Back to School or Work? Time to Get Organized! 

Hello Friends, 

It's back to school month again! Fall is is a great time of year to refocus your productivity and tighten up those organizing systems at home, and this month's newsletter is focused on helping you do just that. Be sure to also check out our free kitchen workshop at Storables next month, also featured below.

Here are some simple and quick areas of the home to touch up as we head back to school / work after a fun-filled summer.

Revamp the Calendar. Now is a good time to purchase your 2018 calendar and begin to plan for the next year. Buying a large year calendar is a great way to get a visual on what is coming up that the whole family can see. Place the calendar at eye level so that everyone can see it.  We like this one from At-A-Glance. Plan your vacations now - that's the best way to make sure you take them! 

Clean out the Hall Closet. Fall is a great time to revisit the hall closet. Review shoes and sporting equipment that can be put away for the season, and make way for incoming winter gear. 

Organize or Establish Your Landing Zone. A landing zone is the area where things that go back and forth between school, work and home should land. If you have one, review it! What is working and what is not? If you don't, now is a great time to start one. Some items that should go here are keys, backpacks, checkbook, wallet, phone, receipts and mail. 

Create a Homework Station. This is a great way to create clear expectations and habits around homework for the new school year, and to keep homework organized and in one place.  For a complete breakdown on how to create this, check out our most recent blog, How to Create an Organized Homework Station.  

Happy Organizing!


Free Kitchen Workshop at  Storables!

Organizers Northwest is proud to be teaming with Storables to bring you an  extra special kitchen organizing workshop. Learn organizing tips, tricks and product recommendations from the pros!

When: Saturday, October 7th, 2017,  10 - 11 am
Where: This presentation will be  held at BOTH Storables locations, in the Pearl and at Cedar Hills Crossing

Helping Your Student Transition from School to Home

Many kids struggle with the transition from school to home. The temptation to throw  school bags down, kick shoes off and make a beeline for the couch is incredibly high - even for us adults after a long work day.

Crafting a smooth transition as your kids arrive home after school is hard. And while there is no perfect answer, it is worth spending time to make it work better. And then tweaking it and tweaking it again until you get a series of steps that work for your family. Here are some great suggestions for how to establish expectations  and reduce stress for everyone...
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