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Stopping Exploitation of the Elderly

Beginning October 1st, 2014, there are new laws to assist with stopping the exploitation of the elderly.  


Shannon Miller worked closely with Prosecutors and Florida Legislators to pass this ground breaking legislation and The Miller Elder Law Firm is thrilled to see it go into effect.


There is now a PERMISSIVE PRESUMPTION OF EXPLOITATION independent of capacity issues when you have the following:  


1) Transfer without value of over $10,000; 

2) exploited individual is 65 or over or disabled; and 

3) Predator is a non-relative who has known the victim less than two years before the first transfer. 


There are also new provisions regarding violations of fiduciary duties which will assist law enforcement and attorneys in stopping exploitation of vulnerable adults.  Guardians, trustees and attorneys in fact can no longer take money from personal, joint or convenience accounts if the sole contributor is the vulnerable adult.


For help interpreting what this means to you and your family, contact us at 379.1900.


Death With Dignity Advocate Brittany Maynard Ends Her Life
What You Should Know
Brittany Maynard

As an attorney that passionately advocates for issues of the elderly and special needs population, I feel compelled to share Brittany's story to help all of us learn more about planning for a good death.  

Although there are many different opinions about the death with dignity law, the important issue to consider is awareness, reflection, and decision making before the situation presents itself. Read more.

Miller Elder Law Gives Back
Adoption Day-Gives Kids A Forever Family
Mary K. Wimsett, Esq.of Miller Elder Law Firm helped sponsor a Celebrate Adoption Event on November 8th at Kanapaha Park for adoptive families.  The event featured games, fun and food for adoptive families and those in our community who are supportive of adoption.  

November 14th was Adoption Day at the Alachua County Courthouse where Mary K. was honored to finalize the adoptions of seven local foster care children who were adopted by their forever families.

Shannon Miller, Esq. Speaks at National Summit

For National Adult Protective Services

Ms. Miller was invited to speak at the Summit in Portland, Oregon in October as a  nationally known and respected professional sharing her expertise on Florida's new exploitation laws.  

She also met with other well-known national experts on elder abuse to better help clients 
 recognize, report, and respond to the needs of elders and adults with disabilities who are the victims of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, and to prevent such abuse whenever possible.

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