Fall Leaf Pick-up - 2 December
15 Nov 2019

Dear GCA member,

Here is your latest newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

GCA Board of Directors
Fall Leaf Pick-up - 2 Dec
Fall leaf collection  will start on Monday,  2 December .

Leaves should be near the curb by  7 AM on 2 December. If your leaves are not picked up on day one, not to worry, it will take about a week to finish the Glenmore circuit. Remember, there  will be only one pass per residence and Common Area by the GCA contractor. Please be ready!
Join the GCA Board
Do you love the beauty of Glenmore? The lovely homes (839 and growing), beautiful yards and trees, sunset over the Rivanna, the walking paths? The playground, the dog park, the sports field? The absence of potholes? The quick work of our crews to clear snow, collect tree limbs and leaves, and mow the common areas? The friendly “Glenmore Wave” from all your neighbors, whether you know them or not? Then we need your help. These things require oversight (except for the Glenmore Wave, which appears to be contagious). 
Our last three newsletters have sought candidates to run for the three seats on the Glenmore Community Association (GCA) Board that will be up for election in February, and we still need candidates. It’s a two-year term, and the Board meets on Thursday evenings twice a month. Board members also participate in Committee activities. The only requirement is that you are a homeowner in good standing (i.e., your dues are paid up), and that you can help set policy and oversee GCA operations.  GCA is working hard to outsource more of the day-to-day operations, but it’s vitally important to our quality of life and property values that we have good Board members to oversee the operation.  It’s also a great way to get to know more of your neighbors.

If you are interested in serving on the Board , please contact Kathy Rhyne at nominations@glenmore-community.org by December 6 for further information.
Gatehouse Beautification Update
By now many of you have seen a great deal of work and change in the gatehouse area. Bushes have been shaped and a variety of fall plantings including new rose bushes of several colors have been planted. Annual bulbs have also been put in. Other prior plantings have been removed on either side of the gatehouse. The true beauty of the project will be in full bloom with the warmer spring weather.

We hope you’ll all enjoy the new Glenmore entrance and gatehouse beautification.
The ARC and the Fire Pits
The Albemarle County Burn law requires that a fire pit must be at least 15 feet away from a structure. If you are planning to build a patio with a built in wood burning fire pit, please apply to ARC for approval. Residents who have built fire pits closer than 15 feet to a structure are not in compliance with the County burn law (click here).
Traffic on 250? Send a Pic to the County
It seems like there is a back-up on Rt. 250 nearly every weekday. We want to continuously remind the Albemarle County Planning Commission regarding the potential impact of the Breezy Hill development on traffic.

We ask that drivers who are stopped on Rt. 250, Milton Road, or Louisa Road take a photo of the traffic (including the location, date, and time) and email it to  planningcommission@albemarle.org.

Please be careful, only take the picture if you are absolutely stopped in traffic. Thanks all.
Rivanna Greenway Stabilization
We've been waiting for 18 months, but the County came through with the repairs to the river erosion along the 17th fairway. The County Program Manager, Walter Harris, provided the flyer so we know what to expect during the construction on the right side of the fairway. They have posted the signage that closes the Rivanna trail in the area of the construction for the duration of the project.

They expect construction to begin on Monday, 18 November. Once the contractors mobilize they will install safety fencing around the construction area and signage stating “DANGER CONSTRUCTION AREA - NO TRESPASSING.”

The County is predicting project completion on 29 November. Once the project is complete the County PM will remove all signage and notify the GCA. We will notify the community upon completion.
What's in the 2020 GCA Budget??
The GCA Board approved the budget for 2020, and the budget document is available to all homeowners (click here). So how do you read the budget? As an example, near the top of page 2, there is a line for "Leaf and Limb Removal". You'll note that we budgeted $25,000 in 2020. That's a timely line item, because we are now finishing up the limb pick-up for 2019, and we'll begin the 2019 leaf pick-up in early December. We estimate that the final bill for 2019 will be roughly $25,000. The Board approved this 2020 budget line based on our last three years of experience. You'll also notice that we assigned Account Code '6130' to this line item. Each invoice from D&D for the limb pick-up contains this code allowing us to accurately track costs.

Test question? What is our highest cost single line item in the 2020 budget? (click here for the answer).
Do You Know Who's on the GCA Board?
Steve Antonellis has been on the Board since February 2019, and is three quarters through the first year of his two year term. Steve is a GCA Board Officer (the Secretary) and is also the Chair of the Common Area Review Board (CARB) and the New Sidewalks Committee.

Steve is a big proponent of the outdoors, for walking paths, and the trails. If you walk the trails in Glenmore, you've probably seen him a few times. Steve is also a proponent for moving operational tasks to Associa so the Board can concentrate on policy and oversight.

Steve first got heavily involved in the GCA when he joined the CARB in 2018. He was a major contributor to digitizing our common area land ownership records.
House Under Construction
Breezy Hill Rezoning Application Update
No additional updates have been provided on the Breezy Hill rezoning application. However, you should be reminded of the potential impact every morning when you attempt to turn left onto 250.

Note: Click  here for the Albemarle County Planning Staff Report.
GCA Water Resources
Wanted - Environmental minded residents, interested in retention pond science, bio-filters, and the flora and fauna that they support. Click here to volunteer and add "Water Resources Volunteer" in the subject line. We're not looking for laborers ... its about research, and monitoring the health of our GCA water resources.
CENSUS Bureau Hiring
The Census Bureau contacted us and asked if we could post this flyer within Glenmore.

Provided for your information.
Where do I find ... info on replacement mail boxes?
Our GCA Web Page has vast amounts of information. In fact, to find the info on mailboxes, go to the web page, then roll over the word " more" on the top line. You'll then see a drop down list. Click on FAQs. On the FAQs page, scroll down to the "My mailbox needs attention" box, and you'll find the info for Mike Phillips, of Phillips Construction Co.

We recently added a widget on the Cover Page with Glenmore homes for sale.

Just have some general questions? Email Thelma Washington by clicking Here.
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Nov 29: Black Friday
Dec 2: GCA Fall Leaf Pick-up begins
Dec 17: GCA Board Meeting at 7PM
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