A budding ministry -- the supply drive for the Marine Corps Family Support Community -- is underway. The MCFSC is an organization of parents, families, spouses, veterans and friends who support our military. This organization provides care packages twice a month to soldiers in all branches of service. 

We are in the middle of our fall drive now. THANK YOU to those who brought supplies to church last Sunday. If you did not participate, it's not too late. Bring your offerings to church this Sunday or drop drop them by the Collinses home.

Here is a secret that will make your shopping easier: You don't have to buy a little of this and a little of that. Buy one thing in bulk, which can easily be sorted for individual gift boxes. Anything you do for our soldiers will be appreciated. If you need ideas, here are a few.
Once again, BIG Sunday has been moved to the SECOND Sunday in the month. That's because we need yet another string around our fingers to remind us to speak up on the FIRST Sunday of the month! Bring your gifts to CHA (checks, cash, or supplies) and to the Pastor's Discretionary Fund. To this congregation of huge hearts, THANK YOU!

(If you write a check for the animals, make it directly to CHA, and Lauren will deliver it to the shelter.)
We are receiving three families into the fold on Sunday.
Join us as we welcome our new members to St. Augustine's family, where we are changed by God to make a difference for God.
Our vestry at St. Augustine's is structured to hold elections for one-third of the 9 seats each year. This year, we have three open seats to fill, and one one-year seat to complete an existing term.

Following are the details from Fr. Kevin:

If you are interested in running for vestry and are eligible,  you need to fill out a candidate biography form. Click here to access the PDF file Candidates must return their biographies to me by Sunday, October 21  so we can have them ready to distribute on October 28.  Terms for three of the seats are for three years and one year for the fourth seat, whose vacancy needs filled .

Below are the needed qualifications to run for vestry taken from our parish by-laws.
  1. To be a qualified voter at a meeting of the parish’s congregation, the individual must be a member of a recognized family unit that has made a financial pledge to the support of the parish in at least the three months preceding said meeting; must be a member of the parish in good standing as determined by the rector and recorded in the Church’s rolls; and shall be at least sixteen years of age.
  2. Any baptized person who has been a member of the parish for at least 12 months prior to the election, who otherwise satisfies voter qualifications (see above paragraph), and is at least twenty-one years of age may be elected to, and may serve upon the Vestry.

We will be holding  elections on November 11 for four vestry seats . We will pass out ballots to you the week before (November 4) and if you wish to vote you must either  return your ballot on the 11th or  email it to me  by that date .

Questions? Contact Fr. Kevin.
On Sunday, October 28th, we will discuss the proposed 2019 budget for our parish's Kingdom Work in the coming year. We will give members a pledge card on the 28th. On November 4th, we will bless your gifts and offerings to the Lord during the offering.
Praise the Lord St. Augustine’s is growing! And that means we need YOU to make our visitors feel at home. 

Remember what it was like when you walked into a room the first time and didn’t know anyone? Awful, right? So let’s not let that happen to any of our first-timers.

Those who agree to say “hello” at the door will rotate every few Sundays with other parishioners who have agreed to join in this welcoming effort.  Consequently, the time commitment will be shared among many and very minimal. A calendar will be printed showing when you will be “on duty.” Should you find yourselves unable to be in attendance on “your” Sunday, simply arrange with another on the committee to fill in for you.

All members are encouraged to join in—whatever your age.  Please see Wendy Winkler or Jeanie Patrick and—spoiler alert—they will be on the hunt for you.

--Jeanie P.
Our ENGAGE program for our young folks is underway. Thank you to the following who are meeting weekly with one of our newest members to read the Bible and discuss together what it means: Dr. SAC Collins, Dr. Falor; Jeanie Patrick and Margaret Carter.
Can you help with our boys' troop? We need YOU!
“…that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;…”  Colossians 1:10

Trail Life USA is a Christian outdoor adventure, character and leadership program for boys and young men and will serve as a ‘brother group’ for our new AHG Troop. We are looking for men (young and old!) who’re willing to step up and fill mentoring and leadership opportunities within our new Troop. There are multiple opportunities to be a part of this exciting new youth ministry program at St. Augustine’s!

Because this program is boy-led, and boy-focused, we need you gents to pitch in to make it a success!    We are in immediate need of someone who wishes to take the role of Troop Chaplain, and serve as an assistant Troopmaster, helping Fr. Terry Gatwood, Benjamin Winkler and the rest of the board.

Please take a moment to read more about Trail Life on their website:

If you are interested in helping in any role with our Trail Life or American Heritage Girls programs, please email  Wendy Winkler  as she will serve as the St. Augustine’s contact for both organizations.
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Birthday Cake
Oct. 9
Teresa McK.
Oct. 9
Bob B.
Oct. 19
Aerrinn H.
Oct. 24
Fr. Terry G.
Oct. 28
Alex D.
Oct. 31
Jeff Q.

Oct. 8
James and Robyn B.
Oct. 10
Len and Sharon Madama

If we do not have your birthday/anniversary listed, please let Kathy Darling or Fr. Kevin know!

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