Fall Registration Closes on August 1 st
  • Captains, please register your team online ASAP and make your registration payment via PayPal.

  • The Ladies/Love-50/Love-60 Captains' meeting is on August 8th at Brookhaven Country Club. Please note: all TCD Members are invited to the Captains' Meeting and we will be having a general membership meeting at that time.

  • There will be NO Mixed Captains' meeting this season. Mixed Captains are welcome to join the August 8th meeting if desired.

If your team is disbanding or you are forming a new team, please let us know by emailing
You can find a printable version here.
Your Birthday Matters
Captains, please remember: All players must meet the age requirement at the time of registration. You may not roster a player who is not currently of age.  
NOTE: IF a player becomes of age any time between August 2 nd and the league's posted Player-Add deadline, captains can add her to your team IF there is available space on the team roster.

After much study, Geographic Flighting has shown
little improvement in travel time for most flights.
We have reported over the spring and summer about our work, along with that of the SMU School of Engineering, on creating a Ladies League divided geographically. We have analyzed several iterations of the models and have been disappointed with the results.

A 15% expected reduction in travel time unevenly spread throughout the league is not enough of a benefit to change the dynamic and unique nature of the TCD Ladies league. Therefore, we will NOT implement geographic flighting.
We HAVE approved investing in a more advanced scheduling program that should make travel between teams fair and more balanced in ALL leagues.
THANK YOU for your input in this study. Please know that hundreds of hours have been spent by your TCD Board thinking outside the box, evaluating all options, and discussing the benefits and drawbacks of each. Some flights and facilities would benefit under certain scenarios, but others would be hurt. The unintended consequences were too great to implement any of these options.
We have a volunteer position for you!

Join the TCD volunteer team and help run one of the largest volunteer-led tennis organizations in the country. We have small and large jobs, jobs for people who love people, and jobs for people who love numbers. Think you might be interested, but don't know where or how to get started? Contact any board member for more information or fill out the volunteer form below!