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Move Over, Round 2... Time for Round 3!
It's almost Thanksgiving season! In the spirit of giving thanks, the ML-SAAF research team would like to extend a heartfelt appreciation to you, our study participants. Thank you for taking time out of your busy lives to remediate the astounding lack of research and awareness about Asian Americans. We hope to revolutionize knowledge towards the parents and children in our communities through this study, and you propel this initiative.

To our ML-SAAF parents especially, thank you for your continuous contribution thus far to our study. For Round 3 taking place in January 2018, the final stage of ML-SAAF, we are focusing solely on our Youths and Young Adults. Parents, if your child has not been a part of ML-SAAF but would like to join for Round 3, go ahead and contact Michelle Shim on our research team at michelleshim@uchicago.edu ! We would absolutely love additional participation. Incentive is high at $60 for the paper survey and $70 for the online survey. In addition to that, we will be holding another raffle for $100 for everyone who completes more than 95% of the survey! Learn more about ML-SAAF at our website below.

Thank you again, and enjoy this newsletter!
ML-SAAF Research Team
Fall Is Finally Here!
It's finally time for pumpkin spice and everything nice... Sweater weather has arrived! Are you keeping warm in the chilly weather? Did your kids go trick-or-treating? Are you thinking of Christmas decorations yet?

Check out some of these fall recipes for you and your family:
New Study Updates
We're delighted to share a small snippet of our most recent study results!

This newsletter's study update focuses on the frequency and modes of communication between Youths (high school students) and Young Adults (high school graduates) with their parents. Here are some of our key findings:

  1. Some of our former Youths from Rounds 1 and 2 are now Young Adults! 9.4% of our Korean Youths and 13.7% of our Filipino Youths will now be classified as Young Adults.
  2. Most of these Young Adults, 74% of Korean Young Adults and 62% of Filipino Young Adults, are currently living with their parents.
  3. Of the Young Adults who are not living with their parents, 50% of Korean Young Adults and 47% of Filipino Young Adults communicate either often or very often with their parents.
  4. Communication seems evenly split between three different major modes of contact: in-person conversations, phone calls, and emails or texts.

As always, visit our website, www.mlsaaf.org , to learn more about the study and the research team, catch up on our most recent updates, and gain access to resources like our blog analyzing Asian American issues!
Professor Choi's New Book!
Want to know more about the cultural intricacies of Asian American parenting? ML-SAAF's very own Principal Investigator, Professor Yoonsun Choi , is the co-editor of a book that brushes aside longstanding generalizations and stereotypes. Instead, this work tackles real, relevant issues such as rising challenges and opportunities for Asian American families, factors shaping parenting styles, and paradoxes surrounding Asian identity, acculturation, and socialization.

One chapter focuses specifically on data from ML-SAAF, so check it out!

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As always, don't hesitate to contact us at  mlsaaf@ssa.uchicago.edu with any questions or concerns. Thank you again for your support, and look out for Round 3 of the study, which will be starting this January !

The ML-SAAF Research Team

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