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Fall Lawn Care Tips
October 2014

October means cooler temperatures and falling leaves.  You may be considering packing up your rake and lawn mower, but there is still time to work on your lawn this year.  If you have not had the opportunity to work on your lawn this fall now is the perfect time to do so.  Be proactive and remember the steps you take now will greatly improve your lawn's chances of surviving the winter and next year.
There's still time to fix your lawn

Last month we recommended seeding and fertilizing your lawn.  If you have not had a chance to do these steps you still have time.  This month be sure to reseed any damaged areas with either Fall Magic or Black Beauty grass seed.  The same day you seed also apply Jonathan Green New Seeding Lawn Fertilizer or Winter Survival Fall Fertilizer to gently feed your lawn and promote healthy root growth.  Lastly an application of Mag-I-Cal Calcium Fertilizer and Love Your Lawn-Love Your Soil will greatly improve the soil environment.  This organic duo will make your soil more alive and porous which will help your lawn grow thick and strong.  Want to know more?  Check out this helpful video:

Fall Lawn Care
Fall Lawn Care

Leaves leaving their mark on your lawn
Now is the time of year when the leaves start falling and covering your lawn.  Be sure that you rake them up at least once a week to avoid them from matting down the lawn and potentially killing the grass.  Leaves on the ground will shade the grass from receiving necessary sunlight.  Raking not only helps to remove the unwanted leaves it also invigorates the soil, like aeration, and promotes new healthy grass growth.  If you have a large area to rake you can rent an aerator from your local independent garden center or hardware store.

You have heard us discuss soil pH before.  Leaves are acidic and will lower soil pH over time.  An organic and effective way to adjust your soil pH is to spread Mag-I-Cal Calcium Fertilizer.  Mag-I-Cal is a form of soluble calcium that will release trapped nutrients in the soil, adjust the pH and restore soil life. 

Want to learn more about Mag-I-Cal? Click here!
Fall Mowing Made Easy
Man with lawn mower    
Do not put your lawn mower away just yet.  You will want to keep mowing your lawn as long as green growth occurs.  You may find you do not need to mow weekly late in the fall season.  When you think you are on your last mowing cut the grass a step lower to avoid conditions that are conducive to promoting diseases like snow mold.  When your mower is ready to be put away for the season be sure to:

1. Drain any leftover gasoline
2. Consider an oil change and filter replacement
3. Sharpen the blade
4. Give the housing a thorough cleaning to remove any debris
5. Store properly in a shed or garage away from children and pets
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Last year's grand prize winner
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New American Lawn Guide

Lawn Guide
The year is not over yet and there is still a lot you can do for your lawn.  Download the New American Lawn Guide today and learn helpful tips on keeping your lawn healthy all year long.  Visit to learn more and view how to lawn videos.

To download your free copy of this helpful guide click here!
New American Lawn Guide
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