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The fall season kicks off a busy year. We have two open houses, one on October 27th and another on November 9th. In the event that you cannot make either, we would love to have you visit the facility, feel free to contact Elizabeth Timmons to set up a personal tour. We also just kicked off our annual Drexel Photography High School Contest. Entries are being accepted until December 3rd.

Study Abroad: Prague
Expanding Experiences   
Professor Julia Cybularz and five junior photography students spent five weeks studying, photographing and living in Prague with other members of the Drexel and New Orleans University community. Julia Cybularz said, "I thought that the students really worked collaboratively during their time together in Prague. I was impressed by each student's ability to reach out and share ideas, advice or list interesting places for others to see. The collaboration with their peers really enhanced everyone's photographic work." Student's immersed themselves in all that the city had to offer from sights, museums, galleries, restaurants and even some nightlife. They visited Josef Sudek's studio, saw a retrospective by Viktor Kol�ř, an exhibition by Jaroslav Kučera, and took a weekend trip to Vienna to view more photo exhibitions.
In Prague, the students were surrounded by art. "Every restaurant and every pub had photographs hung. There was more art displayed in public places than I see in America," said Gabrielle Perez. There were posters for art and photo exhibits on every corner. Bonnie Saporetti added, "The city was such an accepting place for photography. It was nice to experience such a different atmosphere from Philadelphia, especially when it comes to the prevalence of photography throughout the city."
When asked about their time there, the students had nothing but positive things to say about their experience. "I loved getting to learn a new city and culture though the glass of a camera lens!" said Julia Silva. Jacqueline Lemieux stated that, "Being in a new city with an amazing group of students gave me new inspiration in photography." Each would recommend it and would love to go again. 
At the end of the course, each student employed a skill (one that was often learned during a co-op experience) to help make the final slideshow and Blurb Book. The students were responsible for the design and layout of both the book and the blog.
Information about study abroad can be found at the Drexel Study Abroad office.
Images (top to bottom): Bonnie Saporetti, Jacqueline Lemieux, Julia Silva, Gabrielle Perez.
Parikrma Champions
Expanding Experiences   

Alumni Peter Murray just returned from a ten day trip to Bangalore, India where he covered the Parikrma Champions League soccer tournament with JR Sports Brief. We asked him to tell us about his trip.


"I was shooting the daily events of the soccer tournament and putting together highlight reels to be shown on the big screen the following day. Currently I am in the process of putting together a short film about the Parikrma schools as well as how the tournament factors in to the whole package.


There are currently four Parikrma schools in India. Shukla Bose started these schools to bridge the gap of extreme poverty in southern India. She brings in kids from the slums and educates, clothes and feeds them from 4 years old to 24 years old.  This means that on top of giving them a "standard" education, she sees them through college. 



I was there for 10 days covering the tournament and went to two of the schools. The tournament hosts the Parikrma team as well as a few surrounding schools (some who are very poor, others who come from very wealthy "world" schools) in a professional soccer stadium for a week long tournament. It is on a scale that I have not seen in any American youth sporting event.  It is a grand experience for the students involved and is a fundraising event for the schools.  Shukla invites VIPs and CEOs of corporations to the event to show them the work that she does. Menzies Aviation is a big sponsor and I was able to work with a team of their higher ups in a team building experience; they select a group of people from their worldwide offices and send them to Bangalore to organize and run the event. It was amazing seeing these wealthy business folks getting thrown into stadium management, entertainment, and A/V roles. 


It was the experience of a lifetime for everyone involved including myself."   


For more information about the Parikrma Humanity Foundation, please click here.


Images by Peter Murray.

Photography & Business
Faculty News   
It is with great pleasure that I announce the addition of Angela Pointon, to our adjunct faculty roster. I am committed to providing our students with the best education and industry experience and Angela will be a great addition to our faculty.
Angela Pointon is teaching our Photography and Business course bringing her expansive background of knowledge to our students. She is an alumni of the photography program and apprenticed under Elyse Weissberg who specializing in marketing for photographers. (Hint: she rep'd Eddie Adams). After her passing, Angela decided to go back to school to get her MBA. She fell in love with marketing and business, and found her career settling in at a small marketing agency outside of Philly where she eventually became the firm's Chief Operating Officer. Currently she owns Steel Toe Images, a photography marketing consulting firm, and Angela Pointon Photography.
Open House
Join Us!  

I would like to personally invite you to our Fall Open Houses on Sunday, October 27th and Saturday November 9th. Open Houses are a great opportunity to meet our faculty, current students, tour our facility and learn how our innovative program integrates classroom study and real world experience. You will also learn about the outstanding Drexel Co-Op and how the photography program assists you in finding the perfect placement for your interests and how you can graduate with professional experience on your r�sum�. For registration and more information, please visit the Open House Website. 

2013 Senior Thesis
Online Exhibition


In case you missed the 2013 Drexel Photography Senior Thesis Exhibition in person this June, the entire show is online for your viewing.
Alumni, Faculty and Student News
Press and Shows


Mike Arrison, alumni, recently completed shooting stills and behind the scenes for the film The Youth Washed Up.
Mattison Becker, junior, had work featured at the WOA Gallery in Philadelphia during the month of August. 


Mike Bucher, alumni, is working with Jump, a Philadelphia music magazine. His work on the Fall and Summer covers featuring Martha Graham Cracker and Sugar Tongue Slim.


Peter Croteau, alumni, was a part of the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center 4th Annual Exhibition that ran from June 13-August 24 and the Klompching Gallery Fresh 2013 show that ran from July 18-August 10.


Stephanie Dore, alumni, is the photography teacher and advisor for the photography magazine Perspicacity at the Hewitt School. Their 2013 edition won first place and the Best Photography Magazine prize from the American Scholastic Press Association.


Kara Khan, alumni, is showing her Tips for Photos series, portraits of performers and characters from Bourbon Street, December 6th - 23rd at the Foundation Gallery in New Orleans, LA as part of the New Orleans PhotoNola Festival. 


Michael LeGrand, alumni, photographed University of North Florida students for their 2013 admissions viewbook. LeGrand has a number of pages and a great blog post about the project.


Andrea Modica, faculty, has two platinum-palladium prints from her Best Friends series included in the About Face: Contemporary Portraiture exhibition at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. The show will be up through January 19th in Kansas City, MO. Additionally a copy of her book Treadwell is included in an exhibition dedicated to the history of the photographic book at the Tokyo Institute of Photography until October 6th. Treadwell will remain in the permanent collection of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography library.


Eddy Rhenals-Narvaez, senior, worked with Philadelphia Magazine during his Co-Op and was provided opportunities to have his photographs published both in print and online.


Stuart Rome, faculty, is currently a part of an exhibition running until September 29 at the James Michner Museum entitled Creative Hand, Discerning Heart: Form, Rhythm, Song. He was also interviewed as a part of the promotion for the show. In October, Rome will have work from his series, Signs, in the Mythology of Florida exhibition at the Ogden Museum of Art in New Orleans which will be on view until January 5. He is currently working on a series of portraits of pot growers in Northern California with a working title In the Land of the Lotus Eaters and a series of photographs from inside hollowed redwood and sequoia trees. 


Andre Rucker, alumni, photographed Suzi Analogue for BUST Magazine's September issue.


Emma Stern, Ben Riley and Katie Tackman, alumni, run Gravy Studio & Gallery, 155 Cecil B. Moore Avenue, Philadelphia. In October they are participating in POST Open Studio Tours as well DesignPhiladelphia. Both events are free and open to the public.


Jeffrey Stockbridge, alumni, has had a lot of press this summer with his ongoing project Kensington Blues. He has an interview on Siouxwire and has a series of photographs from the series published in The Rust Belt Rising Almanac. Additionally, Stockbridge is a finalist in the 2013 Critical Mass Awards.


Jason Varney, alumni, photographed that 2013-2016 viewbook for the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and has a 10 page feature on Jose Garces Farm and recipes in the September issue of Food Network magazine. Recently he has work in Bon App�tit,, Cooking Light, and He also completed his first video project, a trailer for the opening of Little Nonna's.

Alumni, please don't forget to let us know what you are doing.  We would love to hear (and feature) any exhibitions, new work, contests, articles, or anything else that you have been doing.  Send us an email or catch us on Facebook with your news today. 



Paul Runyon, Sr.

Program Director