Fall Newsletter
The Alexander Technique and the Olympics
Great Britain's four-man rowing team won the gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens. Two of the four rowers had taken a course of Alexander Technique lessons as part of their training. In the above photo of their Olympic race, can you spot the two Alexander Technique students? (For a close-up view of the team during the race, click/tap here.) 

To find out which two rowers had the benefit of Alexander Technique instruction, link to: "Remembering the Olympic Gold for FM Alexander ." This interesting article describes the rowers' Alexander Technique training with STAT teacher, Caroline Chisholm.
Fall Intensives
Marian's Intensives have been pivotal weeks in my understanding and practice of Alexander Technique. While I've been enjoying all the benefit that come with weekly lessons, I've made exponential progress during the Intensives. The experience of daily lessons is so transformative, I do whatever I can to participate in the Intensives every time they are offered.
Aaron Goldman
Principal Flute
National Symphony Orchestra

Often the New Year begins with a gym membership and attendance for several months that peters out. I chose a different route this year and invested in 5 daily lessons over a 7 day period. I gifted myself a new body in a short time; it moves more naturally and freer and I feel full of energy. I relished the week and have invested in a second to consolidate and advance. I have taken about 20 years of Alexander lessons and I have never changed so quickly. Thanks Marian for this opportunity.
–Gwynn Sturdevant, Ph.D.

Photograph of F. M. Alexander © 2016, The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, London
Back when F. M. Alexander was teaching his technique, people would usually take half-hour Alexander lessons five days a week for a month or more (per F. M. Alexander's requirement). This worked very well, as daily, private lessons provide for more in-depth and rapid learning and improvement. This is still the most beneficial and efficient way to learn the Alexander Technique. Following on this tradition, Marian Goldberg is offering special daily intensives this fall:

Five-Lesson Intensives
Five 1/2 hour lessons over the course of six days
Fee: $265

  • September 20 - September 25
  • October 18 - October 23
  • November 1 - November 6
  • November 22 - November 27
Payment for the full series is due at the first lesson. No more than one lesson in a series may be rescheduled (with 24-hour advance notice). 
Space is very limited for intensives. To schedule a series or for more information, phone Marian, 703-821-2920 or e-mail alexandercenter@gmx.com .
Saving a Career in Music
Peter Buckoke is a professor at London’s Royal College of Music who teaches the double bass and directs the college’s Alexander Technique department. In an interview for The Strad, he describes how the Alexander Technique saved his career after he suffered from facial numbness, vision problems and neck pain. Check out his story here: "Double bassist Peter Buckoke on treating head and neck pain"
F. M. Alexander on Film
A short film clip of F. M. Alexander teaching can be viewed online. The footage was shot in London in 1950 when Alexander was 81 years old. Alexander had suffered a stroke when he was 78 and his remarkable recovery is evident in the clip. The film is narrated by Alexander’s long-time assistant, Walter Carrington.

Although only a few minutes of footage of Alexander's teaching exist, this 45-second clip conveys some of his remarkable skill and personality. The film shows him working with a new student. There was no advance planning on Alexander’s part and he did not know entirely what was expected of him. However, the resulting spontaneity makes it all the more interesting to watch. Link to video.

More film clips of Alexander teaching are available on DVD. Link to DVD info.
Fall Series Offer
FM Alexander teaching a child. Photograph of F. M. Alexander © 2016, The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, London
Alexander Technique chair turn. © 2016 Marian Goldberg
This fall, two series of private Alexander Technique lessons with teacher Marian Goldberg are being offered at special rates: 
  • Five 1/2 hour lessons at a special discounted rate of $275. (Standard rate is $325 for five lessons or $65 per lesson.)
  • Three 40 to 50 minute lessons for $195. (Standard rate is $255 for three lessons or $85 per lesson.) 
These series of lessons are for: 
  • People who have not taken a course of 30 lessons but would like to experience the change and improvements that come with an in-depth experience of the Alexander Technique.
  • Those who have previously taken a course of lessons and would like a refresher. 
The series of five half-hour lessons must be completed within six weeks of purchase and by November 6. The series of three lessons needs to be completed within three weeks of purchase and by November 5. Payment for a full series is due at the first lesson. Rescheduling requires 24-hour advance notice. The total number of lessons that may be rescheduled is limited to two. Each of these two lessons may be rescheduled one time.
To schedule a series or for more information, phone 703-821-2920 or e-mail alexandercenter@gmx.com .
 Photographs of F. M. Alexander © 2016, The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, London
Alexander Technique Center of Washington
 © 2016 Marian Goldberg