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Check out some of the most popular Commercial and Residential Fall Protection/Fall Arrest Anchors available at Panther East! Stay safe on the job while ensuring OSHA and ANSI compliance. 

Standing Seam Roof Clamp

The Guardian Fall Protection "Standing Seam Roof Clamp" is designed for use with retractable lifelines and acts as a reusable temporary anchor point. The roof clamp has a pinch that mounts to standing seams and legs that adjust from 24 to 36 inches to fit seam spacing. This product fits most retractable lifelines up to 50 feet in size and allows retractable lifelines to rotate 360 degrees. If using a 50 foot or 65 foot retractable, this product must be used with retractable swivel adapter

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Two-Way Universal
Standing Seam Clamp 

The Guardian Fall Protection "Two-Way Universal Standing Seam Clamp" is lightweight, reusable, and easy-to-use. This product possesses an all steel construction with zinc electroplate finish making it very durable. The clamp also features a unique, reversible design that allows for seams up to 1-inch wide. The MR-24, VSR or similar profiles can be covered with one clamp.

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CB-12/CB-18 Roof Anchor

The Guardian Fall Protection "CB-12 Roof Anchor" is the tried and true permanent fall protection anchor! This product is great for use with retractable lifelines, vertical lifelines, rope grab units, or horizontal lifeline systems and can be installed on wood, steel or concrete substrates (fasteners are provided for wood and steel applications). The anchor's 12 inch tall post extends past roofing substrate to keep attachment point high enough that it is sill accessible after the roof is complete. This round post also works well with most off-the-shelf flashing kits.

CB Swivel Top System For CB-12 & CB-18 

The Guardian Fall Protection "CB Swivel Top System" mounts on top of the CB-12 or CB-18 roof anchor and allows for an attached retractable lifeline to swivel 360 degrees. This product is easy to install via the removable and reusable bolt application. This swivel top is great for the first-worker-up system. 

Screw-Down Metal Roof Anchor

The Guardian Fall Protection "Screw-Down Metal Roof Anchor" is a reusable temporary anchor point that is designed for use with retractable lifelines (up to 50 feet in length). The anchor mounts to flat wood or metal roof. The Screw-Down Metal Roof Anchor allows the attached retractable to rotate 360 degrees.

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A water filled neoprene counterweight fall arrest anchor system - This anchor has been tested and approved for use on a wide variety of low slope roof surfaces. The EcoAnchor weighs less than 17 pounds when empty and comes with a carry bag for stowing. The anchor requires no holes to be drilled in mounting surface nor no heavy weights be lifted to the mounting surface. The product installs within eight to ten minutes which is much faster than traditional more expensive counterweight systems.

Temper Reusable Anchor

The Guardian Fall Protection "Temper Reusable Anchor" is a reusable anchor designed for temporary use on wood rooftops. This anchor meets all applicable OSHA and ANSI standards for fall arrest. This product has a thicker plated metal for longer lasting product life and can be installed with screws or duplex nails (depending on roof pitch). The anchor can fit up to a 12/12 roof pitch and all the necessary fasteners are included. Offset holes down the center of the anchor keep the truss from splitting.

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