Our students are eager to get back to school. With your support, we'll continue to offer hope through our tuition scholarships and additional fundraising to meet the demands of this challenging time with one heart.
Fall Update
We’re working to get all of our students back on track. We’ll need your help and support to get us there, here’s our fall update.
Learning Prevails During COVID
One of our graduates found an innovative way to keep students studying during the lockdown and support himself and several other teachers – learn how they did it.

Interviews from OHU Student Correspondent
OHU student and local correspondent, Ashaba Arnold, provided us several insights on life during the lockdown as he interviewed a variety of people impacted in different ways. Read his stories here and here.

Relief Aid Reaching the Neediest

Your relief aid donations made a difference for our students, their families and several others who were most at-risk – thank you!
Hand Up
Our Hand Up fund helps our oldest students complete their final years in university and trade schools, and bridge tuition gaps. Help us make a difference today. Contribute

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