Fall 2018 Newsletter
Patient Success Story: Meet Sophia!
"Sophia made so much progress after several weeks of therapy. Since she started, she is now able to tolerate being around kids and playing next to them. She made a huge progress in brushing her teeth, cutting with scissors or a knife, and her muscles are stronger. She is climbing the stairs by herself now. She also has improved a lot in speech. Without her therapists help she would never make 2 or 3 word sentences. We had so, so many gains since she started therapy here. I learned a lot from the therapists and try to include their precious advice and instructions every day in Sophia’s life. For that I’m so thankful. Without their help I wouldn’t know even where to start from. Thank you my lovely team. You guys are the best. "

-Ilham, Sophia's mom
"Sophia has made a tremendous amount of gains since she started therapy at MSS.  Initially, Sophia had a difficult time participating in strengthening activities and required rest breaks between each activity completed due to level of tolerance and muscle fatigue. She also demonstrated poor negotiation and safety of stairs, had difficulty following directions, attending to tasks, and completing basic ADLs such as brushing teeth and using feeding utensils. However, Sophia is now able to complete full 60 minute therapy sessions with continual exercise, stairs safely, completes balance and coordination activities, and can jump with equal push off and landing. And, she is doing this all in a distracting environment with minimal cues to attend to tasks.  In speech, she is understanding vocabulary, answering questions and using her language for a variety of pragmatic purposes. Her independence has increased immensely in both the home and community environment. Sophia is always excited to try new challenges in order to improve her strength and loves to sing while doing her exercises! Sophia’s motivation and determination are incredible and she is such a joy to work with!"
-Nicole Preskar, PTA, Kylie Simonson, OT, Kathy Crowley, SLP
Alyssa C: September 2nd
Brittany L: September 5th
Leslie: September 12th
Chrissy: September 28th
Alicia: October 5th
Sarah: October 13th
Kathy G: October 13th
Kathy C: October 15th
Mareeka: October 21st
Danielle: November 1st
Jess D: November 5th

Emily: October 2nd, 2006

Kathy G: November 7th, 2017

Brittany F: November 20th, 2017

Amy D: December 20th, 2017

Employee of the Quarter:
Congratulations to our Patient Care Coordinator, Danielle, for being chosen as the Employee of the Quarter! Danielle received this nomination because she consistently comes to work with a great attitude and smile. Resourceful and always willing to help, Danielle's door is open to all staff who are seeking her assistance. We feel so fortunate to have Danielle on the team!

Thank you for all that you do!
Halloween Spirit Week 2018
Help us celebrate Halloween by dressing up according to the listed themes for therapy during this week!
Monday, October 29th- PJ Day
Tuesday, October 30th- Animal Day
Wednesday, October 31st- Halloween Costumes
Thursday, November 1st- Throwback Thursday
Friday, November 2nd- Flannel Friday
Set your Child up for Success this School Year!

Stay organized!  Try to keep a calendar of school events, special education meetings, conferences, and more. Also, setting up a binder or folder with your child's special education documentation, meeting notices, and IEPs in order will help keep you organized and prepared. 

Start a communication log.  Create a communication log for yourself in a notebook that is easily accessible. Try to document all phone calls, e-mails, notes home, meetings, and conferences with their dates, times, and nature of the communications you have. 

Review your child's current IEP.  Since the IEP is the cornerstone of your child's educational program, it is important that you have a clear understanding of it. Note when the IEP expires and if your child is up for reevaluation this year. And, of course, make sure that this IEP still suits the needs of your child. If you are unsure, contact the school about holding an IEP review meeting. 

Relieve back-to-school jitters.  Talk to your child about their exciting new classes, activities, and events that they can participate in during the new school year. Just talking about these these changes can help reduce some of the anxiety that your child is experiencing in this time of transition. 

Establish a routine.  It's important for a routine to be established once school starts. Your child will appreciate the regularity at home while they are experiencing so much change with the new school year. 

Keep everyone informed. It's important that you and the school communicate often! If there are any concerns, changes, questions about the IEP, etc., that you feel is important to share with the staff working with your child, don't hesitate to contact them. The more proactive and honest you are, the better the school staff will be able to meet your child's needs.

Attend school events.  Take advantage of events such as open houses and parent-teach conferences to meet the teachers, other staff, students, and families. Let the teacher know about changes, events, or IEP concerns that should be considered for children in special education. 

Source credit: http://www.ldonline.org/article/38406/
Summer Perfect Attendance Rock Stars
May 2018: Jaxson!
June 2018: Lem!
July 2018: Andrew!
Clinic Closings

We will be closed Thursday, November 22nd, for Thanksgiving

*Please reschedule any appointments for this day, as well as any additional days you may be absent from therapy during the fall holidays. Thank you!
Tri My Best 2018
We had an incredible first experience being part of the Tri My Best Triathlon. This run/walk/roll, swim and bike event, completed by 122 athletes, was made possible by all of the devoted volunteers and staff members. If you would like to learn more about this special day, check out the Tri My Best Facebook page! We already cannot wait until next year's Tri event on Sunday, August 4th, 2019. We hope to see you there!
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