Several Registration Items Have Changed!
Please be aware of the updated registration procedures and policies for the fall season. You are going to like these changes!

  • Team registration opens on July 1st and will close on August 1st.

  • ALL returning and new team rosters will be submitted online from this point forward. Filling out paper packets is no longer required for any team.

  • Payment will be made via PayPal during online registration and prior to the Ladies/Love-50/Love-60 Captains' meeting on August 8th. 

  • There will be NO Mixed Captains' meeting this season. 

  • Cash and checks will no longer be accepted.

We encourage all Ladies/Love-50/Love-60 captains to attend the August 8th Captains' meeting, or send a representative from your team. If you have questions, this is your forum!

If your team is disbanding or you are forming a new team, please let us know by emailing
We have a volunteer position for you!

Join the TCD volunteer team and help run one of the largest volunteer-led tennis organizations in the country. We have small and large jobs, jobs for people who love people, and jobs for people who love numbers. Think you might be interested, but don't know where or how to get started? Contact any board member for more information or fill out the volunteer form below!
Geographic Flighting
As noted in the May E-News, the SMU Senior Design Team completed their project and presented their conclusions. Over the past month, w e have applied the recommendations from the SMU study of an east/west division of the Ladies league. The results are inconclusive. Some flights show a reduction in travel time and distance, others show a negative impact, or no change at all. 

Our goal prior to implementing any change to the structure of the TCD Ladies League is to have a league-wide positive impact. It makes no sense to change the way we are structured when some flights benefit from the change and others are negatively impacted. The east/west division does not provide overall positive impact.

We are currently evaluating dividing the ladies league into either 3 or 4 fixed sections. Not sure this is viable without losing the competitive nature of our league, or if it will put more than acceptable number of teams from a given facility into the same flight (both concerns expressed in survey comments).

Rest assured that we are considering ALL possibilities and have contacted other leagues to see how they have addressed the travel time issue. It is a problem everywhere, and all leagues of our size and smaller struggle with this. A decision on flighting will be made by the July e-news.