Fall Leaf Pick-up - 2 December
27 Nov 2019

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Happy Thanksgiving
GCA Board of Directors
Fall Leaf Pick-up Starts 2 Dec
Fall leaf collection  will start on Monday,  2 December .

Leaves should be near the curb by  7 AM on 2 December. If your leaves are not picked up on day one, not to worry, it will take about a week to finish the Glenmore circuit. Remember, there  will be only one pass per residence and Common Area by the GCA contractor. Please be ready!
Cadeaux Show Stables News
In case you missed the last article, on November 18 th, Cadeaux informed us that they would be leaving at the end of their lease, February 29, 2020. We hope to have an amicable relationship during the next few months and a smooth transition period. The Equestrian Committee of the GCA Board will now look at alternate options for the facility, including the possibility of leasing to another tenant who could offer riding lessons. The Board knows that GCA members want the area to remain an attractive green space.

Cadeaux asks that if residents want to come to the barn or visit the horses in the fields, they must call first to make arrangements. The areas where Cadeaux rents the trails and driveways contiguous with the fields have been posted with temporary signs so that walkers can be aware of areas not open for unannounced visits. 
Horse Rider
Oily Spots on Our Roads
Some of you have noticed a mysterious substance that dripped on many of our roads recently. Since marks follow the path of the trash trucks, residents and the GCA have notified County Waste of our concerns.

The County Waste Division Manager visited our roads, and subsequently, ordered two organic cleaners that should be delivered next week. He hopes one will lighten the stains. The trucks used in our community are a year and one-half old, and so far, County Waste cannot find anything wrong with them. The manager advises that even if the cleaners do not work, the stains will wear off eventually and not damage the asphalt.
Glenmore Just Got Even Friendlier
Paula Clark approached the GCA board last month with an idea for welcoming new neighbors into our community: the GCA might offer a gift basket with goodies, including a welcome plaque. Not only did Paula generate the idea, which the GCA Board voted to support financially, but she and her husband, Jim, are also doing all the shopping and preparation of the baskets, plus making a special visit to deliver them personally to each newcomer.

Kudos to the Clarks! In this season of Thanksgiving, the GCA is especially thankful for the Clarks’ integral part in a warm greeting for our new members. 
County Waste Holiday Schedule
With the holidays rapidly approaching, here's a friendly reminder of what to expect with your solid waste service collection. Our offices and Operations are closed on Christmas and New Year’s Day so during these weeks, please follow the amended service schedule below:
Christmas Day - Wednesday, December 25 th  – Trash and Recycling services will run one day behind schedule (beginning on the holiday) and for the remainder of the week.
New Year’s Day - Wednesday, January 1 st  - Trash and Recycling services will run one day behind schedule (beginning on the holiday) and for the remainder of the week.
Do You Know Who's on the GCA Board?
Ray Murphy has been on the Board since 2018, and completes his term next February. Besides being a member of the Board, Ray also chairs the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and the Roads Committee.

Ray completed the 2019 roads maintenance effort with the crack repairs finished in early November. He also just awarded a contract for a Roads Engineering Study. This engineering study is important for two reasons. First, Ray is responsible for the largest line items in the Reserve Budget, long term roads maintenance. Second, we need info on the roads in the K2 and S5 sections under development since they will be transferred to the GCA in the future, and its important that they are transferred in good condition. The last roads study was completed in 2014.

Ray is also responsible for ensuring that new homes in sections K2 and S5 meet the GCA architectural requirements. Since Ray joined the Board, 40 new homes have been built in Glenmore.
Albemarle County Police Patrols
In our recent survey as well as prior surveys and communications, we heard loud and clear that addressing excessive speed in our community is a priority. We've tried deploying digital speed sensing signs and various communications, but the quantitative data from the speed sensors shows little to no improvement. In addition, Glenmore has experienced periods of nighttime car break-ins.

Beginning the first of the year, the Board decided to employ Albemarle County Police for random patrols in Glenmore. Their focus will be the morning and afternoon commute hours as well as late night and early morning patrols. Please be aware that even though we have private roads, Police officers may issue excessive speed warnings, and MUST issue reckless driving and Driving While Intoxicated citations. Our guidance will be to stop vehicles in excess of 40 MPH for Piper WAY and 35 MPH everywhere else, however speeds above 45 MPH in a 25 MPH zone are by VA law reckless driving.  DWI arrests are required whenever it is observed and includes any motor vehicle including golf carts.

The feedback from the community has been compelling and we must address the issue before we experience a serious accident.

The GCA Board
Rivanna Greenway Stabilization
For those who walk the bucolic Rivanna Greenway trail, there has been significant erosion along the 17th fairway for a few years. The erosion was so bad, it closed the trail and was eating into the golf course fairway. Thanks to Rick Randolph and the other Albemarle County Supervisors, repairs are underway.

The County Program Manager, Walter Harris, expects construction to be completed around 29 November. Once the project is complete the County will remove all signage and notify the GCA. We will notify the community when the Rivanna Greenway trail is reopened. The PM provided the attached flyer for your information.
GCA Reserve Study Update
In January 2018, the GCA Board approved the 2017 GCA Reserve Study as required by the VA Property Owners Association Act (§ 55.1-1826). In 2019, the Board reviewed our requirements (an annual review is required by the Act) in order to ensure that sufficient reserves are available to maintain, repair, replace all capital components. This year, the Board considered four significant issues that each had the potential to drive additional reserve requirements. The four issues are: a full Equestrian Center Reserve Study; setting aside reserves for the addition of Safety Sidewalks in Glenmore; requirements for additional Retention Ponds and Bio-filters based on newly identified Glenmore retention ponds and future transfer of retention ponds and bio-filters from the developers in sections S5 and K2; and setting aside reserves for the new sections of Roads in the S5 and K2 Sections of Glenmore.

The Board is still collecting information for the roads (a Roads Engineering Study will be completed by year end) and for the retention ponds and bio-filters (we're working with the County to assess the requirements). As a result, only the Equestrian Center Reserve Study requirements and the Safety Sidewalks were incorporated into the 2019 update to the GCA Reserve Study. The added Reserve requirements drove an increase to the annual reserve contribution in the approved GCA 2020 Budget (click here). That was one of the contributors to the 1.57% ($16 per year) increase in the GCA Assessment.

The Board will be releasing the 2019 Reserve Study Update at the December Board meeting, and it will be available on our web site.
Deer Population Management
Rivanna Village and Glenmore development has displaced some deer habitat which attracts them to food sources in Glenmore. In our 19 October GCA Newsletter we provided a comprehensive review of our GCA Deer Management program. This is an update, providing additional measures being taken, and other deer information.

Deer hunting season is underway and our GCA hunters must abide by Virginia State deer hunting regulations (click here). This includes that hunting must occur during daylight hours and the number of deer that can be taken is limited. Additional tags can be purchased by hunters, and we are authorizing our hunters to procure added tags when they hit their quota.

Archery deer hunting season ends on 4 January. (Please note, our Glenmore hunters are exclusively bow hunters.) After archery season, our bow hunters use a special permit which allows unlimited numbers and nighttime hunting. We have authorized our hunters to use tree stands in remote areas of Glenmore. Generally, our bow hunters are hunting before dawn and in remote areas, so they are generally not observed by our residents.

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), a neurological disease that affects deer, elk, and moose, is not yet in Albemarle county but it has been identified in neighboring counties. You can read more about CWD here.

Questions about the GCA Deer Management Program can be directed to the Common Area Review Board (CARB) which is responsible for all aspects of the program. The CARB can be contacted here.

PS Looking for deer resistant plants? Click here.
Associa Change in Office Location
Last week, Associa moved from Sachem Place to their new location on Insurance Lane. That has two implications. They have a new location and the GCA has a new mailing address. The new address will be changed on all of our documents and web pages. If you see any GCA materials where the address has not changed, please contact Thelma Washington by clicking here. Here is our new mailing address:

Glenmore Community Association
1524 Insurance Lane, Suite C,
Charlottesville VA 22911

Associa's Office is closed on Thanksgiving and Friday, 29 November.
House Under Construction
Breezy Hill Rezoning Application Resubmittal
Following the deferral/postponement of the Planning Commission public hearing (previously scheduled for 10/22), the applicants for Breezy Hill (ZMA201900004) have resubmitted revised application materials on 11/18. 

Those four (4) resubmittal materials (including a concept plan, a supplemental plan, a set of draft proffers, and comment responses (all dated 11/18/2019) are available for viewing and download here . The review of these resubmittal materials by County staff (and other applicable reviewers) is ongoing. Staff are endeavoring to have updated review comments available on 12/18.

As of today, no Planning Commission or Board of Supervisors public hearing dates have been requested or scheduled.

Thank You
Tim Padalino, AICP
434-296-5832 x 3088
Senior Planner | Community Development Department - Planning Division
CENSUS Bureau Hiring
The Census Bureau contacted us and asked if we could post this flyer within Glenmore.

Provided for your information.
Where do I find ... maps of Glenmore?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. In fact, to find Glenmore maps, go to the web page, then click on "More" on the top line. You'll get a scroll down list. Click on "Maps". The Maps are a bit dated, but we're working on updates.

We recently added a widget on the Cover Page with Glenmore homes for sale.

Just have some general questions? Email Thelma Washington by clicking Here.
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