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PRENTICE INSTITUTE NEWS: Welcome to our new Associate Director, Andrea M. Cuéllar, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology.

I am an anthropological archaeologist. My research examines food as a long-term, historically constituted human-environment relation, a socially and culturally situated dynamic whose effects are seen in environmental management practices—with local and regional-scale outcomes. Set in the Quijos region, a mountain cloud forest environment at the juncture of the Andes and the Amazon in Eastern Ecuador, my current project investigates pre-Columbian forest management and human-mediated ecological dynamics linked to agricultural and food practices.

In my role as Associate Director of the Prentice Institute, I will be leading initiatives related to internationalization and community partnerships with the goal of creating Work Integrated Learning opportunities for our students and fostering research collaborations locally and internationally. I am very pleased to be joining the Institute and look forward to the opportunity of working with its current and future affiliates and researchers.

Dr. Andrea M. Cuéllar


Are you an affiliate of the Prentice Institute? You are eligible to apply for the Partnership Grant.  Similar to the partnership programs at SSHRC, these grants provide support over one to two years to teams/partnerships, led by a project director, to:

  • develop research and/or related activities—these can include knowledge mobilization and the meaningful involvement of students and emerging scholars, by fostering new partnerships with existing and/or potential partners; or
  • design and test new partnership approaches for research and/or related activities that can result in best practices or models—these can either be adapted by others or have the potential to be scaled up to a regional, national, or international level.

The Institute invites applicants and their partner organizations who wish to propose formal disciplinary, interdisciplinary, inter-institutional, international and/or cross-sector partnership arrangements to apply for support through this funding opportunity. Funds are available to support a variety of formal partnership development initiatives in any of the mandate areas of the institute. Learn more and apply here.

Get Connected, Become an Affiliate

The Prentice Institute accepts applications for affiliation year-round. Affiliates are eligible to apply for a variety of grant funds offered by the Institute.


Conference Presentations

The Prentice Institute was well represented at the Prairie Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Banff this September. Research Associate Stacey Haugen and Research Assistant Rachel McNally with Director Lars Hallstrom, presented "Evidence‐ Based Policy Making? An Analysis of the Framing of Policy Interventions targeting Rural Refugee Resettlement in Western Canada.”

At the same meeting, in collaboration with Clark Banack (Director of the Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities, University of Alberta), Director Lars Hallstrom presented  “Apolitical Populism, Freedom, and the Alberta State.”

In August, Research Associate Nick Yarmey presented a poster “A Canadian environmental justice screening tool for quantifying cumulative effects to environment, community, and health” at the Ecological Society of America + Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution Annual Meeting, in Montreal.

Grant Writing Workshop

Effective grant-writing is an increasingly important skill in the municipal, not-for-profit, and even corporate world. For small organizations and communities, however, grant writing can present a real challenge in terms of time, completion, budgeting and submission.

Join Prentice Institute Director, Dr. Lars Hallström, the recipient of over 100 research, knowledge mobilization, infrastructure and collaborative grants, for this activity-based, online workshop for people with varied experiences in the grant-writing process. Offered in collaboration with the University of Alberta, the grant writing workshop is a series of four, 90 minute live virtual and interactive sessions, running October 25, 27, November 1, and 3.

Dr. Lars Hallström


Ogochukwu Onyeso

Prentice In Press

Ogochukwu Onyeso is a doctoral candidate in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Lethbridge, who has worked as a Graduate Research Assistant with the Prentice Institute since November 2021. During this period, he has co-authored and published six journal articles, the latest of which is Onyeso, O.K., Umunnah, J.O., Eze, J.C., Onigbinde, A.T., Anyachukwu, C.C., Ezema, C.I., Onwuakagba I.U., Abaraogu, U.O., Awhen, A.P., Anikwe, E.A., Akinola, O.T., & Kalu, M.E (2022). Musculoskeletal imaging authority, levels of training, attitude, competence, and utilisation among clinical physiotherapists in Nigeria: A cross-sectional survey. BMC Medical Education, [In Press].

Indigenous Scholars Awards and Supplements Pilot Initiative

New funding opportunity for Indigenous Master’s students offered by NSERC in partnership with SSHRC. The Indigenous Scholars Awards and Supplements Pilot Initiative will provide financial support to meritorious Indigenous students who have applied to the Canada Graduate Scholars—Master’s program.

The Indigenous Scholars Award is valued at $17,500 over 12 months.

The Indigenous Scholars Supplement is valued at $5,000 over 12 months.

The Refugee Hub is partnering with University of Toronto to produce a fantastic new platform for sharing information about resettlement and other third country avenues to protection. http://Resettlement.Plus

The Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation Conference is coming to University of Lethbridge, June 20-23, 2023

Stay tuned for a formal call for papers and panels in late November.


The Canadian Internet Use Survey 

The Canadian Internet Use Survey (CIUS): Public use microdata file, 2020 is now available upon request. Data were collected from November 2020 to March 2021 from over 17,000 respondents aged 15 and older in the 10 provinces. The survey includes information on the impact of COVID-19 on Canadian’s internet use.

Calls for Papers:

10th Annual International Conference on Demography and Population Studies. June 12-15, 2023, Athens, Greece. Deadline for submissions: November 14, 2022

The journal Quality and Quantity: International Journal of Methodology (Springer) invites contributions to a special issue focused on the measurement of population changes. Guest editors: Andrea Nigri, Susanna Levantesi, and Marco Bonetti. Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2023


The 30th Annual National Symposium on Family Issues – Family socialization around race/ethnicity and racism: Advancing understanding of racial/ethnic inequalities in the U.S. October 24-25, 2022. The symposium will be held either live in State College, PA or Virtual TBA. Registrants will be able to livestream the symposium even if the event is held in person and a recording will be available to registrants after the event.

London School of Economics. The multidimensional politics of inequality. October 27, 2022 (12:30 pm EST). Online and in-person public event.

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