September 2019
Community for All
Inclusion, understanding, and possibilities

Upcoming Dates
September 22nd -  Harvest Century - THIS WEEKEND!

October 1 - Tyla Parsons' work goes up in The Gallery

Save the Date! - Happy 30th Birthday, CV!
Community Engagement
Check out this slideshow of pictures from our community mural painting event on August 22nd!

Mural designed by Michael J. Feliz and paint donated by Metro
Community Mural Painting - Aug 22 2019
Community Mural Painting - Aug 22 2019
Supported Living
Life Updates:
-Kathy just booked a trip to Romania and Italy with her family. 

-John R and his brother are beginning the home-ownership process together.

-Jimmy got to ride a horse and loved it!

-Jonathon F faced his fear of heights and rode the tram

-Wyatt took his summer break from Think College to go to Africa to volunteer with kids

-Tony's mobility is improving, he is even jumping around his house to show off to his Coordinator.  He  also got a new 3 wheel bike.  He had one previously that he used a lot, and now is out and about more frequently/independently. 

- Jimmy had a nice East Coast trip with his staff. 

-Ed's transmission for his car was donated by the folks who work where he gets his car done. The crew missed him and 2 people offered half-time labor so it will be free for him!
Assistive Technology Lab
We had lots of fun this summer  with Portland Parks & Recreation and 
PSU Speech grad students creating an inclusive summer camp experience through SUN School Camp at Faubion Elementary!

Visit the AT Lab's Facebook Page  for other updates and future events!

Also, stop by The Lab during out Open Lab Hours on Thursdays from 12-5PM.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who helped make this collaboration possible.

Ed saved for van modifications so he could continue his impactful work with his own nonprofit!

Here is a thank you note from Ed:
 Thank you all so much for working with me over the last few years with my IDA program, it has been so helpful for me as I try to keep this tree planting/community organizing project moving forward.  Over the past few years, this project has worked with 600 elementary school kids and has planted over 5000 native trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers in three different natural areas in the Lents Neighborhood.  Community Vision has helped in many ways over the last couple years, and I am so glad to have been partnered with you.

Have something you want to save for?   A dream you wish to achieve?  

Email Allison : to learn how to start saving TODAY! 

Harvest Century is THIS WEEKEND!
Get your tribe, and sign up to  ride
25, 45, 75 or 100 Miles.

Use code "cvi2019" for $10 off.

Or for some whole-family-fun,

sign up for our

FREE 3 Mile Family Ride

Or join us to volunteer!

Cheer on the returning riders
and help out at the Start/Finish.
Community Connections
Some friends from USBank, CV team members, and some supported individuals helped a neighbor with some much-needed blackberry removal.

Thank you so much for your time and for enduring the brambles!

We love helping our community members.

If you are helping with a local project, let us know... we would love to join you!