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We hope you are enjoying the cooler weather that Fall is known for; our Fall Term is our busiest term with Large Format for the Sophomores and Photography I for our new Freshmen.  In addition to the great news below, I wanted to let you know that our 2012 High School Photography Contest is now open for submissions!  Also, I am pleased to announce that we will be hosting free Photography Workshops for High School students on November 2 and November 30.

Fall in Ireland
Photography Co-Op Abroad


Junior photography student, Megan Dehmelt, decided to go abroad for Co-Op this Fall.  She is currently in Ireland working for Marc O'Sullivan, a public relations and commercial photographer in Dublin.  Below is Megan's story:


The decision to do half of my Co-Op experience abroad is one of the best decisions I have ever made, along with the decision to do it in Ireland.  The Irish people are so warm, welcoming and helpful that it is impossible to feel alone or insanely homesick.  EUSA, the program who works with Drexel to place students at fitting jobs, is also absolutely amazing.  Their small staff is so hands-on and personable that it was like I instantly had a couple of local friends.  So far living in Ireland and getting the chance to really absorb myself in a different culture has been an absolute blessing. 



Working abroad in Ireland has hands down been the best experience of my life.  The workplace, unlike the slightly more formal American workplace, is very relaxed and informal.  I work with a PR photographer who has a very fast, slow, fast, slow, stressful job but the PR representatives always remember your name and take the time out of their busy schedules to ask how your doing and wishing you all the best.  With the environment we work in being so on-off, my boss and I end up having a lot of free time in which he has really gone the extra mile to show me around Dublin, to educate me on Ireland's extensive history and to take me on little mock field trips to meet other photographers.  The best and most recent of these trips was when we visited his friend at The Analogue Studio where he takes portraits of people via wet plate photography; he took me through the process step by step and then took a portrait of my own to take home with me!  This again has been proof of how amazing and generous the local people are; other girls I've met through EUSA have told me stories of similar acts of generosity from their employers, too.  This experience has been invaluable so far, and given that I'm only three weeks in I cannot wait to see what happens within the coming weeks!



Fall Open Houses 
Outstanding Facility
I would like to personally invite you to our Fall Open Houses on November 11th and 17th.  The open houses are a great opportunity to meet our faculty, current students, tour our facility and learn how our innovative program integrates classroom study and real world experience.  You will also learn about the outstanding Drexel Co-op and how the photography program assists you in finding the perfect placement for your interests and how you can graduate with professional experience on your r�sum�.  For registration and more information, please click here.
Alumni, Faculty and Student News
Press and Shows  


Photography Freshman and Faculty will be participating in the program's annual community service event on November 10, 2012.  This year they will be working with the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation clearing trails and cutting up fallen trees at the Wissahickon Environmental Center in Upper Roxborough.


Mike Arrison, alumni, had a photograph purchased by the Smithsonian for their program Museums on Main Street which is curating a traveling exhibition titled Hometown Teams.  His image will be used on a sports card interactive that highlights Lacrosse.  The exhibit will be on tour from February 2014 until January 2021.


Kara Khan, alumni, is part of a three person show at Gallery 13w with her project "Greetings from the Greyhound".  The project is a compilation of photographs that Khan took while on a three month long trip across the US via the Greyhound Bus. The show opens on October 20th and runs until December 1.   


Norah Levine, alumni, is working on her first long term project which is intended to honor a unique lifestyle: The lifestyle of Austin's homeless.  The Lifelines focuses specifically on the bond that exists between the homeless and their pets.  It is currently on exhibit in Austin, TX.


Andrea Modica, professor, kicked off ICP's Fall 2012 lecture Series with a lecture on October 3rd.  In addition to the lecture, she will be teaching an ICP weekend workshop, The Interpretive Portrait, in November.  She also has a solo exhibition at Tilt Gallery in Phoenix, AZ until October 27.


Stuart Rome, professor, was one of the three judges for the ASMP Focus Philadelphia Photography Contest.


Jeffrey Stockbridge, alumni, was part of The Print Center's BYO Socials event.  The Socials being artists and art appreciators together for fun, casual conversations.


Kylie Wright, professor, recently gave a lecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and focused on the history of digital technologies in fine art photography.  The lecture was a presentation to the Alfred Steiglitz Society as a part of their newly open exhibition "Faking it: Manipulation in Photography Before Photoshop."

Don't Forget!
The 2012 High School Photography Contest is in full swing! Amazing, new entries are being submitted daily and we hope we see yours soon.  Submit today to get a chance at $1,000 worth of prizes and to be a part of a wonderful exhibition.  For contest details, please visit the contest website.

Alumni, please don't forget to let us know what you are doing.  We would love to hear (and feature) any exhibitions, new work, contests, articles, or anything else that you have been doing.  Send us an email or catch us on Facebook with your news today. 



Paul Runyon, Sr.

Program Director