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   Fall Plant Replacement

The summer of 2012 will go down in the record books as one of the longest periods without measurable rain at 75 total days. Drought conditions in Western Washington are fairly typical during the summer months but such a prolonged period can be difficult even for established plant material.

Supplemental watering by well-maintained and monitored irrigation systems is good protection against plant loss under these conditions but non-irrigated plant material may have suffered significantly and died even when it has not required watering in years past. If this is the case on your site, consider replacing those plants now.



These plants didn't make it throught the summer 


Plant replacement in non-irrigated areas is most successful in the fall for several reasons

  1. Cooling air temperatures and shorter day length slow above ground growth and force carbohydrate storage in plants
  2. Continued warm soil temperatures force strong root development for that carbohydrate storage.
  3. Fall winds force reaction wood and root development for structural support of the plant extending new root development making the plant more drought resistant in the future.
  4. Rainfall provides for all of the plants watering needs reliably through June of the following year allowing a longer establishment period

Please let us know if you are considering plant replacements or additions this fall.




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What's The Crew Up To This Fall? 

employees working


Here we are at the end of another wonderful Pacific Northwest summer that has shown us quite a few blue-sky days and warm temperatures. Keeping the water on has been a real challenge this year and many of our landscapes will be enjoying the restorative effects of this fall's returning rain. In addition to our regular, ongoing maintenance work we will be performing several valuable functions during this critical time of year in the landscape.


Fall fertilization includes high levels of potassium, allowing plants to take advantage of warm soil temperatures for strong root development. Our crews will be out applying a specialty blend of fertilizer that will focus on these objectives and maintain healthy color throughout the winter.


Every year we perform irrigation winterization on all of our irrigated maintenance sites. Our complete winterization includes turning off the clock and the point of connection for the water and using compressed air to blow out the lines and heads to prevent freezing. Major issues will be noted for repair at this time and we will be extending reduced cost proposals for those repairs made during the off season.

irrigation nozzle 


Fall is leaf season so our crews will be giving priority to leaf removal from mid-October through late November. This is quite a task on some sites but one we are well prepared for with large capacity trucks, blowers and leaf mulching vacuums. As the leaf season slows down late in the year we will be focused on detailing bed areas and preparing for winter.


Look for our crews to be busy this fall on your sites.

 Fall leaves