Guess Who's Turning 80?!
This November our founder, our friend, our mum Kate will turn 80. Kate’s vision and faith created
Hekima Place and as she turns 80, she is mum to 90 girls who live on our own Hekima Place campus. Before she left for her trip to United States the girls in Kenya threw a party to celebrate her milestone birthday. They danced, ate, laughed and shared stories about growing up with Mum Kate. As one of our girls said, “Kate
is my hero because she grew up in an orphanage just like me.” Hekima Place hosted a birthday party
for Kate on Saturday, November 17th in Pittsburgh, but we’re still celebrating this woman with a big heart. Our gift to Kate is to continue to love and care for our 90 girls and to begin construction on her vision of a primary school.

Her vision and legacy must continue because the lives and futures of our girls depend on it. For her birthday, we are asking our donors to contribute to Kate’s Kids Scholarship Fund by making a donation online or sending a check.

Help us meet our $50,000 goal by Kate’s birthday on November 28th! We are over 70% to our goal and would love to make it to $50,000!
News from Kenya

Dear Hekima Family,
So much has happened since my last letter to you! From celebrating the day of the African Child to playing with baby elephants; from a night out at the theatre to traditional dancing at the Bomas of Kenya; from university graduations to important staff trainings; home visits to rescuing new girls; throw in a 13th birthday party, fantastic volunteers and a marriage celebration and as you can see Hekima Place continues to be a hub of activity, growth and life.
However, the struggle continues. Changing legislation in Kenya and the ever growing need of girls requiring our specialist care and protection continues to push us to the edge of our limits. Kenyans are known for their creativity in stretching resources and doing as much as they can with the little, they have and these past few months have really tested our capabilities to ensure that each and every single one of the girls entrusted into our care receives the quality care that she deserves.
None of what we are able to do would be possible without your continued support and prayers, and I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all that you do for us and our girls. So, as our journey continues, and we enter our 14th year of operations I hope that you will continue to walk with us and see the fruits of our combined labour as our girls continue to step up and fulfill their destinies.
Asante Sana,
Dear Family of our precious girls,

I am so glad to tell you that work on the school property next door has begun. We will have an admin building to the nursery, then a kindergarten with classes one, two and three (these children will begin in January 2020 as our promised date of completion is Sept 2019). The building with grades four, five, six downstairs and seven, eight, nine upstairs will be built but not furnished until the next two years. We are hoping to set up the values and ambiance for the center slowly as this school will be different from any other. I am hoping to have learning go on at every level. We will orient our staff for 4-6 weeks before we open. The free-standing library will be fully stocked and the dining room will have life skills classrooms on its second floor. These will include sewing, cooking, hair dressing, baby care, art, music and a small canteen to teach business skills as well as a complete computer center.
It’s a noble adventure and the benefits will spread out into our community of pastoralists people. It is time for us to thank God for all the blessings bestowed in the last decade and for us to share the blessings with those who are our neighbors.
We have a new pharmacist among our 2018 graduates. She finished as valedictorian of her class at Mt Kenya University; and another grad in Community Development. We’re very proud of our oldest girls. Another has been hired at the Beauty Salon where she did an internship last year.
It is to all of you that we owe THANKS AND BLESSINGS for it is your generosity that has made life possible for our beloved children. May God bless you abundantly, accept our thanks and prayers,

Girls Helping Girls
Over the past months more girls have become involved with Hekima
Place. Charlotte Cruickshank, the 11-year-old granddaughter of board members Willy and Dick Nywening, organized a bake sale and a pajama day at the Deer Run Elementary School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Students paid $1.00 to wear their PJs and $1.00 to bring a stuffed animal to school. Grace Salus, a 15-year-old sophomore, and her teammates from the Peters Township Girls Tennis Team volunteered at the Courts of Support Fundraiser. Her tennis team also donated funds from a car wash to Hekima Place.
Right now 12-yearold Lulu Nell, a 7 th grader from California, is preparing to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro to raise awareness and fundraise for Hekima Place. Lulu has been visiting and volunteering at Hekima Place since she was six years old. She decided to fundraise for Hekima Place because she wants to inspire her Hekima Place sisters and support their education. “In California girls are told they can be whomever they want to be,” explained Lulu. Lulu wants to “spread this beyond California.” Lulu will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro this December. You can support her and our Hekima girls via her website .
Charlotte, Grace and Lulu remind us of how powerful one girl can be. When girls help girls, they empower each other and inspire us. If you or a child in your life is looking for a way to support our girls, reach out to Ashley at or (937) 708-0144. The needs are great, but every person can make a difference!
Hello to my New Family
Dear Hekima Family,
In my first months as director of development I’ve witnessed many people come together to support our girls. I have never seen a board work- and care- as much as ours. Jenn Swank handles our technology, Lauren Julius coordinates our sponsorship program, Vanessa Donley took the lead on our exhibition at the National Conference of Catholic Women, Andrea Weber works on data entry and Charlene Salus put together our first tennisthon. I am so humbled by these volunteers- and so many others- for all they do for our girls. Moving forward I want our family to stay close and grow strong. I came into this role with a professional background, but that background is nothing without our volunteers and supporters. You are the ones who know Hekima Place and who are teaching me what it is to be a member of this family. Together- and only together- can we ensure that each one of our girls has a home as long as she needs and an education to empower her future.
Reach out to me so that we can find a way for you to be involved. Unlike volunteering in Kenya, on this end you won’t be rewarded by seeing the smiling faces of our girls, but I promise you that you will feel them in your heart.
With Hekima love,
Volunteer Spotlight: PK Weston
PK Weston, a professor of composition and literature at Point Park University and the fourth woman president of the Pittsburgh Rotary, learned about Hekima Place after hearing Kate speak. “It was the early days,” PK recalls. “Kate was just getting it organized.” PK began supporting Hekima Place by attending events, volunteering as lead writer for a grant, and becoming one of our regular donors. She attempted to visit Hekima Place years ago, but at the last minute a security warning kept her from traveling.
After years of Pittsburgh-based support, PK arrived at Hekima Place this July. Traveling with her husband, son, two grandsons, neighbor and a friend from college, PK finally got to meet the girls she has been supporting from a distance. She is planning to return this spring with a group of medical professionals who will provide wellness checks to the girls.
When asked why she supports Hekima Place, PK recalled challenges she faced as a girl and how simple acts of kindness stayed with her until today. “I’m not paying forward,” recalled PK. “I’m paying back.”
Joint Board Meeting
In September four members of the US Board of Directors traveled to Kenya to meet with our Kenya Board of Trustees. US Board president Marianne McClain, past president Jim DiPiero, and members Sue DiPiero and Rick Jacobs also toured the site of our future school, spent time with Mums Kate and Jenny and loved every minute of their time with our girls. This historic visit set us on the path of increased collaboration so that we can move Hekima Place forward together.
Congratulations to former US Executive Director Katie Matson and her husband Rhett on the birth of their daughter, Catherine Cassandra (Cassie) on May 23rd. Katie is thankful for the wishes from our Hekima Family and hopes that “Cassie will grow up to be as caring, hardworking and confident as the girls of Hekima Place.”
Congratulations to Kenya Executive Director Jenny Roach, now Jenny Mushiringani-Monjero, on her marriage to Bravon. Although married this spring in the UK, Jenny and Bravon celebrated their wedding with our girls during Hekima Place’s 13th birthday celebration.
Tuesday, November 27th - Remember to support our girls on this national day of giving!
Saturday, December 8, 2018 7:30 pm at St. Thomas More Church in Bethel Park, PA.
Join us for music and refreshments in support of our girls.
Visit for more information.
If you order holiday gifts online, remember to use AmazonSmile. AmazonSmile is operated by Amazon and has the same products and prices, but will donate a portion of the purchase price to the charity of our choice. Select Hekima Place and support us while you shop!