September Recreation News

September 2022 | Issue XIV

Open Registrations:


  • Pop-Up New Player Lacrosse Clinic
  • Tap It Out (16+)
  • Yoga (15+)
  • Teen Yoga Series (ages 13-17)
  • Life Skills 


  • Senior Program
  • Yoga
  • Tap It Out
  • Zumba
  • Line Dancing
  • Volleyball
  • Pickleball
  • African Drumming

What's Coming Up?


  • Pop-Up New Player Lacrosse Clinics
  • Winter Basketball
  • 2nd Annual Howl-o-Ween Dog Costume Parade
  • Spring Youth Lacrosse Registration
  • Trunk-or-Treat
  • Wings of the Dawn Wildlife Presentation


  • Journey to Health Fitness & Cooking Class - October 1
  • New Player Pickleball Clinics
  • Volleyball
  • Pick-Up Basketball (Tentative)
  • American Red Cross CPR/First Aid classes (Tentative)
  • 2nd Annual Howl-o-Ween Dog Costume Parade
  • Wings of the Dawn Wildlife Presentation
  • Barre Exercise Class
  • Senior Exercise Class

Did You Know?

When Cunningham Pond had elevated levels of E.Coli this past month, the pond was never closed. We simply issued an Advisory that it was "Swim at Your Own Risk" as suggested by the state. In order for the beach to actually be closed, the E. Coli levels would have had to have been significantly higher that what they were at the pond. For more information on this, you can call us at 603-924-8080. 

Above: Playground Program participants at Cunningham Pond on their field trip day. 

Right, Top: Playground Program participants at Canobie Lake Park.

Right, Bottom: Playground Program 2022 staff.


Welcome, Fall! 

We hope that you and yours had a fantastic end to a dry, hot summer. School is started and it's time for fall! We have a few programs this fall that are "try it out" programs which are great for kids and teens to try before they commit to the sport or activity long-term. Check these out below or on our website, plus look out for more!

-The PRD Staff 

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What's Happening?

Teen Yoga Series

The purpose of this yoga series is to introduce yoga to teens that are interested. If the group is successful and the attendees would like to come to this class regularly, we will turn this into an ongoing class. In other words, this series is to "test the water" and see if this is something that teens in the area are interested in or would benefit from. We need a minimum of 4 teens to run the program.


Lacrosse New Player Clinic for Youth

This pre-season new player clinic is specifically for elementary and middle school age lacrosse players to work on basic skills and drills. This will include wall ball routines to build basic stick skills and scooping skills. We will also discuss one-on-one defense skills.


Life Skills

Botvin LifeSkills Training (LST) is a research-based substance abuse and violence prevention program for kids ages 12-14 that teaches important coping skills in a fun, engaging, and developmentally-appropriate way. This training program not only prevents tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse in the vast majority of participants, but also teaches kids the knowledge and skills necessary to:

• Increase self-esteem

• Increase ability to make decisions and solve problems

• Communicate effectively and avoid misunderstandings

• Manage anxiety

• Make new friends

• Say “no” to unfair requests and peer pressure to use drugs

• Resist advertising pressures to use drugs


Line Dancing

Line dancing will inspire movement, fun, and creativity. Participants will learn basic steps, rhythms and routines choreographed to music. Music styles might include: pop, rock, blues, country, swing, Latin and Irish.


African Drumming

Join this unique opportunity to learn the basics of African drumming from the Guinean tradition. This is an energizing group experience, where together we learn to play a variety of celebratory rhythms. You will learn and hear fun and informative stories about the Guinean culture as we get to know each other.  


Sunset Yoga in the Park with Gina

This is an all-levels, all-bodies class for anyone above 15 years old. Gina’s sequencing blends easeful stretching with mild strength building so you will feel open and relaxed, yet also the right amount of challenged. Each class focuses on the mind-body-spirit connection while linking movement with breath. Postures are practiced safely, using alignment, to promote healing, flexibility, balance and a calm mind.


Adult Volleyball

Keep an eye on our website for registration to open this week! 


Tap It Out

Tap It Out is an OUTDOOR opportunity for folks of all ages to gather and enjoy tap dance together. Whether you have experience tap dancing or not, this is your chance to boost your mood and to have fun. This group will meet one time per week to get some tap dancing instruction from ex-professional dancer and dance teacher, Jody Feinman. So, please come, learn the basics of tap dance, and enjoy being active. Although tap shoes are best, sneakers or flats will do!

Senior lunch room #1.JPG

Senior Programs

We have a variety of senior programming that occurs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Our Senior Program is open to folks 50 years and older. Click the link below and you will be directed to our website which includes our list of senior programs. Click on each program to learn more about it!


Pickleball for Adults

Pickleball is a fun, social, and engaging game that is a combination of ping pong, badminton, and tennis! We are in the middle of making the switch outdoors right now, so if you would like to play go to the Community Center. If you don't see any cars and the doors are locked, it means they are outside at Adams for the day!


Odds and Ends

Mark your Calendars! 

We are planning the 2nd Annual Howl-o-ween Dog Costume Parade and Trunk or Treat! Howl-o-Ween will definitely be on October 29th and we are still looking at a date for Trunk-or-Treat. Stay tuned!


You're Invited to the Recreation Committee Meeting!

The Recreation Committee meets tomorrow night at 7pm in the Meeting Room at 64 Union Street. The public is welcome to join the meeting. The deadline to submit an agenda item for discussion by the committee at the October meeting is meeting is September 26.

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