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Patient Spotlight:
Navy CDR Leah Osborne

5 Things You Didn't Know
About Veterans

National Hospice Month

New! Gosnell Comfort Cart

Hospice in the News


Patient Spotlight:
Navy Commander Leah Osborne

All her life, U.S. Navy Veteran Leah Osborne has been proudly independent. At 91, thanks to hospice, she still is. 

As a young woman, Leah and her twin sister, Loah, set out from their hometown of Salt Lake City to join the Navy and serve their country. Inspired by their mother, who died when they were eight, they enlisted in the Navy Nurse Corp. Leah specialized in pediatrics, Loah chose obstetrics, and tours of duty took them around the world. “There were a lot of advantages to being in the service. But there were disadvantages, too, like…you get orders and you go! My first tour of duty was in Guam. We didn’t know what to expect. Of course, it was a beautiful tropical island. We lived in Quonset huts, but also had to figure out how to deal with the mosquitoes and malaria – it was quite a challenge.”

After a distinguished career and advancing to the rank of Commander, Leah realized her lifelong dream to retire by the sea in Maine. She bought a little white house with a picket fence on the rocky coast of Cape Elizabeth. That was 44 years ago.

Today, her modest home is dwarfed by much bigger and newer houses, but Leah doesn’t mind. She’s grateful for the simple things that give her life meaning - familiar surroundings, daily telephone calls with Loah, and of course, the view. “If you haven’t seen the view,” she says, pointing toward the bay window, “you’d better take it in.” To the right, waves crash against Ram Island Light. To the left, the sunset casts a warm backdrop against Portland Headlight. “I’ve seen this view a thousand times,” she says, “but it still takes my breath away.”

“I’m so grateful to Hospice of Southern Maine for helping me get the equipment and medications I need. I’m very comfortable, but best of all, I’m home.”
When Kristin Melville, Director of Outreach and Development (pictured below), presented Leah with a We Honor Veterans pin, the lighthearted mood of the visit turned serious. As a Commander, Leah is no stranger to the time honored tradition of pinning ceremonies. The moment held a special significance for everyone in the room. Thank you, Leah, for your service and sacrifice. It is a privilege to serve you.

Hospice of Southern Maine's annual annual appeal is now underway. Please consider a tax-deductible gift today so we can help others like Leah live their very best life, even at the end of life.

As a hospice nurse, I can assure you that your gift will go to work immediately, helping us care for everyone who needs our services, regardless of ability to pay.

With my sincere thanks and appreciation,
Susan J. Mason, RN, BSN
5 Things You May Not Know About Veterans
FACT : In the United States, Veterans Day is celebrated on November 11 every year, the same day that World War I hostilities formally ended (at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month)

FACT : One out of every four people who will die this year is a Veteran.

FACT : 65,000 Veterans have recorded their individual war stories at the Library of Congress' American Folklife Center

FACT : There are more than 5.5 million U.S. Veterans living with a disability.

FACT : Hospice of Southern Maine employs Veterans, and actively recruits veterans to be part of our team. 
Don's Honor Flight
November is National Hospice Month
This November we celebrate National Hospice Month, and 50 years since the opening of St. Christopher's Hospice in London, thought to be the first modern-day hospice organization.

This year's Hospice Month theme is: It's about how you live . Hospice care is an end-of-life service, and at the end, every day is special. Hospice helps patients and families make the most of their final days, weeks, and months by prioritizing quality of life. Its care philosophy focuses on comfort and support, and the interdisciplinary model of hospice care is uniquely equipped to address the diverse array of medical, emotional, and spiritual issues that arise at the end of life. Did you know that the majority of Americans say that what they want at the end of life is to die in their owns homes, comfortable and pain-free? Hospice does this and more:

  • Studies have shown that early referral to hospice can actually improve life expectancy.

  • Hospice patients report better pain control and more satisfaction with their care.

  • Hospice allows you to die in your preferred place.

  • Hospice care includes support for loved ones. Family members and caregivers are given emotional support, respite, and counseling both before and after the patient's death.

Put simply, hospice means more - more comfort; more guidance; more joy; more peace-of-mind so that patients can live fully, even and especially at the end of life. As we celebrate 50 years of hospice this National Hospice Month, help us spread the word about how hospice can help. You could truly impact somebody's life.
New! Gosnell Comfort Cart
Through a gift from a private donor, patients and their families at Gosnell Memorial Hospice House will have the opportunity to seek additional support from our new comfort cart. The mobile cart is equipped with a variety of items, from snacks and beverages, to arts and crafts, puzzle books, and toiletries. For those visiting loved ones, it's a much-appreciated resource.

Our new comfort cart was furnished through the generosity of a long-time supporter of Gosnell. This is one of countless examples in which our community's open heart makes a true, tangible difference in the lives of our patients and families. Your support continues to enhance our organization. Thank you.

The cart is pictured here with volunteer Jim Waltz.
Hospice in the News

In the New York Times' One Last Visit to See My Patient , Dr. Danielle Ofri remembers an especially moving experience with a hospice patient, and fights back against the hospice stigma by reminding the reader that coming on to hospice doesn't mean you're giving up; it means you're taking charge.
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Hospice of Southern Maine was featured in the 2017 Mainebiz Giving Guide!

Check out our two page spread here: Mainebiz Giving Guide .
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