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Fall 2016 
nLight AIR......revolutionary Lighting Controls nAir
Acuity Brands nLight Controls is recognized as one of the most comprehensive lighting control systems in the industry today. Its vast product offerings, ease of installation and scalability are second to none.
Acuity Brands just changed the game AGAIN. nLight AIR expands the nLight product offering to new heights. nLight AIR is a fully wireless system consisting of wireless power packs, occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and wall controls. All of nLights product offerings today will be available in either wired or wireless solutions. The ability to treat the hard to reach areas with a wireless solution that is fully integrated to the wired (CAT5) system in oth er areas is now a reality. nLight is the first manufacturer that can offer you one complete system to manage your entire site. Managing all of the interior administrative lighting, warehouse lighting, multi-use lighting, parking lot/decks and emergency all under one complete system is a tremendous benefit to the building owner.
Acuity Brands engineering has designed a dual-radio solution in each wireless device. They use a robust 900Mhz band with long range signal strength for device to device communication while also embedding a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for ease of use commissioning and user APPS. When introducing wireless technology into a building, security is always a concern. Acuity Brands developed a five Tier Government grade security architecture that goes well beyond typical encryption.
With the introduction of nLight AIR, Acuity Brands is able to lay the groundwork for a unified solution platform to control not only the lighting in the building but other systems as well. In addition, the groundwork has been set for providing smart connected fixtures and future proofing all lighting systems for the IoT tomorrow is looking for.
Please contact us today for an in office presentation on nLight AIR.
Unified Building Control - Acuity & Distech Distech
In March 2015, Acuity Brands acquired Distech Controls, Inc. Distech has been manufacturing highly reputable HVAC controls and advanced software for 20+ years. The detailed advantages of this powerhouse partnership weren't clear to us, until now... Like no other manufacturer could before, the partnership gives users a TRUE single platform to operate the building management portfolio of Distech controls along with the smart lighting and control systems of Acuity Brands. So many different networks exist within a commercial building - it no longer makes sense to have all of these networks running throughout a building as separate entities when they can be seamlessly combined into a single digital ecosystem! nLight, Acuity's digital lighting controls solution, and Eclypse, Distech's HVAC system controller, have been enhanced to work together within the same piece of hardware (nECY) and on the same Ethernet link. This enhancement is important for so many reasons - designing is easier for electrical and mechanical engineers, a reduction in the amount of time and labor necessary to program and install, and is ultimately 1/3 less expensive than the traditional Bacnet integration using a Jace. LaFace & McGovern has partnered with Deckman Controls Systems, Acuity's exclusive System Integrator in our region, to service the local Engineering community. Please contact us to schedule a presentation of this exciting comprehensive solution!

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