Message from Ben
We had a summer filled with a fusion of warmth, relaxation, and fun, along with lots of hard work which has led to continued growth. We’ve arrived at an exciting crossroads here at TMG, one where each new lane is destined to help us achieve our goals with ample precision, decisiveness, and teamwork.

At this crossroads, we’ve hired more immensely talented people to join our mighty staff, we’ve taken on diverse new clients, and we’re thrilled to be relocating to a new space in our building in downtown Springfield. We’re excited to say that our new office will be much more conducive to our growing team, not only because it’s larger in size, but because it will allow us to do more projects in house and give our team the space needed to collaborate on new, innovate ways we can best serve our clients and the community.

As we grow, I think it’s important to sustain the same core principles that TMG was founded on: we are friendly, we are ethical, and we empower our teammates and clients to be the best they can be. No matter how much we grow, we will forever be grounded by all our fundamental behaviors. We also acknowledge that change can be groundbreaking and beautiful in its own way too. Much like the autumn season, we’re embracing the crisp mornings, the changing leaves, and the beauty that comes just before we discard what’s no longer serving our best needs. Transformation is a challenging process, but with our valiant team, we’re ready for whatever lies ahead, and more importantly, we’re excited to be on this wild ride together. As we head into the season of thanks, we’re deeply grateful to be here doing work we’re so passionate about, and we pledge to continue showing up (with our bow ties on!) ready to meet each challenge head-on with grace, wit, and tenacity.

Good luck, work on your business, stay in touch!
Ben Markens
President, TMG
Introducing Our Community Spotlight Series
We are thrilled to introduce our new Community Spotlight series! We created the series as an avenue for deserving nonprofits to share their mission with a larger audience. We're proud to showcase local organizations that TMG staff members work with and support.

To kick off the series, we interviewed Red Gate Farm, located in Ashfield, MA. Red Gate Farm is a special place where children can learn and grow. Each young person who visits the farm has the opportunity to nurture the land, care for animals, enjoy meaningful experiences, and build for the future.

Our President, Ben Markens, recently sat down with Red Gate Farm Director, Ben Murray, to discuss how their program empowers farmers and educators to work side-by-side with local children from all backgrounds, ultimately inspiring curiosity, strength, courtesy, satisfaction, and connection. Read More.
Curbing Burnout in the Busiest of Seasons

Fall is a busy time in the association management world! To maintain an even-keeled workplace, encourage your team to take a walk, get enough sleep, and decrease screen time when they're at home in order to avoid burnout fatigue.

You won't get any further ahead by working yourself to the ground ensure your team integrates balance into their routines now so they'll always be ready to perform at their best.
TMG Fundamentals in Action
Check out our Vice President of Marketing and Strategy, Emily Leonczyk, explain why this fundamental is an important part of our company's culture:

We encourage and empower team members to learn, grow, and stretch their abilities. When one teammate steps up and grows, we celebrate their accomplishment. Ben says, "Everyone deserves a chance to shine."
At TMG, we live by a comprehensive set of fundamentals that drives our behavior and company culture. These fundamentals are imperative to our success as an organization, and our dedication to them has helped us grow into a company filled with happy employees and happy clients.

Our new Fundamental Series highlights every TMG employee as they speak about the fundamental that resonates with them the most.

Why Foresight is an Association's Secret Sauce
What does it mean to have foresight? In general terms, we all can agree that foresight is the ability to look ahead. No one can predict the future, but with strategic direction, creative thinking, and collaboration with the right partners, foresight can help us plan for and achieve the future we’d like to see.

The Markens Group was lucky enough to have an expert in our industry, Sue Pine, conduct a foresight workshop for us this past summer. Sue is a Certified Association Executive (CAE) and a Fellow of the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). Sue is also an ASAE trained facilitator and a strategic advisor team member of Bloch Reed Strategic Advisors, a company that focuses on offering professional services that help association leaders affect change within their organizations. Read More.
Client Success Story
Part of the reason why we find our work so rewarding is because of the dynamic partnerships we've made with our clients. Nothing makes us happier than when we achieve one of our strategic goals that helps a client expand their reach and grow as an association.

That's why we were ecstatic when we accomplished our goal of reaching 200 Facebook page likes/followers for our client, Hartford Medical Society (HMS) over 3 months earlier than planned. By administering a comprehensive social media strategy that encompasses a healthy content mix, we were able to increase the HMS audience in a short amount of time, and per the chart pictured above, their audience continues to grow at an exponential rate.

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We're Growing!
Sioux Wilusz, Project Account Manager

We're pleased to welcome a new member to our Markens family!

Sioux joined TMG in late summer as a Project Account Manager. We're so excited to have Sioux on our team to help move our clients forward!
We Can Help
Is your organization at an impasse or struggling to move forward? Alternatively, are you moving too fast? Maybe your success is unprecedented and you’re struggling to keep up.

In both cases, The Markens Group can help.
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