Fall Quarterly Newsletter
Fall Classes at our studio on Kelly Ave!

We will be staying at our studio through the end of the the year, allowing us to have our fall term in our current location. 

The 11-week fall term begins the week of September 23, 2019. Classes will be held at our long-time studio  at 3903 SW Kelly Ave. 

Call now to sign up. 503.223.8157

Click here to download the fall schedule.

October 26 - 27, 2019
St. Paul Yoga Center
St. Paul, MN

November 16 - 17, 2019
The Yoga Room
Berkeley, CA

January 25 - 26, 2020
Northwest Yoga Conference
Seattle, WA
See below for more information about this conference.
Julie Gudmestad
A Note from Julie Gudmestad & Beth Paxson
After running Gudmestad Yoga Studio for over 30 years, I couldn't be more pleased to turn over the reins to Beth Paxson. During my tenure at the helm, we've seen Yoga grow exponentially in the fitness and health fields, weathered a major recession, and developed a vibrant community at the studio. I look forward to seeing how the studio and community continue to grow and evolve as Beth takes over and the studio becomes the Paxson Yoga Center. Please join me in giving her a warm welcome!

Though I won't be running the studio, you will still see me often as I plan to continue teaching my weekly classes, holding workshops, and contributing to teacher trainings. It is time for me to pass on the legacy of my teaching to the next generation of teachers and physical therapists. Even as my work evolves, I am most thankful to you, our students, for your ongoing support and loyalty. We couldn't have done it without you.

Julie Gudmestad 

Beth Paxson
As a young athlete, it was a regular practice to stretch muscles after intense exercise. Stretching served me well in my years of Olympic competition, and helped me avoid injury as a Nordic ski racer for 20 years. Twenty-two years ago, a new seed was planted! Through the recommendation of a friend and student at Gudmestad Yoga, I signed up for a class there to help recover from an injury sustained while running marathons. Focused stretching, athleticism, concentration, and spiritual awareness came together for me in this new realm of yoga, and I began my journey of consistent practice and learning.

The transition from stretching after exercise to a disciplined yoga practice evolved through Julie's direction and guidance in the Gudmestad Yoga tradition. In over 2 decades of practice I have studied with many esteemed teachers and tried other styles of yoga. A solid foundation in Gudmestad Yoga, combining the principles of physical therapy and philosophy of Iyengar Yoga, has infused me with the knowledge and confidence to safely explore and share the wonderful practice of Yoga with students of all levels and abilities.

It is with a deep sense of honor and gratitude that I receive the reins of this legacy. With the ongoing enthusiasm and support of our community, this legacy will continue as the Paxson Yoga Center, carrying on the tradition of Gudmestad Yoga.

Beth Paxson

Yoga Tip

Help Your Energies Flow

We often hear that change is the one sure thing in life. During times of transition and big change, Yoga can help us stay centered in so many ways. Simply pausing to take a few conscious breaths can help ease tension, and even a short asana practice can help you stay grounded when it feels like the earth is shifting beneath your feet.

align vertically. head forward
head forward
Many people feel like they are "carrying a heavy load" during times of stress and change. The weight of the load contributes to a slumped posture, with the head jutting forward and the chest collapsed. Eastern healing disciplines like yoga and acupuncture teach that our own vital energies flow in channels through the center of our torsos, and slumping over impedes this flow, potentially making us even more tired and unfocused.

To help open up your inner energy flow and come back to your sense of center, find a projecting corner where two walls meet. You can also use the corner of a doorjamb. Back up to the projecting corner, so that you touch your sacrum (just above your tailbone), your midback, and the back of your head. When you bring your head back, if your chin is up and you're looking at the ceiling, don't bring your head all the way to the corner. Stop instead at the point where your chin and gaze are level.

align vertically
aligned vertically
Aligning this way helps bring the bones of your body into verticality, puts your head over your shoulders, and opens your chest. This is centering in the physical sense, which can help us stay present and focused when the seas of change swirl around us.

Fall Term

A Few Changes for Fall Term

In case you missed our special announcement, we are thrilled to be staying in our beloved yoga space on Kelly Ave until the end of the year, while we continue to look for a new location. 

Same place, same teachers, same practice, same schedule, new name.
Our new name will be Paxson Yoga Center. Beginning with Fall term, payments will be made payable to Paxson Yoga Center.

During the last two summers, we have been asking people to check in for class using the iPad on the front counter. For the first time, this fall we will be expanding the electronic check-in to term classes. This will help you to track how many classes you've been to and how many make-ups you have left for the term.  We will be phasing this new system in slowly. Teachers and office staff will be assisting at the beginning of the term while we all get accustomed to it. Each time you come in for class, please make sure to check in at either the front desk or with the teacher.

Local Workshop with Julie
Northwest Yoga Conference
January 25 - 26, 2020
Seattle, WA

J oin Julie at the Northwest Yoga Conference in Seattle, WA! Now in its 8th year, the five day conference features life-changing workshops, soulful music, inspiring talks and much more. The event aims to provide an opportunity for you to deepen your practice and teaching while connecting to a supportive and nurturing yoga community. Come find out why attendees return to this event year after year. 

Julie will be offering a couple of 2-hour workshops; The Mysterious Psoas, and How to Work with Tight Hamstrings. She will also be teaching a 3-hour Breathing Basics and Intro to Pranayama workshop.

Enter to win a free pass here: www.nwyogaconference.com//2020-pass-giveaway

Closing Thoughts

This is my favourite time of year. I've always viewed Fall as the beginning of a new year, as students return to school and we settle back into structure after the chaos of summer. Soon, the light will take on a different quality, and we will be surrounded by colour and cooler weather. Celebrate, and take comfort in the familiarity of the season.

Amelia Michaels
Gudmestad Yoga Tradition
Paxson Yoga Center