other things that you think would be good for us to have! Remember the spending limit is $15, families are welcome to split on gift and combine their child's spending limit if the would like to! The Wishlists are linked below in case you would like to see them again.

  • We will have an inflatable slide at the kickoff. I know how much fun slides and other inflatables are, but please be safe while on the slide. I will go over a few rules before we use the slide, but this is just a reminder that while this is a fun activity that we get to have, we need to also be safe. This is also a reminder to fill out the medical form prior to the fall kickoff. Below is a button linked to the medical form so that you can fill it out if you have not already. If your medical form is NOT filled out you will NOT be allowed to use the slide!

  • Remember to bring something to sit on. Bring a folding chair, blanket, towel, or anything else that you might want to sit on during dinner or fellowship activities.

  • Bring questions. There will be a time for youth to ask me questions about the upcoming year or about myself. This will be a way for them to get to know me better and hopefully build trust and bonds with me! Parents, I would also like for you to ask me questions! After dinner, I will go over the calendar, the ways that I will communicate, and upcoming plans that I have made. Please feel free to come up to me after and ask me anything that you would like to know!

I am looking forward to meeting those who I have not met and seeing those who I have! I am hoping that this will set us up for a fun and successful year in youth ministry at FPC!

See you on Sunday!

Kendall and the Jr. and Sr. High Advisors

Jr. High Wish List
Sr. High Wishlist
Medical Form