News from Brickhouse Equestrian Center (BEC) and Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding  (CATR) 
October 2017 

National Velvet
Under the Roof
On Friday, October 13th, we are thrilled to be showing National Velvet on a big screen under our roof!
Starring Elizabeth Taylor , National Velvet is the story of a 12-year-old horse-crazy girl who wins a spirited gelding in a raffle.  The movie is a delightful tale of her journey to train him for the Grand National Steeplechase.   
We hope you will join us to see it on Friday, October 13th!  Click here for tickets.     

CATR & BEC Events

Sept. 25th - Dec. 16th 
Fall Therapeutic Riding Session
October 13th
5:30 - 9:30 p.m. 
Pony Up Movie Night
Click here for tickets!
October 20th
BEC Pony Club Meet
October 28th
Sand Dollar Horse Show 
November 4th - 5th
Susanne Winslade Clinic
Contact Miller Hiers for details.
November 11th
3:00 - 4:30 p.m. 
Advanced Horse Leader Workshop
Contact Anja Cain to sign up! 
November 11th  
Sea Island Horse Show
November 17th  
Trident United Way Day of Caring

November 20th - 25th 
CATR Thanksgiving Break

December 11th - 16th  
CATR & BEC Holiday
January 25th - 28th   
Equine Specialist in Mental Health & Learning (ESMHL) Workshop & Practical Skills Test
Contact Anja Cain for more information.   

Please check out the short film, "
The Ride" to learn about a little girl's love of riding and how it has helped her learn to take her first steps.
The Ride

Pony Up for CATR   
Online Fundraiser & Movie Night 

 CATR is hosting our First Annual Pony Up Movie Night under our covered arena on Friday, October 13th!  Many of you voted to help us choose the feature film, National Velvet!     
The movie night benefits an essential piece of our program - our therapy horses!  In conjunction with the movie night, we are running an online fundraising campaign - Pony Up for CATR!  
CATR has eleven therapy horses that help students of all ages and   abilities to experience movement, build confidence and achieve independence.   In addition to many other horse-related expenses, premium veterinarian care is vital to our mission.  Each year, it costs $1,000 per horse for routine veterinary expenses.  Our Pony Up
for CATR goal is to raise $11,000 to cover this annual cost.   
We are thrilled that many in the CATR and BEC community have    joined our fundraising efforts.  Volunteers, students, staff and other friends have been asking their friends and family to Pony Up for CATR   on behalf of their favorite horse.  Each of   our eleven  therapy horses has their own team, and the winning teams will be announced at the movie night next week.  Our Pony Up Participants have already raised a little over $4,000, and Team Woodstock is currently in the lead! 
A HUGE THANK YOU to all of our Pony Up Participants!  In addition to raising funds to support our horses, they have spread the word about what makes therapeutic riding at CATR so special.   We have loved seeing which horse people chose as their favorite and reading stories about why that horse has made a difference in their lives!  Click here to check out their pages.    
You too can Pony Up for CATR to ensure our horses stay in tip-top shape for our riders!  Here's how -
  1. Attend Pony Up Movie Night!  Click here for tickets.
  2. Donate online or at the event.  
  3. Invite others to do the same!
A special thanks to our title sponsors, Bonnie and Jerry Kelly, for kicking off our inaugural event!  Let's Pony Up for CATR
Susanne Winslade at BEC 
Dressage & BioKinetics for Horse & Rider 

In June, BEC welcomed Susanne Winslade to host a two-day clinic.  We got great feedback from the participants and all were eager to learn more from Susanne's expertise.   
We are excited to announce that Susanne will be returning to BEC for another clinic November 4th - 5th!   
Susanne comes to us with a rather impressive resume. She is a former FEI competitor, a retired Level IV National Examiner for the United States Pony Club, a nationally recognized dressage and eventing clinician, and one of the first Dressage Specialty Examiners in the country. What makes Susanne especially impressive is her extensive knowledge and focus on BioKinetics.   
BioKinetics (balance in motion), is the study of how the anatomy and movement of the horse and rider can work in harmony.  This German-originated, rider-focused approach encourages body-aware riding and helps students develop a better sense of balance in the saddle and on the horse. BioKinetics focuses on the rider's posture, alignment, and symmetry. With the proper study and practice of BioKinetics, a student can strive for, and achieve, impeccable balance and seamless communication with their horse.  
This kind of approach to riding is not specific to any one discipline, making it beneficial to equine enthusiasts from a wide variety of backgrounds. When asked why she is so adamant about the practice of BioKinetics, Susanne insists, "We should always strive to be a part of the horse's solutions, never part of his dilemmas."
We invite any and all riders and spectators to join us for Susanne's clinic on November 4th and 5th.  Auditing is free and highly encouraged!
If you would like to know more about the clinic or sign-up to ride, please contact Miller Hiers at