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"The Mississippi Delta is often very misunderstood. My goal is to help people understand the untapped value of this area and work in a concerted manner with all stakeholders and policy makers to improve the quality of life for all those who abide."

-Representative Abe M. Hudson, Jr.

REMINDER: The 2019 legislative session will begin in Jackson, MS at the State Capitol on Tuesday, January, 8th, 2019 at noon. Other legislators and I will be there for roughly three months to introduce various policy issues, debate ramifications,  and  vote on bills that impact ALL Mississippians.

Information that Impacts Mississippians

Below are a few items I believe you, as a constituent, Mississippian, or friend, might find intriguing. Please click the BLUE links below for information about the following topics: 

Every individual won't go to a four year college...and that's okay. The priority is having the ability to take care of your family and putting yourself in a position to "Live Your Best Life." Thanks to both Jamesha C. Lunford-Payne & Eleasah Granberry, a group of young ladies have been able to put themselves in position to start careers as Pharmacy Technicians. I was honored to be the guest speaker at the pinning ceremony. Click Here for more photos.

Thanks to all the individuals from Bolivar County who visited Parchman State Penitentiary with me in November. This was my third trip to Parchman since we got out of session last March. While there, we got to minimally see up close and personal what goes on behind bars. The individuals I selected were a group of community leaders, business owners, elected officials, policy leaders, and a high school student. Also, thanks to Grant Callen and his team for accepting my invitation to join us. Though he and I have differing opinions in the area of education, it's good to know we can find common ground as it relates to criminal justice reform. And to Miss Mississippi Asya Branch, your platform, "Empowering Children of Incarcerated Parents", is inspirational and thoughtful. I am glad you were able to attend and share your personal perspective with us during lunch. 

***Though Mississippi has roughly 3 million people, we have the t hird highest incarceration rate in the country.

***In Mississippi,  salaries for these officers start at $30,648  - far less than the national average of $47,000.

***"Of the roughly 19,000 inmates in prison,  12,000 are not eligible for parole," said Steve Pickett, chairman of the state Parole Board.

***Lastly, Click Here to check out this website that focuses on criminals justice reform.

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This summer, I attended the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative in Davenport, IA to speak with Mayors and State Legislators from along the Mississippi River about i ssues ranging from ecology to recreation to pollution. Click Here to here me speak at the press conference. 

 In the top photo, I am photographed with Minnesota State Senator Rick Hansen. Both he and I were asked to speak on what role legislators and local citizens play in keeping the Mississippi River System pollution free. In the bottom photograph, Minnesota Representative Fue Lee and Senator John Hoffman and I were addressing the Mayors along the Mississippi River about what initiatives we would be taking back to our respective legislatures.

Voter registration was very important to both me and Kierre Rimmer (middle). All 5 public high schools in Bolivar County were visited. Also, we stopped by a rally at Indianola Gentry in Sunflower County to share the importance of voting. Out of all the stops we made, one of the more memorable was to Ray Brooks High School in Benoit, MS. When we got there, Arlander McCarthy (far right)  told us he had already conducted voter registration. However, he took the time  to show us around campus.

 In February 2013, the City of Cleveland began its recycling program. Drop-off locations include 219 North Bayou Road across from Atmos Energy that is accessible 24-hours a day and 1098 Old Highway 61 North (public works south gate) that is accessible Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. except for holidays.

Congratulations to newly elected Representative Otis L Anthony II of Indianola, MS. We are both members of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. and it just so happened to be Founder's Day when I saw him for the first time to welcome him into the Mississippi Legislature. Though he just got elected 10 days ago, he was already out working. I met him and other legislative colleagues in Greenwood, MS to hear about challenges and opportunities in the mental health field.  Please Click here to see the Department of Mental Health Budget request for Funding Year 2020.

In August, I attended the Congressional Black Caucus Institute in Tunica, MS. Here, I am photographed with a few individuals from Bolivar County: County Administrator Will Hooker, Supervisor James McBride, Edric Johnson, and Coroner Rudy Seals.

I had fun with my Dad, Abe, Sr., (far right) at the Mississippi Valley State versus Alcorn State University football game. Also, we got to see Al Johnson (middle) while he was capturing photographic memories of the game. Al has been photographing Alcorn events for many years. Though "The Braves" got the victory, I tip my hat to "The Valley" for a good time!!! 

The 5th Annual International Conference on the Blues was at Delta State University a few weeks ago. I attended some interesting workshops, ate food prepared by Chef Neyamijah Washington, and listened to good music. Several members of Muddy Water's family (The Morganfield's) were on hand for the 3 day conference. The Morganfield family has a deep legacy in blues so it was fitting, I thought, to honor them and their accomplishments. I look forward to next year's festivities.

District 29 is always festive. First photo, I was in Winstonville at Mayor Perkins barbecue joint. Second photo, I attended the West Bolivar Homecoming football game in Rosedale. Third Photo, I stopped by Master Jock's birthday bash in Shelby. Fourth photo, I hung out at the Gunnison Festival. Fifth photo, I got to enjoy the Pace Octoberfest. Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your community. 

Keveon Taylor (Bolivar County native) brought his professor, Dr. Weixing Chen, to Bolivar County for a short excursion. He asked if I'd mind having coffee with them at my business in downtown Cleveland, and I eagerly obliged. During the 45 minutes we spent together, we discussed the Mississippi Delta (and a few other topics). Thanks to Keveon for being young and proud of the Mississippi Delta.  It's students like him who remind me to work hard so that when we pass the baton of leadership, they will have a head start. KEEP MAKING US PROUD!!!  Click Here to look at their exciting day. 

"Big Shout Out" to the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Chi Mu Omega Chapter for kicking off breast cancer awareness month on October 1st. Thanks for bringing attention to this fight.

Thanks to Dr. Helen Glenn Beady for the invite to attend the Glenn Foundation Annual Health, Wellness & Safety Tailgate at Cleveland Central Middle School. Cool information, light breakfast, and stimulating fellowship were provided for middle school students from around Bolivar County.

Recently, the 2nd Annual Bolivar County Food Revolution Farm to Table Dinner was held in Mound Bayou. I noticed Jeremiah Smith, Executive Director of the Rosedale Freedom Project (RFP), training a kid on filmmaking/videography. Most important to note, you could tell the kid really enjoyed the practical education of the art. I always appreciate seeing the interaction RFP has with kids and the outside community. 

Pamela Junior (Director for the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum) and her team recently visited the Mississippi Delta. While out giving a Real Delta Tours to a group, I saw her at the Grammy Museum Mississippi (Cleveland, MS) and the B.B. King Museum and Delta Interpretive Center (Indianola, MS) on the same day. When I asked what they were doing in my part of Mississippi, she told me that they attempt to get out of Jackson to see what's going around the state. Thanks for venturing into my part of the state in an effort to weave Mississippi's story.

Thanks to Kierre Rimmer and FlyZone for hosting "Dominoes & Dialogue, Cards & Conversation" at Real Delta Creative Studio in downtown Cleveland, MS on Saturday night. It was a great time for "the fellas" to relax, laugh, & fellowship.

A few weeks ago, I attended the The University of Mississippi to speak to 40 young leaders from around the state of Mississippi at the Emerging Leaders Conference. Though I went to speak to them, I was impressed by their ideas, honesty, and passion. I wish more people could have seen how kids from different backgrounds and varying perspectives can come together and create solutions. The best part was that two Bolivar County students, PJ & Zamira, represented us well at the 3 day event. Click Here to see more photos.

All I will say is when you see these three golden girls (Ethel Woodley, Willena White, and Mattie Hooker), you better come correct. They are a tough and fun bunch!!! I enjoyed my chat with them in Cleveland, MS. These friends were out promoting a book, Catfish Dream, dedicated to Willena's Dad (Ed Scott). He was instrumental in helping with a pivotal black farmers lawsuit

Madison Paige Smith  is a junior at Northside High School in Shelby, MS. She was the first Homecoming Queen in school history. I met her at  Glam Studio 5  in downtown Cleveland, MS inside  Real Delta  Creative Studio the day she was to be crowned. Madison, we are proud of you and we look forward to you making us proud as you head into the world!!!

 It is our responsibility to protect the environment and I am attempting to do my part. This summer, I was voted as an Emerging Leader by the National Conference of Environmental Legislators. One of my personal goals has been to use less straws when going to restaurants and other events where straws are offered. At my last count, I have turned down over 60 straws this year at various restaurant establishments. Below is one of the reusable straws I have attempted to use as much as possible. This session, I am introducing a bill to minimize plastic straw usage in Mississippi.

I visited the Mississippi State Capitol sporting my Fannie Lou Hamer themed Inventive Prints sweatshirt. I was walking out and saw my colleague, Representative Bryant W. Clark , and his father, retired Representative Robert Clark. Over 50 years ago, his father became Mississippi's first black legislator since Reconstruction. Also, he is the former Speaker Pro Tem of the House. After speaking to the statesman, he noticed my sweatshirt and told a few stories of about instances where he interacted with Mrs. Hamer. I put my bag down, and just listened. I appreciate the time he spent to give me a brief history lesson.

***Click Here for more about Speaker Pro Tem Clark.

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