Fall 2017
Child Spotlight: Meet Gideon

Gideon is one of the first 17 children that HEED was formed to serve. Now, twelve years of education later, we had a conversation with him about his dreams after a training session we held at our village high school where he attends. Gideon says:
  • He dreams of having a good-paying job so that he can help others in his community; the sick, the poor and so on.
  • He dreams of becoming a well-qualified building engineer so that he can get a good job.
  • He dreams of raising a family of self-reliant citizens who will help others progress.
  • He dreams that everyone in his community will have clean water and electricity in 10 years time. 
Most living in poverty just survive day-to-day, but Gi deon has expanded his world with education. Now he has hopes and dreams for a better future.

Gideon has come so far from the timid six year old boy we first met. He thanks HEED for mentoring him to reach his dreams, and says, "how do you achieve your dreams? By staying focused." 

Click below to hear Gideon share about his dreams in fluent English with his melodic Ugandan accent:
Hear Gideon

Meet Our New Team Members

We are pleased to welcome Robert, Olivia, Justine, and Vincent to the HEED team in the village. These servants are well-educated, and have given up a more comfortable life in the city to serve with us in the village. We are grateful to them for their commitment and to our supporters, who equip us to provide employment to quality staff.  

Robert is the Head Teacher of the High School, and has also been serving as our Project Coordinator for almost six months. He is doing a fantastic job working with the schools, community and acting as a liaison to HEED staff back in Kampala and here in the US.    

Olivia joined us next. With formal training in bookkeeping, she is serving as the treasurer for our schools and helping the schools learn to plan and follow budgets.

Justine has replaced our founding Head Teacher, Resty, who had to step down as we pursued the formal licensing of the school. Resty's educational credentials didn't meet the government standards, so we sadly had to say good bye as we pursue the next step for the school. Justine serves as an examiner for the Board of Education at the Ministry of Education, and we are so fortunate someone with her credentials would serve with us in such a humble setting. It's an exciting time at the school as she brings with her a love of children, the Lord, and a passion for excellence in education.
Moving Day

The boys and girls who board at school have just moved out of crowded classrooms lined with bunk beds into the beautifully finished dormitories like the one pictured below. The dorms include separate sleeping rooms and gathering spaces with an apartment for the dorm parent. This move has been in the works since 2014 when Shoreline Rotary began work on a grant to provide structures to harvest water. Then, with the help of generous donors, HEED was able to finish the structures into dormitories. The vacated rooms have made space for a library and staff room. Another step forward!

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in the creation of these beautiful buildings!

The boys waving from the veranda on moving day
You might be wondering why students would board at the school. All Primary Six and Seven students board so that they can take classes in the evening to prepare for the rigorous national exam at the end of Primary Seven. Other students board because they live too far away to walk to  school, and still others live full time at the school because they are orphaned. All together, about 70 boys and girls board at the primary school.  These students all come from simple homes with dirt floors and likely a thatched roof. The kids feel like they are in heaven  in these beautiful dormitories, and that raises sights for their future. 

Sharing HEED

Second graders at Cedar Valley Elementary School learned what
 life is like for kids in Kyakitanga
Attentive middle school students At Our Lady of the Lake Parish School watched the HEED documentary
We love to s hare with children or small groups about life in Uganda, the work of HEED, or the many ways God has shown us His  faithfulness. I f you have a sharing opportunity,  e mail Julie@heeduganda.org to coordinate a presentation that is appropriate for your group.
Adding to the Kingdom

Romics Vicent has returned to ministry in the village after Bible College 

Pastor Peter has been joined by Vicent, who graduated from Bible College in June. Together these two young men are reaching our kids with th e go od news of the gospel. 
Vicent fee ls c alled to minister through sports, and shared with us, "Many things have taken place since I h ave been back to the village. I have been coaching soccer for the primary school, high school and the recreational HEED Football Club. Five people have given their lives to Jesus, and more than six new youth are joining us to fellowship in church on Sunday. Pastor Peter and I, we have preached the gospel through sports. I am happy that youth are changing!" 

In July, Teacher Joachim sent us a photo of "17 children who "decided to dedicate the rest of their lives to God" after one of the high school chapels.   Then, just this month,  Pastor  Peter reported that on a Tuesday night fellowship 11 kids gave their life to Jesus.We rejoice at the  fullness  of life that is ahead for these new believer s as they follow the Lord!

"...and that by believing you may have LIFE in his name."  
John 20: 31

Pastor Peter has been pastoring the village church since 2016
Join Us in Prayer

"...As you help us by your prayers. Then many will give thanks on our behalf for the gracious favor granted us in answer to the prayers of many."   2 Corinthians 1:11

Answered Prayers:
  • Thank you for the soccer balls and yarn!!! A single Facebook post resulted in an outpouring of both. We are well equipped and encouraged by the support.
  • We have needed a Chapel and Sunday School curriculum. Without knowing this, the Sound City Children's Ministries Coordinator offered to gather resources, and put together 6 months of lessons for us!
  • We prayed that the disruptive bar that opened on a sliver of land next to the girls' dormitory would stop doing business. It did!!! HEED was able to purchase the land to prevent this sort of problem in the future.
  • We prayed for a well-qualified Head Teacher to assume leadership of the school. We are amazed that God gave us Justine who is affiliated with none other than the Ministry of Education!
Prayer requests:
  • Julie, Barbara and Gerre will be in Uganda Oct 10-23. This trip has an administrative and planning focus with a segment of ministry focused on empowering women. Prayers appreciated for a safe, productive and kingdom advancing trip. (Updates will be posted to the prayer team while we are in the field. Sign-up info below if you would like to join our prayer team.)
  • Prayers that God would strengthen and grow the team to disciple our children.
  • Financial provision for more water harvesting and finances to begin permanent high school structures.
  • For God to be glorified in all we do in HEED

If you'd like to join our prayer team, please e-mail heeduganda@gmail.com with the subject line "Add me to the prayer group". We would love to add you to our team!

Thank you!

 " W eebale nyo" in Luganda.

Thank you for equipping us to reach out  in love to children and their families in an area n icknamed "unlucky."