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Greetings Iron Bodies!

Are you looking for a fall nutrition reset from your summer vacation?

Then sign up for our 28-Day Iron Body Restore online nutrition program!  The next group starts September 8, 2015


Iron Body Restore 

What is Iron Body Restore?


Iron Body Restore is a 28-Day  ONLINE  Nutrition Coaching, Food Elimination and Re-Introduction Program.  The program includes both a 14-day Food Elimination period and 14-day Food Re-Introduction period.  Iron Body Studios also offers an optional additional 14-day re-introduction follow-up program after the initial 28-day Iron Body Restore program.


This program is different than other elimination programs because most other programs do not have a guided re-introduction phase. 

  • During the first 14-days you would eliminate Dairy, Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, Alcohol, Grains/Gluten, Legumes/Soy, Unhealthy oils, All processed foods.
  • During the second 14-days you would re-introduce one food at a time, with my guidance.  The re-introduction is optional.  If you do not want to re-introduce anything you do not have to.
If you are a vegetarian I will provide you with suggestions that are specific to your vegetarian diet.


Iron Body Restore helps you to learn what foods best nourish YOUR body.  Weight loss can be an added bonus of the program as you rid your body of foods that may not agree with your body and therefore eliminate inflammation and toxins in your body.  However, the most important part of the program is that you learn what foods best work to fuel your own individual body so that you feel less bloated, regulate your digestive system, have better energy, clearer skin, stronger more energetic training sessions, and have more consistent sound sleep. 


You will learn that the picture attached is an Iron Body Restore approved breakfast (YUM!).  I will also explain what to look out for when purchasing bacon and lunch meats.



You will also learn tips like scrambled eggs and bananas as a replacement for pancakes and waffles at breakfast.  There are different varieties of scrambled eggs and bananas, like adding hemp seeds, or pine nuts, or cinnamon (scrambled eggs and hemp seeds are shown below... why hemp seeds?  You will also learn that from the Iron Body Restore program!).  

Still not convinced that this program will help you? 

  • You can read  testimonials from previous Restore groups HERE.
  • You can read frequently asked questions about the Restore program HERE. 
We hope that you will join us for the next Iron Body Restore group that will begin  with Coach Artemis  the day after Labor Day on  Tuesday September 8, 2015.


Register by Friday September 4, 2015 in order to start receiving the 6 prep emails, including the Iron Body Restore PROGRAM GUIDE to help you be ready to start on September 8, 2015!


Cost: $197.00

Register HERE under "Online Store", "Services", "Nutritional Coaching"


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