Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce our Fall CedarS online programs! These camps will meet once a week for 5 consecutive weeks. Our goal is to give both new and experienced Christian Science youth the opportunity to build friendships, deepen their connection with Christian Science, and fulfill CedarS mission: “To give each camper an appreciation of spiritual sense and an abundance of wholesome, joyous activity.” This program gives campers an opportunity to unite with a community of spiritually-minded friends for both traditional and adapted camp activities. 


During Zoom sessions, campers will enjoy some of these opportunities…
  • Engage in Bible Lesson study 
  • Choose a quality, quote, prayer or poem to work with for the week
  • Participate in friendship-building activities
  • Sing camp songs
  • Energize during a physical activity (dance, exercise, or other fun movement)
  • Participate in hands-on camp activities that they can do with everyday items at home
  • Engage in age-appropriate discussions about self, community, and the world through the lens of Christian Science
  • Each camper will receive a virtual quality award at the end of the session

Outside of Zoom sessions, campers…

  • Will be encouraged to do other camp-related activities such as make their beds, do "cabin chores," say grace at meals, give gratitude, participate in online CedarS Hymn Sings, and study the weekly Bible Lesson.  

  • May be asked to continue to think about an idea from their Zoom session and to come back the next week with new or expanded thoughts on the subject or to be prepared to report back on their efforts to put a leadership concept into practice.

Fall Session Dates for all age groups (1st-12th grade):
  • August 25th - September 26th (5 weeks)
  • September 29th - October 31st (5 weeks)
  • November 3rd - December 5th (5 weeks) 

Groupings, Days, Times, and Costs:
  • 1st-2nd grades: Tuesday 5-6pm Central, $85 
  • 3rd-5th grades: Thursday 5-6pm Central, $85 
  • 6th-8th grades (CIP): Saturday 10:30-Noon Central, $125 
  • 9th-12th grades (JL): Saturday 4-5:30pm Central, $125 

Eligibility includes youth...
  • Enrolled in a Christian Science Sunday School; or
  • With some Christian Science background and a supportive family member; or
  • New to Christian Science with a sincere desire to explore it further

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE WITH TECHNOLOGY: We are committed to including young people who want to grow in Christian Science, regardless of finances. Divine Love knows no digital divide! Our program application includes a place for you to indicate if you need financial support to obtain hardware or an Internet connection. If you need Internet access, the September 29th and November 3rd sessions are more reasonable start dates. We have found that it can take several weeks to activate Internet, so please let us know of the need as soon as possible.

FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE FOR TUITION: US and Canada, please apply to The Campership Fund. They have funds available to support up to full tuition, as needed. International applicants, please apply directly to CedarS Camperships.  
FORMAT: The program will be held on Zoom, an online video conferencing platform. Participants will be emailed a secure link and password. CedarS staff will facilitate the activities and monitor the session, allowing campers to have safe and productive screen time. Our goal is for parents to be able to take advantage of this opportunity to be hands-off so they can accomplish their own goals during this time.

STAFF QUALIFICATIONS & PREPARATION:  We carefully select all staff based on their demonstration of the qualities needed to engage your campers in a CedarS-themed, fun-filled, energetic, and wholesome experience. These sessions will be led by Program Directors, Larry Patterson and Emma Taylor. 

REGISTRATION: Sign up by clicking HERE. Select "Fall Online Youth Camp."

CONTACT: If you have questions, please email (registration questions) and (program questions).

Please share this email with anyone who could be blessed by this experience, and please don’t let finances get in the way of making this work for your family. There is support available!

We look forward to seeing you this Fall!

The CedarS Team

Holly, Lauren, Warren, Gay, Kim, Larry, and Emma

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