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November 2016

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2016/2017 Board of Directors
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Executive Committee 
Kevin W. Strickland, AMP
SunTrust Mortgage Inc.
Pat Gaver
Capital City Bank
Matthew Goldman, CLO, CRO
SecurityNational Mortgage Company
Michael Azzarello, CMB
Sherry Gallitz
First Federal Bank of Florida
Sandy Garcia
American BancShares Mortgage
Tara  Merritt
SecurityNational Mortgage Company
Brenda Thomas
Latisha Moore

Eric Prutsman
Prutsman & Associates, P.A
Directors (● TERM ENDS JUNE 2017)
Michael A. Culbertson
JP Morgan
Robert Villalon
Mortgage Information Services, Inc.
Candice Racine
Essent Guaranty, Inc.
Randy Galloway
Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp.
Francine Villa
American BancShares Mortgage

Cammie Aucoin
Sierra Pacific
Richard Peek
The Mortgage Firm, Inc.
Patti Spaniol
United Guaranty
Margie Fletcher (elected 2005)
Chuck Ivy (Inactive) (elected 2006)
Georges Lussier (elected 2010)
Local Chapter Presidents including  their Web Links, Events Calendar

There are seven local chapters in Florida.
It pays to get involved in your local area!
Chapters and MBA of Florida Events
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President - Tara Merritt 
Security National Mortgage Company
President - Chris Palese
President - Michelle L Glass, Esq.
President - Doug Leever
President - Karen Kohler
President Becky Morris 
Capital City Bank
President - Brian Hiatt
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2016/2017 Committee Chairs 
Michael Culbertson
JP Morgan Chase
Sherry Wenrich
HomeBridge Financial Services, Inc.
Patti Spaniol, United Guaranty
Matthew Goldman, CLO, CRO
SecurityNational Mortgage Company
Sherry Gallitz
First Federal Bank of Florida
Pat Gaver
Capital City Bank
Michael Azzarello, CMB
Caliber Home Loans
Dawn Henshaw
Genworth Mortgage Insurance
Richard Peek
The Mortgage Firm
Pat Gaver
Capital City Bank
Sandy Garcia
American BancShares Mortgage
Rudy Orman, CMB
Calling Future Leaders
For more details, please visit the Future Leaders page on the MBAF Website or contact Sherry Gallitz, Chair, Future Leaders Committee at or
Legislative Report
by Eric Prutsman, Esq. flag-stripes.jpg
The Florida Legislature will hold its Organizational Session the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and will select State Senator Joe Negron, R-Martin County, as Senate President, and State Representative Richard Corcoran, R-Pasco County, as Speaker of the House. Organizational Session is the first step in the legislative process after the General Election when the House and Senate will approve the new rules that will guide their respective chambers for the next two years. Both chambers remain in Republican control, however, major changes are expected in the way the House conducts business and include new proposals for the appropriations process, additional reporting for the lobbying corps, and prohibitions on communications with State Representatives during committee meetings and floor sessions. There is no indication on how the new proposals will be received by the Senate or whether it decide to follow the House's lead. 
Major issues for the 2017 Legislative Session include addressing the budget deficit and workers' compensation reform. The Legislature did not anticipate having to address budget issues for FY 2017-2018, however, economic forecasts have not been favorable and currently are showing a $1.5 billion deficit for the next fiscal year. The deficit is due in part to slower-than-expected economic growth, including new construction. The Governor has already instructed all of his agencies to propose a prioritized list of 10% cuts, and the Legislature has let it be know that all programs are facing reduction. Although the budget issues will not directly impact our concerns, it does create an additional challenge for the Legislature and Governor. 
Workers' compensation is likely to be the #1 policy issue, as the business community is reeling from two adverse Florida Supreme Court decisions that have resulted in a 14.5% insurance rate increase effective December 1, 2016, and further increases are likely if the court decisions are not addressed. The increase is primarily due to the Court striking down the limitations on attorney's fees in workers' compensation case, fees that often far exceed the benefit to the injured worker.  Prior to enacting the attorney's fees cap that was struck down, Florida had the highest workers' compensation rates in the country. When the cap was put in place, Florida's workers' compensation insurance rates decreased to be one of the lowest in the country. Business coalitions have been meeting over the past few months to come up with a strategy to maintain reasonable caps on attorney's fees, and make sure injured workers are not denied access to legal representation.  As in previous years, the Legislature will be put to the test on how to balance the interests of all of the various stakeholders in the workers' compensation process. MBAF will actively participate in the work groups seeking to find a solution to the increased rates. 
We have been working during the interim with the Office of Financial Regulation and CFO Jeff Atwater's office on concerns raised in South Florida about unlicensed mortgage lenders participating in creative ways avoid licensure under Chapter 494, Florida Statutes. Called "shadow banking," the practice involves individuals acting as unlicensed mortgage lenders but seeking to carefully avoid the Chapter 494, F.S.'s, definition of a mortgage loan in order to facilitate real estate transactions. We're also pleased to report, for anyone who missed the earlier announcement, the Office of Financial Regulation will be adopting the National SAFE MLO Test Component with Uniform State Content effective January 1, 2017. Florida was one of last states to drop the second state-specific test component to be taken by MLO's seeking licensure. MBAF had first raised this issue with the OFR over three years ago, and initially supported draft legislation that would address the matter legislatively, but later supported the OFR's decision to make the change through the administrative process rather than the legislative process. 
As legislative committee chairs and members are announced for the 2017-2018 Legislative term MBAF will let you know of any developments that take place in Tallahassee. - Eric Prutsman

As reported by MBA Washington, according to Governing, both the House and the Senate are projected to remain in Republican control, although Democrats have the chance to pick up a few more seats in tight races. The current composition of the House is 81 Republicans to 39 Democrats, and in the Senate, Republicans hold a 26 to 14 majority. All of the seats in the legislature are up for election this year.
CMB Society of Florida 
by Rudy Orman, Chair
At the 2017 Convention we are doing something new! Instead of a breakfast or lunch, several of our CMB's will be available on Wednesday June 21st, during the Welcome Reception at 6 PM fir a Meet and Greet! We are there to help you with any questions you have about the CMB program and to assist in getting you started on your journey to becoming a CMB.

Currently we have almost 100 CMB's from Florida that have completed the program. We are here to help you gain this designation and are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Also, the MBA National held a webinar that was recorded that has some wonderful information and includes many of the CMB's and their process through the program.

CMB Recorded Session from MBA National

You will find a lot of information on our web site at
at the top of the page select the drop down menu CMB Society of Florida

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Rudy Orman, CMB

CMB Logo
MPAC Committee Report 
by Richard Peek, CRMS, Committee Chair
For those of you who have already made contributions this year, thank you.  And for those of you who will be making contributions moving forward, please accept my gratitude for your support.

Additionally, if you have not already signed up for the Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA), please take a moment to do so by accessing the following link:
(It's free and you do not have to be a member of the associations)

I can tell you that the information that you will receive will prove to be beneficial at some point down the road, and when we need to come together in a grassroots effort you will be automatically notified.

In addition, the article directly below references a new module that will be extremely helpful during the upcoming months!
MBA's Mortgage Action Alliance  
Plus the NEW - Election Module
As reference above the Mortgage Action Alliance is an invaluable tool for you. Please click the link to join, it's free and you do not have to be an association member:

NEW-Election Module
If you haven't seen it already, MBA recently launched the MAA Election Module on their Action Site. This is a great resource for you as state members for all things related to the upcoming elections.

In the module, after selecting your state from the US map, a full breakdown of election information will appear, including:

-The federal candidates (with biographical information) running within your congressional district
-Voter registration deadlines
-Links to find your polling place
-Primary election dates
-And lists of the required items you'll need to cast your ballot.

We believe that decisions are made by those who show up, and hope this easy to use tool will help you and the MAA members better prepare themselves for the upcoming election. The link is below, but don't hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!

Annie Gawkowski
Director of Political Affairs
Mortgage Bankers Association
Washington DC
(202) 557-2816

Nine Leadership Books in 2016
If you haven't read these yet, it's not too late. Books and self-education are always in style.

As provided by The Washington Post suggested reading for 2016. The Washington Post

The Right Kind of Crazy
By Adam Grant

By Sydney Finkelstein

By Iris Bohnet

By Charles Duhigg

By Angela Duckworth
President's Message
Kevin Strickland, AMP

Fall has arrived!

When I wrote this there was a crisp 54 degree "chill" in the air and then with the time change makes the dusk come earlier. We just love Florida!  With Fall comes holidays, festivals, events and special days outdoors we can share with friends and family.  In advance, I hope each of you has a wonderful season.
Since my last message to you in our Summer newsletter, the association has had a lot going on, so I am happy to provide you with a quick recap of our activities. 
I was honored to attend the MBA National Conference in Boston in October. If you have never attended a meeting with the MBA, you should. I was very impressed with the programs, speakers, the caliber of attendees and I learned so much from the exhibitors showcasing their new products and services. I have to say It was well worth it. I also have many additional industry contacts now to look to for any questions and to help me continue my goal to become a CMB.
Your MBA of Florida Board and Officers had a productive Strategic Planning Meeting in September, held at our host hotel for the 2017 Annual Convention, The Renaissance Vinoy Resort in St Petersburg. The two-day session encompassed many hours of discussions on the state association bringing a better alignment with our chapters, our future health and growing our membership and keeping on track with our strength of administrative support for the future. We have our goals outlined with several ongoing projects that will be taken in steps for the next few years. We will be sure to keep you posted. We would like say a special thank you to Genworth Mortgage Insurance for providing support during this planning meeting with a great facilitator, Charlotte Tyson. Genworth also provided a sponsored lunch for us to keep us going. Thank you Dawn Henshaw for making this happen.

We are on our way for the best 2017 Eastern Secondary Market Conference with Exhibits. Registration is now open and more information is included in further below in this newsletter with complete program information and all the links to register. The 64th Annual Convention is well on the way in the planning process for you to have a fantastic time in St. Pete. The committee is gathering speakers and outlining a great schedule. We have a special announcement further in this newsletter on an exceptional motivational keynote speaker that is already confirmed. We are off to a great start and so many other more positive announcements to come.
I will speak for MBA of Florida's Leadership and Committees as we say thank you for the privilege of representing you. As always we are open to hearing from you with any ideas, feedback, needs or concerns. We value each of our members, and fulfilling the commitment to make this YOUR MBA of Florida.
Member Highlight
Kristina Holmen-Mohr, CMB

Kristina Holmen-Mohr is the Mortgage Bankers Association of Florida's (MBAF) 2001/2002 Past President. She was only the 2nd woman to hold office at that time. The first female president was Judy Taylor, 1995/1996, who passed away much too young in 2006.
Kristina says, "I got my start with the MBAF by attending an MBAF committee organizational meeting.  I attended without knowing anyone.  My motivation was a new job role that I knew would take a new perspective and feedback from others.  I did not have anyone in my own company to help so I thought maybe someone in the organization would help.  I was 100% correct!  Everyone was so willing, helpful, and open, I decided on that day I would make the MBA part of my career."  This decision began years of partnership and friendship, growth and involvement, and led to formation of the Tallahassee chapter.
Kristina has always been an advocate for women involvement in MBAF leadership.  Brenda Thomas said, "She was always a positive and calming influence on others and wanted to include everyone. When she was MBAF President, and presided over the quarterly Board of Directors meetings, she loved to be able to see everyone and always made sure there was plenty of time for board members to have the floor to speak their mind." 
Kristina had these thoughts to share in my recent talk with her.
"Three or 4 days a month (even for the most active MBAF leader) resulted in so much more value for me personally and professionally than the time I gave.  Even when I needed to pay to attend at my own expense or was "too busy", my effort with the MBAF were always rewarded with more in return"
                "Remember, leadership skills can be cultivated with the right mentorship.   MBAF has the very best industry professionals from all over the state in one organization for its members."
                "I would not have gone on to achieve the outstanding CMB designation without the support of colleagues and friends in the MBA.  I completed my CMB with Tim Allen as my accountability partner.  He constantly encouraged me that I could do it, and I did the same for him.  The organization provided guidance to help me accomplish the goal"
                "The investment you make in the MBAF in an investment in yourself.  The benefits are limitless IF you see the mortgage business as your career, your passion.....not "just a job".  The MBAF is also fun!!  There is nothing boring about the MBAF - great events, fantastic conventions, great communication and connection among members - priceless!"
In 2014 Kristina had to fully retire to become a full-time caregiver for her son which has limited her involvement with the MBAF but still she keeps connected with her MBAF "family".  Kristina looks forward to more possible future involvement - her role as mentor, respected and honored industry leader, and friend to many in the MBAF remains her ongoing and active legacy.
A deep, and heartfelt thank you from the MBA of Florida to you Kristina!
                   MBA of Florida Proudly representing you s ince 1952
Get to know a little about your association. How it all began until now, updated yearly. The list of past presidents and all Brown L. Whatley award winners are listed. We even researched certain facts of what was happening in the world for a perspective.

  Click here to view MBAF Since 1952 History
Eastern Secondary Markey Conference
with Exhibits and Fantastic Speakers
Please Join Us!

Hyatt Regency Orlando - 9801 International Drive - Orlando, FL 32819
VERY IMPORTANT: Please note the hotel is projected to be fully committed during our event dates and may not be able to accommodate additional rooms over our contracted numbers.
Room Reservation Cut-off Date is January 31, 2017
Attendee Registration Savings - The Earlier You Register - The More You Save
(You Can Save $150 per registrant off the Normal Registration Fees! )
Register Before 12/1/2016 for the BEST Deal: Members ONLY $350 Non-Member ONLY $475
After 12/2/16 Member $425  -  Non-Member $550
After 1/2/17 Member $500  - Non-Member$625
, please view your registration information within the links below)

1-5 PM-Attendee Registration
                 Please come to the MBAF Registration Desk to pick up your badge and conference materials
4 PM        REALITY or MYTH?  Learn what companies are doing today to prepare for an aging workforce.... The time is now to think about our industry's future. Who will continue our work in the years ahead? All facets of our industry, including secondary is experiencing an aging workforce. We must take a proactive approach to seek out and develop the next generation of top talent. There are companies beginning to accept and embrace this challenge successfully. We invited three of them to share their why, the development and evolution of their programs, and the benefits and success they have experienced. 
Hear from: Chris Allen, Chief Talent Officer, Movement Mortgage , Sherry Graziano, Mortgage Underwriting Site Mgr., SunTrust Mortgage, Bobby Sapia, Director of Training and Dean of FBC Academy
Moderator: Tara Merritt, SecurityNational Mortgage Company

5-7:30 PM-Opening Welcome Reception with th Exhibitors with Exceptional Food and Beverage
(Evening is Dinner on your Own/Client Dinners)

7:30-9 AM-Breakfast with Exhibitors
9-10 AM-Lynn Fisher, PhD, Vice President of Research and Economics, MBA, Washington
MBA began a Task Force to look at the Future Secondary Mortgage Market. Led by MBA Chairman-Elect Rodrigo Lopez, CMB, the task force was created with the objective of developing a proposal that will address the future of the secondary mortgage market, and in particular, an end-state model that can also fulfill an affordable housing/duty to serve mission. The task f o rce anticipates completing this proposal by the end of the year. Lynn will provide up an update on the task force findings and an Economic Update.
Moderator: Kevin Strickland, AMP, SunTrust Mortgage
10-11 AM-Networking Break with Exhibitors
11 AM-12 PM-Investor Panel: Trends in Execution and Pricing of Mortgage Loans- Hear from the industry experts discussing the latest trends in terms  of liquidity and pricing of mortgage loans.  Panel will discuss current levels of investor demand for mortgages, factors impacting the pricing, and outlook of liquidity for 2017.  Who are the new investors and what mortgage products are most liquid?
Gray MacNair , Director, Capital Markets, Fannie Mae
Cameron Beane, Secondary Marketing Director, EverBank, Capital Markets
Michael Duncan, Hedge Manager, Compass Analytics, LLC
Moderator: Seth Sprague, CMB, Phoenix Capital, Inc.
12-1:30 PM CMB Luncheon with Speaker Tom Millon , CMB, CFA, President and Chief Executive Officer, Capital Markets Cooperative-Please RSVP on your registration form to attend this luncheon. This is for anyone interested in becoming a CMB or is a CMB. You will be in the right place to get assistance and mentoring for moving forward for your designation.
Moderator: Rudy Orman, CMB, Carrington Mortgage Holdings
12-1:30 PM-Closing Networking Luncheon with the Exhibitors
1:30-2:30 PM- Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) Liquidity Panel-Mortgage Servicing Rights (MSR) Liquidity Panel and How it's Impacting Profitability
Rock star panel of MSR experts will discuss the state of the mortgage servicing rights (MSR) market and how its liquidity is impacting originations, pricing and profitability of mortgage originators.  Who is buying MSRs, who is selling MSRs and how the current MSR market conditions are impacting the origination market.
Aaron Samples , Senior Vice President, MSR Acquisition, Correspondent Sales, East, Stearns Lending
Tom Millon , CMB, CFA, President and Chief Executive Officer, Capital Markets Cooperative
Stan Middleman , President, Chief Executive Officer, Freedom Mortgage
Moderator: Seth Sprague, CMB, Phoenix Capital, Inc.
2:30-3:30 PM-Compliance-High Level for the Secondary Market
CFPB 2016 Servicing Rule Amendments - effect on secondary market
Updates on TRID - focus on assignee liability and ways to cure/remediate errors
Risk Retention Rules go Live
Case law updates; PHH vs CFPB ; Madden vs. Midland Funding (federal preemption of state law usury) and Cash Call cases (who is the True Lender)
Moderator: Scott Samlin, Esq., Alston & Bird LLP
3:30-5:30 PM-This is the Perfect Time for Appointments and Client Networking
(Evening is Dinner on your Own/Client Dinners)
8-9 AM-Networking Breakfast -Take this morning time to meet with your clients and get to know some new contacts
9-10 AM- Rob Chrisman
Moderator: Sandy Garcia, American BancShares Mortgage
10-11 AM- How to Grow your Company, the Right Way - Ken Jones , Executive Vice President, First Guaranty Mortgage
Moderator: Michael Azzarello, CMB, Caliber Home Loans
Conference Concludes

(11:15 AM - MBA of Florida Board of Directors Meeting)
Mark Your Calendars

The Convention Committee has been working to bring you an outstanding line up of programs. At this convention we are having an Installation Luncheon and again we plan to bring a big mix of education, networking and fun!

Announcing Our Motivational Keynote Speaker!
Jim Davidson
Speaking of Adventure Resilience Expert, Expedition Leader and Best-Selling Author

Jim Davidson is a resilience expert, expedition leader, best-selling author, and professional speaker. From his 35 years of adventure and survival, Jim distills compelling stories and uplifting lessons about how to be more resilient and how to reach high goals.
As an ice climber and rock climber, Jim has been on high-altitude expeditions to Alaska, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Nepal, Tanzania, and Tibet. He has been an expedition co-leader numerous times, and has summited the sixth-highest peak in the world at 26,906 feet (Cho Oyu, Tibet). Jim has volunteered for many remote rescues, for which he and his teammates have been commended twice by the US National Park Service.
As a professional speaker since 2006, Jim has presented keynotes and resilience workshops to hundreds of organizations across the United States and overseas. He has shared his incredible experiences and insights with CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, Smithsonian Channel, and PBS. Many print publications have published his articles including Exploration Outdoors, Speaker Magazine, and others.
Jim co-authored the New York Times best-selling survival memoir, "The Ledge: An Inspirational Story of Friendship and Survival". His epic survival story was featured in an international TV episode of "I Shouldn't Be Alive" on the Discovery Channel.
He also worked for 20 years as an environmental geologist, serving as a senior consultant and expert witness on soil and ground water issues. His clients include Shell Oil, BP, US EPA, and more. Jim has degrees in Geology (B.S. University of Massachusetts - Amherst) and hydrogeology (M.S. Colorado State Univ.). Originally from Massachusetts, Jim now lives in Fort Collins, Colorado
MBA of Central Florida Chapter News
by Tara Merritt, Chapter President
Tara Merritt 
Wow! As we look to close out 2016, and prepare for 2017 we have a lot to be proud of and excited about! Our Chapter's renewals went well this year, and we have gained some new members. We are only six members away from our membership goal, and our Membership Committee is hard at work to get us there. At our first meeting of the year, September 14, 2016, we kicked off with 82 attendees! Our Programs Committee is hard at work completing our speaker confirmations for the year.

We are especially excited for our Top Producer REALTOR and LO Panel on December 14, 2016. We also look forward to a couple joint meetings with the FAMP Central Florida Chapter in January and February. For philanthropy our Outreach Committee continues to collect donations at our Chapter meetings for SafeHouse of Seminole who are dedicated to ending the cycle of domestic violence in Seminole County, Florida.

We also plan to participate a couple days volunteering with Rebuilding Together Orlando who transform the lives of low-income homeowners by improving the safety and health of their homes. Our Social Committee plans to have a social following these volunteer days, if possible, and is working on a November Happy Hour (Nov. 17, 5p-7p at Shari Sushi Lounge). The Events Committee has already locked in our Annual Golf Tournament (Save the Date:  May 22 at The Legacy Club at Alaqua Lakes), and is working on a Bowling Event too.

If you are ever in the area please feel free to attend one of our meetings or events:  | Wishing all of us a cheerful and successful year end!


MBA of Tampa Bay Chapter News
by Brian Hiatt, Chapter President
Brian Hiatt,
The Tampa Bay chapter is continuing to have a fantastic year this year! Our meetings have featured some great speakers, starting with Robin Lavitch giving us some great insight into the Art & Science of Compelling Communication. We followed that up with Theresa McCoy from CIC speaking on the new ins and outs of Trended Credit Data. In July, we had Chip White from Florida Housing back and had our largest luncheon event for the year so far with about 70 attendees excited to learn about the expansion of their Down Payment Assistance programs in our area.

We also continued our partnership with the Gulf Coast chapter in holding our annual "Night at the Trop" fundraising event for MPAC. A great time was had by all in raising money for a great cause!
This year saw our 32nd Annual Children's Home Auction and it was a flat out sold-out homerun of a success! Francine Villa and her team put together and amazing event at the Tampa History Museum and continued the great tradition of raising money for some truly amazing children! As we are rolling into the Holiday's, we are again partnering with the local FAMP for our 3rd Annual Toy Drive, also to support the Children's Home.

Getting Ready for next year, we will be kicking off 2017 with a great Kickoff Message from Kim Dickey where we will also be inviting our local Realtor partners to get them excited about making 2017 the best year ever! Make it a point to stop by and see what we have going on.
MBA of Tallahassee Chapter News
by Becky Morris, Chapter President
With the holidays quickly upon us, we are very excited for our recent luncheons and the ones to come. In September, the hurricane cancelled our luncheon with Fannie Mae and Christy Moss, but we picked it right back up in October. We had a great turn out of real estate agents and lenders and even some appraisers. Our upcoming November Meeting will be based on the FARBAR. We will have attorneys speak and break it down clause by clause so that all in attendance can understand what all of it means. Currently our RSVP is over 70, so we know this will be a big meeting.

In December, we are continuing our Christmas themed luncheon and holding a silent auction to benefit a local school that supports Children with special needs. This is a favorite luncheon for many involved and it is important to us and our community. We are also in the beginning stages of planning our annual bowling night where there is sure to be lots of fun and laughter. This is a huge event every year for the Tallahassee chapter. We look forward to the next few months and know that next year is right around the corner. Please come visit us. You won't be disappointed! 
MBA of Southwest Florida Chapter News
by Karen Kohler, Chapter President
The chapter has been staying very active and we have a lot going on each month with our meetings and events. We have changed our venue to Flemings Steak House in Naples. This is a very nice location and accessible for most everyone to get there easily. We are looking forward to the holiday season and all the heartfelt charity work our members do for those in need. We have a great group of volunteers!  
Membership Committee Update
We would like to remind you about an important benefit of being a Member....networking.

The MBA of Florida Conference and Convention are well known for meeting contacts within all aspects of our industry.  If you are a lender and looking for an associate to support your company, please consider doing business with a Member of the MBA of Florida!  By doing business with a Member you are also supporting your Association.

Should you have any questions about your membership renewal, how to get involved or want to refer a potential new Member, please do not hesitate to reach out to the following:
Brenda Thomas, Executive Director
Dawn Henshaw, Committee Co-Chair
Michael Azzarello, CMB, Committee Co-chair 
Membership List
as of November 7, 2016
(If you are not on the list and payment was sent, please contact us at

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