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From the Desk of the General Manager
With Labor Day in the rear view mirror, schools, colleges, and universities open, just a few more days remaining of summer, and fall already making its presence known, change is in the air both literally and figuratively.

That includes those of us here at Delmarva Public Radio, where it’s been a dizzyingly busy summer (far more “crazy” than” lazy” and “hazy”), with everything from music festivals and live recordings to search committees interviewing potential new employees to initial preparations for DPR staff to all work from the same building (as opposed to being spread over campus) for the first time in over three years.

Delmarva In Performance – our annual summer series showcasing recorded live fine arts performances from throughout the peninsula – is winding down and will culminate with the broadcast of the recent inaugural performance by carillonneur Joey Brink on Salisbury University’s new Brown & Church Carillon. Performances from Coastal Concerts (Lewes, DE), Salisbury University, the Arts Council of the Eastern Shore (Onancock, VA) and other presenters graced WSCL’s airwaves throughout the summer.

Delmarva Groove – with host Kt Tuminello – made its WSDL debut two months ago and quickly established a solid (and growing) audience on Friday nights. There’s no better place to be from 8-11PM on Friday nights than 90.7 FM. Kt will take you on a wondrous 3-hour musical journey.

Fadwa Webster made her debut, too…not on the radio (yet), but as DPR’s Sr. Underwriting/ Marketing Manager (based in Sussex County, DE). Ms. Webster hit the ground running in July and has been working tirelessly to maintain and expand the number of DPR business supporters throughout the peninsula, though her base of operations is in Sussex County, DE. If your business is interested in exploring the many benefits of being a partner with Delmarva Public Radio, contact Fadwa at FXWebster@salisbury.edu

If you are a Maryland business and want to support DPR, contact Hannah Miller at Maryland Underwriting

Last, but certainly not least, Delmarva Public Radio’s Fall Fund Drive is quickly approaching. We’ll be hitting the airwaves to encourage you to support – or continue to support – Delmarva Public Radio starting Friday, October 13 th and running through Friday the 20 th . We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

As always, thank you for your support of Delmarva Public Radio.

See you on the radio!

-Dana Whitehair, General Manager
Technical Tidbits - How the Music and News Gets to You
Programs transmitted on WSDL, WSCL and other Public Radio Stations originate from a wide variety of locations. Some are transmitted live and some are transmitted at different times on different stations. So how does the program get from the originator to DPR?

Most programs from National Public Radio (NPR), Public Radio International (PRI), American Public Media (APM) or other independent producers are transmitted to participating Public Radio stations through the Public Radio Satellite System managed by NPR through a system called ContentDepot..

The system operates 24 hours an day, 7 days a week and distributes thousands of hours of programming to member stations. Programs that a station subscribes to are transmitted to downlinks and may be connected to the station's automation or playback system which manages the local broadcast.

The Public Radio Satellite System operates on the Galaxy 16 satellite, shown above,, positioned in geostationary orbit about 22,000 miles above the earth at a longitude of 99 degrees west - approximately the longitude of central Kansas. From their it can cover all of the United States. There are backup satellites in the event of failure.

The system is state-of-the-art and higly automated, but it is not free. Every participating public radio station, including DPR, must contribute to support the operations of the system. That is another reason why your contribution is so important.

Performance Today 
Every weekday from 9am to 11am Delmarva Public Radio brings you Performance Today on WSCL. PT - as it is affectionately known - is the most popular classical music radio program in the country, is broadcast on nearly 300 public radio stations across the country and reaches almost 1.4 million listeners every week. Performance Today brings you a wide variety of recorded live or in-studio live classical performances - plus interviews - which can't be heard anywhere else..

Performance Today is hosted by Fred Child (photo at right). His in-depth knowledge of classical music and extensive experience enables him to enhance your appreciation of the genre. Fred is also the commentator and announcer for Live from Lincoln Center and co-host of Carnegie Hall Live . He also hosts a number of national concert broadcasts. His expertise is not limited to classical music, his band - the Balafón Marimba Ensemble - once opened for the Grateful Dead .

Tune in to Performance Today any weekday between 9 and 11am and join 1.4 million other Americans who listen to and appreciate this wonderful program. We love it here at DPR and you might too! And don't forget that, like the other programs we present DPR has to contribute to the cost of producing and distributing Performance Today so please make a contribution to DPR so we can continue to bring you this award-winning program.
Is there a a better interview program on the radio than Fresh Air? We don't think so and millions of others agree with us. Each week nearly 5 million listen to the show's intimate conversations over 624 public radio stations. Fresh Air with Terry Gross (at left), the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues, is one of public radio's most popular programs. In 2015, Fresh Air was the most popular podcast on Itunes.

Terry's thoughtful questions and her ability to set an atmosphere in which guests volunteer answers rather than surrender them makes her popular with her guests as well as with listeners. Recent guests include: Billie Jean King, Ken Burns and Lynn Novick on their new documentary, 'The Vietnam War', Hillary Clinton, musician Fred Hersch, Bruce Springsteen, John le Carre, and others.

if you haven't listened to this show, which we broadcast every weekday from noon to 1pm, then you need to at least give it a try - 5 million Americans think you should.

As with other shows, Fresh Air isn't free. Delmarva Public Radio pays a substantial amount to be able to bring you this insightful show. So PLEASE make a contribution so that we can continue bringing you this award-winning content.
Delmarva Groove - with hosts Kt Tuminello and friends - made its WSDL debut two months ago and quickly established a solid (and growing) audience on Friday nights. There's no better place to be from 8 - 11pm on Friday nights than 90.7FM. Kt and Co. will take you on a wondrous 3-hour musical journey through myriad musical genres to make your Friday nights as funky, rockin', and tuneful as it can be. It's a house party via radio. Tune in and get turned onto Kt and Delmarva Groove!
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Delmarva Public Radio- WSCL 89.5 and WSDL 90.7 - are the Delmarva Peninsula's - in other words, YOUR - public radio station. We present up-to-date and accurate local, regional, national and international news and information programs, performance programs, arts and humanities and GREAT MUSIC...on both stations. We can continue to bring you the best in public radio along with a focus on Delmarva ONLY if YOU contribute. We've made a lot of progress in the past few years with the outstanding support of Salisbury University and listeners like you. We have big things planned but they will only happen with your contribution, so please contribute generously. Use the donation button below or call us at 410-543-6895