Here are some highlights from the Election Reform Bill (CS/SB 7066) passed by the 2019 Florida Legislature:

Florida Voter Registration Application - Modifies existing form to accommodate Amendment 4 Voting Rights Restoration implementation. Prior voter registration applications are still acceptable.

Primary Election Day - Moves Primary Elections back from 10 to 11 weeks before the General Election, to allow more time for overseas General Election ballots. The 2020 Primary Election will be held on August 18, 2020.

Vote by Mail - Moves the deadline to request a mail ballot to 10 days prior to the election (previously six days); Allows Supervisors to send domestic mail ballots 40 days prior to the election (previously 35 days); Allows a voter to drop off his or her mail ballot at a secure drop box at active Early Voting Sites.

Solicitation Zone - Expands the no-solicitation zone outside polling places and early voting sites to 150 feet (previously 100 feet).

The entire Election Reform Bill can be read here: