Image by Lizzy Lehn - Senior Thesis 2016
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Breaking Boundaries: North Korea
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I would like to personally invite you to our Fall Open Houses on Sunday, October 9th and Saturday November 5th. Open Houses are a great opportunity to meet our faculty, current students, tour our facility and learn how our innovative program integrates classroom study and real world experience. You will also learn about the outstanding Drexel Co-Op and how the photography program assists you in finding the perfect placement for your interests and how you can graduate with professional experience on your résumé. For registration and more information, please visit the  Open House Website .  

In the event that you cannot make either, we would still love to have you visit the facility so feel free to contact Casey Cummings to set up a personal tour.
Breaking Boundaries: North Korea
Photography in North Korea  

Shan Cerrone, a 2014 graduate, recently had the photographic experience of a lifetime.  He explains:

"Over a year in the making, I've just returned from Wonsan North Korea/DPRK. From September 23rd-26th I was part of a small group of the first westerners to gain access to photograph North Korea's Military and Civil air fleet. A few highlights were flying aboard KPAF (Korean People's Air Force) helicopters and cargo aircraft, Air Koryo (Civil Fleet) airliners, being interviewed by DPRK State Media, and meeting KPAF fighter pilots alongside their jets. Many of the aircraft we had access to are the last of their kind in the world still flying, due to the DPRK's isolated nature. But most of all, just being immersed in the country and getting to interact one-on-one with the Korean people who were just as interested to learn about us. At the end of the day they're only just as human as we are. I'm currently working on some book publishing down the line with travel partners in London, and looking to media outlets as I try to narrow down the thousands of photos I took." 


Study Abroad: Prague
Expanding Experiences   
Professor Julia Cybularz and several photography students spent five weeks studying, photographing and living in Prague with other members of the Drexel and New Orleans University community. Julia Cybularz said, "students took every opportunity to challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zones. I witnessed students embracing their new surroundings with open minds. I feel as though sending our students abroad is so valuable . Prague offered them a new appreciation of different cultures, and I believe it helps pave the way to set up our students to be more globally-minded."
Students immersed themselves in all that the city had to offer from sights, museums, galleries, restaurants and even some nightlife. They visited Josef Sudek's historic and intimate studio. Students also had the opportunity to visit legendary artist Joska Skalník in his atelier. Julia teamed up with architectural professor Carol Sherwood for several class visits to enhance the students' experience and understanding of Prague's unique spaces.

Professor Julia Cybularz with some of her students in Prague

The students also explored nearby cities including a visit to Vienna. On the Vienna trip students experienced an opera in one of Europe's oldest theaters and visited numerous museums.

The students embraced the opportunity to collaborate with other Westphal majors enrolled in this photography class by employing their unique skills to make a beautiful book of the work they completed in Prague.  You can see and purchase the book here.
Molly Glynn
"This project is a response to under-appreciation and aims to reveal the humanity and beauty behind these housekeepers." Emily Williams 
You can see some of the images on the blog:
Information about study abroad can be found at the Drexel Study Abroad office.

High School Photography Contest

Help us get the word out to all High School students!  Our annual High School Photography Contest is open for submissions now through November 22nd.  There will be prizes awarded and a gallery showing of selected work with an opening reception in February 2017.   For more info.


Alumni, Faculty and Student News
Press and Shows

Mike Arrison , alumni, has been working with a music video production company, Set In Motion LLC, on projects throughout the Philadelphia/New York region. Shooting behind the scenes on videos for Sanjay K ("Eleven", "The Groove"), Jay Pray ("Smile"), G1fted ("Spend Some Money"), and more. He is continuing to work on a personal thesis, which he started during his time at Drexel. 

Shan Cerrone, alumni, is working on an architecture photography project with WRT in Philly/San Francisco for their rebranding. He is also still the photo editor at JUMP magazine with their fall issue being released in October.

Matt Decker, alumni, recently began as a Project Coordinator at The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

Tyler Haughey , alumni, has received much press recently regarding his new project Ebb Tide  as well as the work he made while at Drexel, 130 Miles.
Slate - The Historic Midcentury Modern Motels of the New Jersey Coast
Fast Company - The Midcentury Glamour of the Jersey Shore (Yes, the Jersey Shore)
PDN - A Portrait of the Empty Jersey Shore
Spiegel Online (Germany) - Lonesome in New Jersey

Niko J. Kallianiotis , adjunct, has a project "Bittersweet Apple" that was screening during the opening night Sept. 21 in Photoville. His new project "America in a Trance" will also be featured in Positive Magazine this month.

Danielle Kyberd , alumni, has a gallery show in NYC at the end of October.  New Century Artists, Inc. presents Envision The Dream - October 20-30

Lizzy Lehn, alumni, is the new associate art producer at BBDO NY.

Paul Runyon, Program Director, will be having three of his works included in the Streets of Philadelphia Exhibition in Kaunas, Lithuania in October. The exhibition originally was organized and shown at the Philadelphia Print Center and is now traveling to other cities.

Jeffrey Stockbridge, alumni, was commissioned by  Honey Grow Restaurant to photograph around Temple's Campus for their new location.  Interview.
He was awarded a Jurors Pick in the Street Photo Awards via Lens Culture.

Jason Varney, alumni and adjunct, shot the July, Sept, and October Covers for Prevention Magazine.
His new advertising projects include work for Whole Foods, E&J Gallo Winery, Hershey, Honeygrow, Nancy Silverton's Nancy's Fancy Gelato, and photographed Chef Bobby Flay for BlueStar Cooking.  
Jason also shot the upcoming Alex's Lemonade Stand Cookbook benefiting childhood cancer research, gratis. 

Rachel Wisniewski, alumni, was recently interviewed by Poz magazine in a feature about her senior thesis project which  captured portraits of people living with HIV. 

Alumni, please don't forget to let us know what you are doing.  We would love to hear (and feature) any exhibitions, new work, contests, articles, or anything else that you have been doing.  Send us an email or catch us on Facebook with your news today. 



Paul Runyon, Sr.

Program Director