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Preventing Colds and Flues this Winter

How to Get Your Immune System in the Best Shape!

By Dr. Arla Kasaj ND

Follow the most common advice, "get plenty of rest!": It is ideal to sleep for 8-9 hours most nights as the immune system functions better when one is asleep. In fact, potent immune-enhancing compounds are released by the body during the deepest levels of sleep. Establish an evening routine that allows you to quiet down and get ready for sleep by avoiding any stimulating activities. During times of high stress, ask your Naturopathic Doctor to recommend a gentle sleep aid that will allow you to sleep well and to wake up refreshed every morning.  

Manage your stress:  High stress levels cause an increase in the production of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline, both of which lower immune function and make you more prone to the common cold and the flu. It is important that you ask for support from family and friends and find ways of reducing your workload to a manageable level. Meanwhile, you may ask your naturopath to prescribe you a herbal formula to support your adrenal glands and make sure that you are taking the right vitamins and minerals to correct any deficiencies in your diet!


In case you catch a cold or get the flu: Make sure you keep Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) in your homes for extra immune support, arrange for more time to rest, and drink a lot of fluids (low-sugar to sugar-free liquids).  In addition, there are many ways that a Naturopathic Doctor can assist you if you are finding that your symptoms are too extreme or that it is taking you longer than usual to overcome the cold/flu.  Ask your doctor about a good herbal formula to support your immune system, a good acupuncture treatment to clear your sinuses, a great homeopathic remedy to take care of your painful flu. 


Flu Shot or Not?
More and more people are asking about the flu shot. If you want to learn more about the influenza vaccine or effective alternatives you may contact us or learn more at vran.org


Hot Ginger Lemonade To Boost Immunity

1 cup fresh ginger root, chopped

1 quart water

1 fresh lemon, squeezed

Honey to taste


Place ginger root in a nonmetal pot. Cover with the water. Simmer 10-15 minutes. Remove from heat and add fresh-squeezed lemons and honey to taste. Sprinkle with a few grains of cayenne for an extra spicy zest.  

Dr. Arla Kasaj ND


Immune-boosting Massage: The Manual Lymph Drainage Technique

by  Darcy Davie BA, RMT 

Massage therapy is well known for its benefits to the musculoskeletal system. Whether it's chronic tension from spending too many hours at a computer screen, or an old injury that flares up now and then, a massage can help reduce muscle tension and ease its symptoms. Another system that benefits from massage therapy is the lymph system. 


The lymph system is a network of vessels, nodes, and organs that distribute lymph (a clear fluid containing white blood cells and proteins) throughout the body. The lymph system serves several purposes including maintaining fluid balance protecting us against infection and disease. As lymphatic fluid travels through the body this system filters out invading viruses and bacteria. A well-functioning lymph system is essential in maintaining a healthy immune system and being less susceptible to illness.    


So, what can a massage therapist do to encourage this proper functioning? We use a technique called manual lymph drainage (MLD). For those familiar with a deep tissue therapeutic massage, MLD will seem very different. It is a light technique that works on pumping centers of lymph nodes and then manually encouraging lymph fluid circulation through these nodes. For the client, it feels like a series of light, directional strokes and can be very soothing and relaxing. MLD helps distribute lymph and its immune supporting substances throughout the body, encouraging a healthier immune system. MLD also helps alleviate other symptoms often attributed to a sluggish lymph system including: poor healing, chronic sinus congestion, and lymphedema. 


With the winter months approaching and the stressful holiday season upon us, why not treat yourself to an immune-boosting MLD massage and give your body a healthful advantage!

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