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Happy Fall!

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the retreat. We had about 45 people join us and I felt it was a huge success. Please see link below to view pictures and testimonials.  
Thanks everyone for choosing Main Line Pilates!  
Xo Gina
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Juicing 101 Class
  Juicing 101 - Wednesday - Nov. 12 at 11:00am

If you have the time, although lengthy the following from Natural News is good information and reasons why John and I juice each morning. If this information interests you join us for this class! Click below to RSVP.

Reasons to juice
Juicing helps in the Absorption of Nutrients - If your digestive system is less than optimal, it can be difficult to absorb all of the nutrients when eating greens. Juicing will break down the cell walls of vegetables so that they are pre-digested for you. This means that all of the nutrients go straight into your system.

Juicing Means that You Can Eat More Greens - You probably aren't going to eat a whole head of celery in a day...but you can easily drink a whole head of celery juice. Juicing also allows you to consume a wide variety of greens all at once. You most likely wouldn't have kale, cucumber, celery and parsley for breakfast, but you will enjoy it as a juice.

Juicing is a Great Way to Get Loads of Chlorophyll- which is the building block of our bodies. Chlorophyll is what makes plants green and it is perhaps the most powerful element that exists in the universe. It is medicine for our bodies. It increases the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body, which means we release more carbon dioxide, toxins and stress. Plenty of oxygen means that our bodies become an aerobic environment where disease cannot live. An anaerobic environment is where disease thrives.
Green Vegetables contain Nearly all of the Trace Minerals we Need - Most people are seriously lacking in essential minerals which mean that our bodies are not equipped with the necessary resources to fight disease and feel fantastic. Green juice is a great way to get all of the vital minerals for vibrant health.

Green Juice Provides us with the Enzymes- that we need to cleanse, detoxify and renew at a cellular level. Enzymes are also needed to digest food. We cannot have amazing health without enzymes. Cooking and processing of any type destroys all enzymes, so raw food, especially greens, is absolutely essential to maintain healthy enzyme levels. A daily green juice is a sure way to maintain enzyme levels.

Juicing Makes Greens Taste Great - As mentioned above, juicing can make greens more palatable. This is because they can be sweetened with an apple or carrot. It is essential not to overdo it on apples and carrots because they can raise blood sugar levels, but adding a carrot or apple to a green juice transforms it into a delicious juice that most people will enjoy.
Sugar: Tainted Love...
'First I ran to you...now I run from you' 

It's not just the 'white stuff' you buy in a bag. Sugar comes from many different sources. Many everyday foods actually turn into sugar once your body starts to digest them.

I learned about how bad sugar was for the body 7 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
(He is doing great!) We had a phone consultation with
Verne Verona, author of Nature's Cancer-Fighting Foods & Macrobiotics for Dummies The first thing he told us was to stop eating sugar.

Click the links below to learn more...
10 Disturbing Reasons Sugar is Bad for You
So you love Pilates? Become a Certified Teacher...
Teacher Training Program

The Body Precision Teacher Training Program is one of the most highly regarded Pilates programs on the East Coast. In this program you will learn how to teach the classical work focusing on the proven method of layering exercises in safely based on client needs and compensations. Major emphasis is placed on anatomy and how it relates to Pilates movements as well as how to address pain issues and compensations. Learn how to modify exercises based on every type of client and at the same time give them the best workout to meet their goals and needs.

For more details contact Beth Downey at 610-520-2348 or bodyprecision@comcast.net
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