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Fall 2017  Newsletter

The summer months are now behind us, replaced with the beginning of early morning wake-up calls, monitoring academic progress, understanding school forms, etc.  This is a time that your child especially needs your love and guidance. They need you to be their greatest champion and protector. They need you to be relentless in this - never casually relinquishing this privilege and responsibility over to an "expert" who may appear, or think, they know what is best for your child.  

Many of your child's teachers, counselors, school officials and school board members are unquestionably dedicated to serving and protecting your child while he/she is in the school district's care. This is as it should be.  Nonetheless, this does NOT mean that your legal rights as a parent or guardian end when you drop your child off at school. This does NOT mean anyone has the right to trespass on your child's heart, mind or body (ie: gender identity).  

Here is a brave and diverse group of individuals,"Hands Across the Aisle: Biology is Not Bigotrywho have joined forces to speak into a cultural narrative that we see all too often dismissing scientific facts and intimidating people from feeling safe enough to freely share their opinions and beliefs.  This example, and  the articles below, are intended to inform and equip you! 

 Ideology vs. Biology
Watch Dr. Michelle Cretella, President of the American College of Pediatricians, appearance on Tucker Carlson, Exposes How Transgenderism is Harmful to Children.

Equipping Parents to Respond to Gender-Confusing Messages 
in Schools

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 Re-Education Camp for 
a First Grader? 

Is it child abuse when a California teacher "celebrates a 5-year-old 'transition" by reading  " I Am Jazz" and " The Red Crayon"  (explaining transgenderism) to her class of kindergartners? Followed up by a 5-year-old girl in the class stepping into the bathroom and re-emerging as a boy.  

This stunt left many of the children traumatized and crying, little girls asking their parents if they were going to turn into a boy.  Another parent stated her son wanted to know if he could dress as a girl for school.  

The exploitation of children in the public school in the name of diversity, social justice and tolerance is real.  While we prefer to believe this is an anomaly, it is not.  According to the superintendent of this school district, the parents were not notified "because kids  can't opt-out of gender identity and expression lessons."  The state of California only allows parents to opt-out of sex education not diversity and tolerance indoctrination.  In other words, the state of California has the discretion of teaching your child whatever they deem necessary in the name of diversity and tolerance...apparently trumping parental rights.

Parental Rights Amendment
If you are feeling overwhelmed by the erosion of your parental rights, take heart.  Across the country parents and organizations are fighting back against the forces that wish to diminish us as parents.  

Please visit parentalrights.org and learn more about the Parental Rights Amendment and sign their petition.  It is a sad day when the government at the behest of non-profits, private entities, government agencies and legislatures work together to create laws that are removing our constitutional rights as parents to direct the education, healthcare and upbringing of our children.  Make no mistake, Oregon is one of many states leading the charge to diminish our rights as parents.
Public Schools "Obscenity        
Exemptions" in the Name of

In our January/February newsletter in 2014, we touched upon the Alfred Kinsey Institute, along with Hugh Hefner and Playboy's intrusion into the public schools via funding the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States (SIECUS), a major source of sex education materials in the public school and created by Kinsey in 1964.  These luminaries and their perversions helped pave the way to eliminating school children protection from obscenity laws in the name of sex education. In other words, it was now okay to show what can only be described as "sexually obscene" material to minor children in the classroom, but it was still quite illegal to show that same material to children in any other venue.

In Oregon ORS 167.080 defines the Displaying of Obscene Materials to Minors and ORS 167.060 Definitions for ORS 167.060 to 167.095.  A person, not in the public school system, convicted of displaying or showing a minor obscene, sexually explicit, material can be fined up to $10,000.   Further, in 1987 in State v. Henry , the Oregon Supreme Court stated that the state law that criminalizes obscenity was unconstitutional because it violated free speech of the Oregon Constitution.  As of 2011, it is the only state to rid the state of that pesky law.  However, federal obscenity laws still apply.   Oregon Library Laws, Chapter 167 defines "Offenses Against Public Health, Decency and Animals" and further describes obscenity and other related offenses, all the while exempting public schools.

So where does all this leave our children who attend public school? Why can our children be shown obscene material in one venue and not another?  How does this early exposure to sexually explicit material affect the minor and brain development?  Why are movies and television shows rated for minors but not for sexually explicit material received in public school?  Judith G. Reisman, PHD, founder and director of the Child Protection League, Liberty University School of Law, has been an outspoken critic of the sexual violation of children in the name of sex education.  Dr. Reisman has written a paper titled   Statutory "Obscenity Exemptions" Breed a School "Sexual Rights" Agenda and Child Abuse Epidemic   in which she researches the history of the sexual rights agenda and how the obscenity laws were abrogated for public schools in the name sex education grooming.

Other articles you may find interesting relating to obscenity laws and the Kinsey Institute:


Charlie Gard and Parental Rights...Think it Can't Happen Here
Think Again

Our hearts break for the parents of Charlie Gard as they stood by helplessly and watched their son die because the United Kingdom signed the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.  
Faceless bureaucrats in the U.K. and the U.N. had more power to decide Charlie's fate than his loving parents...and they did.

Could this happen to parents in the United States?  Can our parental rights be subservient to that of the state or the U.N.?  Shockingly they almost did!  In Oregon some already are.

In 1989, U.N. bureaucrats created the multilateral treaty called U.N. Convention of Rights of the Child in which parental rights "in the care of their own children" are secondary to that of the state.  The treaty was signed by 195 countries.  All international treaties signed by the President of the United States must be ratified by the Senate...a hallmark of a free society.  President Bill Clinton signed the treaty, thankfully sanity prevailed, the treaty was not ratified by the senate. Our parental rights were preserved for now.

Make no mistake, while our parental rights have been preserved for the time being, they have been chipped away and diminished by non-profits, state agencies and legislatures who believe they know what's best for our children.  A Redmond, Oregon couple have had their children removed from their home because the state deemed them not smart enough to care for their children.  A mom in the Bronx, NY had her children removed because she was too poor and relocated the children to foster care at $1000 a month.

National Teacher's Union Wants to Kick 
Ex-Homosexual Educators Out of Convention 

It seems that the National Teachers Union is a bit intolerant of those teachers who once identified as homosexual but have stepped away from that identity and life style.

During the July 3, 2017 National Teachers Union convention meeting it was proposed that, after having a booth for 16 years, the NEA Ex-Gay Educators' exhibitors (yes, there are ex-gay individuals) be booted from the convention.  According to the exhibitor standards "exhibitors may not distribute materials that are offensive, distracting or discriminatory."

Apparently being an ex-gay is offensive, distracting and discriminatory, to the tolerant NEA. This begs the question...what chance do our children have against the indoctrination they are receiving during class time that promotes homosexuality, transgenderism, masturbation and any type of sex that a school or individual educator wishes to include in comprehensive sexual grooming classes? While they prepare to jettison ex-gay teachers' booth from their annual meetings.

The NEA Ex-Gay Educators' Caucus prepares an annual meeting report that you may find interesting as well as personal stories of ex-gays.

Planned Parenthood Claims Genitals Do Not Determine Someone's Gender

Planned Parenthood, in their own inimitable way, espousing more child abuse in their new guidelines suggesting "parents teach their children that genitals do not determine whether you are a boy or girl."  In what universe?

Why do we continue to let the insanity and lies infect our public schools and our children?  Why does the Oregon Department of Education allow this despicable organization access to our children?

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