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Jamaica - Oct 28-29
Brazil - Nov 2-5
CL Meetings
Nov 7, Nov 28, Dec 6

CL Prayer Day at Mt Ireneaus
Dec 15
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Nov 30 - Dec 2
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Dec 8-9
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Issue 5.19
October 23, 2017
 Feast of All Saints (November 1)

Happy Feast of All Saints!

As we celebrate this feast and contemplate our call to be Saints of God, let us hold these words before us, "Beloved: See what love the Father has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of God." This is the spark of God's life given to each of us to keep burning brightly as we live into the coming of the Kindom of God for us and for our world.

Our gospel Beatitudes reminds us that the journey is not easy and so it calls for us to support and walk together, building up the Body of Christ. Let us pray this day in gratitude for the glorious Communion of Saints who have gone before us. They, too, strengthen and uphold us to be the Saints of God today.
Let your Christ light shine brightly!

FSA Board of Directors Meeting in Allegany
By: Margaret Magee OSF

   The members of the Leadership of Brazil and Jamaica, Congregational Leadership, and our General Treasurer, Sr. Chris Treichel gathered at St. Elizabeth Motherhouse from October 9-14. We were happy that our sisters from Brazil could come a few days early so they could participate in the Allegany Assembly with the translation assistance of Sr. Pat Tyre.
   Our Board of Directors meeting began with a full day of reflection led by Fr. David Couturier OFM Cap. His topic was Franciscan Leadership and the New Narrative of Communion. The members were grateful for David's insights and presence. Our days were full with contemplative prayer and sharing, discussion, and many agenda topics. Attentive listening, open sharing, and presence to one another is essential in our meeting. Critical to our listening and sharing is the presence and translation skills of Sr. Pat. Aside from Pat's presence, generosity, and talent with language and translation, she brings great insight, faith, and cultural sensitivity which is so important in our meetings but more so in our sharing of leadership and our life together. Thank you, Pat!  
   We have been blessed these days with being able to share liturgies, meals, and time together with our sisters at the Motherhouse. We are grateful for the gracious welcome and warm hospitality that is so characteristic of our Franciscan-Clarian charism. We ended our meeting time with a "Day of Hope", inspired by Pope Francis' quote, "the future does have a name, and its name is Hope."
   On Sunday morning after all the meetings and work was complete we enjoyed some time at a local attraction called Pumpkinville. Pumpkinville is a 200-acre farm nestled in the hills of Great Valley near Ellicottville. Pumpkinville is only open in September and October and has shops, food, a petting zoo, rides and activities for families and children. It was a delight to share the beauty of Western New York in the Fall. 
   Our days were blessed in many ways, especially with your prayerful presence and support during our meetings. Know that you were held in our prayers as always!
   Pictured above from left to right: Margaret Mary Kimmins, Maria Helena dos Santos, Odette Haddad, Marie Abadia da Silva, Aldenir Mota Ribeiro, Maria da Paz de Jesus, Teresita DeSouza, Marinêz Arantes da Silva, Goianira Silva, Chris Treichel, Margaret Magee, and Pat Klemm.
Not pictured: Trinita Solnek, who had to return early to Jamaica for a funeral; Pat Tyre, who was taking the photograph.

Holy Innocents Parish holds Golden Jubilee Celebration
By: Bernadette Schuler OSF

   On Sunday, October 8, Holy Innocents parish celebrated my Golden Jubilee. It was  such an amazing celebration, I wanted to share it.
   We often say that each Allegany Franciscan represents not just herself but the entire  Congregation. I share this as a tribute to all of us, wherever and however we minister and bring the Franciscan charism.
    The parish staff, pastor, and parishioners of Holy Innocents created a St. Francis
Prayer Garden. It is located near the side door of the church and is beautifully landscaped with a bronze Statue of St. Francis and a stone bench. It was done in honor of my Jubilee and is a peaceful and natural setting for myself and our parishioners to spend some quiet moments in prayer. The garden is a wonderful and lasting gift and a testimony to our Franciscan spirit.
    The Knights of Columbus presented a plaque with beautiful wording that again is a
tribute to all of us as Franciscan sisters. It says:
    "In honor of 50 years of service, the Mary Queen of the Knights Council 816 of the
Knights of Columbus would like to extend our congratulations and express our appreciation to
Sr. Bernadette Schuler, osf for her dedication and devotion to our Church, School, children and Families. Thank you for your steadfast commitment in leading religious education
and our RCIA program, providing guidance for our children and contributing to a stronger foundation for the Church as a whole.  As Knights of Columbus, we recognize Sisters are a gift from God and a vital asset to our clergy in the Church.  We thank you for your mentorship in being a Sister and friend to our Parish Family of Holy Innocents Church."
    The Church, the People of God, truly do appreciate the gift that we are as Religious
Women. It fills me with gratitude and hope!

Dwelling Place Holds its 15th Annual Fall Gala
By: Joann Sambs CSA, Dwelling Place President

   The Dwelling Place of NY hosted its 15th Annual Fall Ga la on Thursday, October 19, at St. Cyril and Methodius parish hall located in Manhattan. The evening was dedicated to the community of support that surrounds the homeless women being served: current and former staff, board members, benefactors, and friends. 
    Guests enjoyed the festive environment while visiting with each other, enjoying the delicious meal, and browsing through the silent auction and raffle prizes donated by local businesses, organizations, and individuals. The Secular Franciscans of the St. Benedict the Moor Fraternity and the Australian Women of NY were among the organizations who provided several items to enhance the array being offered. 
    One of the highlights of the evening was the testimony given by former resident, Stephany Fladger, who detailed her journey from homelessness to coming full circle and serving as a substitute staff person at The Dwelling Place. Stephanie acknowledged that is was the "tough love" she experienced when she was asked to leave for not keeping the rules that was the impetus for her recovery and current stability. "I was kicked out of a shelter. I have to get my life together," she shared. 
    The 2017 Gala Committee is grateful to the guests, volunteers, and donors who joined together to make this anniversary gala a night to remember and an effort of love for women in great need.

The Sultan and the Saint on PBS 

     Earlier this year, St. Bonaventure University and the Motherhouse sisters participated in a screening of the Unity Production Foundation (UPF) film , The Sultan and the Saint. The film depicts the encounter between St. Francis of Assisi and the Sultan of Egypt during the Fifth Crusade. 
   The Sultan and the Saint has garnered awards and critical acclaim across the globe, and is an important message about Christian-Muslim relations. Franciscan Action Network (FAN) has partnered with Unity Production Foundation to promote the film and its message throughout the past two years
   In December, the docudrama will be featured on PBS, and FAN is inviting all interested parties to host viewing parties for their area. The film will be shown on December 26 at 8 p.m. (check your local PBS station for dates and times). T he goal is to have at least 500 viewing parties across the 50 United States.  UPF is offering mini-grants of $250, on a first-come basis, to host a screening party.
   Interested in hosting a party or learning more? Click here

Assisi Pilgrims
As we congratulate this year's winners of our Assisi Lottery - Sisters Joyce Ramage, Lois Christopher, and Gloria Oehl - last year's winners, Sisters Lucy Cardet and Michelle Dolyk share some of their experiences in Assisi with us. 
      As many of you know, in August, we moved in with two of our sisters - Colleen Brady and Jo Streva - about a week and a half after our move , we had a visit from Hurricane Irma. We had many tree branches down which took us two days to clean up but we were very fortunate not to have had any further damage. We were without power for about a week and at one point we cancelled our scheduled trip to Assisi as we did not want to leave the sisters with all the work , as well as checking to see if others were in need of any help. After checking we found that we could still make the trip to Assisi! 
   We had several days in Rome with wonderful accommodations and many places to visit.  Before we continue, I forgot to mention that we were truly blessed to have three excellent guides - all three are so very well versed in Franciscan Spirituality!

Motherhouse Honors Employees
By: Denise Bunk-Hatch, Communications

    On Wednesday, October 18, t he administration and  sisters of the St. Elizabeth Motherhouse recognized employees hitting milestone years of service.
   During an employee luncheon with the sisters in the Motherhouse dining room, the following employees were honored:

  Five Years:
Monica Austin
Jennifer Hale
Ten Years:
Elizabeth Miller
Patricia Frasier
Fifteen Years:
Susan Snyder
Marcia Adams
Twenty Years:
Jennifer Mahon
Birgit Wingard
Twenty-Five Years:
Kimberly Hart
Thirty-Five Years:
Dianne Brunner

   Thank you all for your hard work, dedication, and commitment to our Sisters!

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