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Fall/Winter 2016 Newsletter
BPAR Fall Newsletter 2016
Welcome to Fall and Winter!  

As much as we love summer here at BPAR, we are truly looking forward to everything that comes with the fall season.  Fall is a great reminder to be present. Think about it this way: If we are able to appreciate the present (fall) without looking at the past (summer) or racing ahead to the future (winter), we suddenly open our eyes to the beauty that is currently around us!

Nature also provides us with lessons to take away from the fall season. Here are just a few:

Let Go – Each year during the autumn season, trees let go of their leaves with grace and ease. Take some time to reflect on what no longer serves you in your life. Can you let go of any excess, or any unhelpful habits?

Open to Change – Autumn is a beautiful season because of the vibrant colors provided by the leaves, trees, and flowers. The lush greens turn bright red, orange, and yellow. How can you be flexible when changes occur?

Find Balance – The autumnal equinox is one of two days throughout the entire year when day and night are the same length. Are you feeling balanced in every aspect of your life? What can you do to find more balance?

We hope you can take away some of nature's lessons throughout the season as we ease into the cooler and shorter days, settle into new routines, and bundle up with family and friends!

Groups and Workshops at BPAR
Ongoing Group - Adult Adoptees
We offer a support group for adult adoptees that meets once a month.  This group offers a supportive and safe environment where individuals can share their adoption stories and experiences through discussion, writing, and other modes.
Self-Care Workshops
We've started a series of self-care workshops, and we would love for you to join our next one!  Last time we set personal intentions and goals, then made vision boards with collage materials.  In future workshops we plan on exploring the world of affirmations and mantra, as well as practicing mindful meditation.  All adults are welcome!                                               

Sign up here!
Adoption Events and Resources to Know About
Mark Your Calendar for Nov. 19, 2016!
The Fall season brings warm traditions for many families.  One special day to be recognized is November 19, 2016.  On this day we will be celebrating 16 years of Adoption Awareness.  It is fitting that this important event falls on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving, as this is a special time for many of us to take a moment and reflect upon what gives our lives meaning.  It is also a time for families to share being together and celebrate the importance of family and giving.

National organizations including The Alliance for Children's Rights, Children's Action Network, Freddie Mac Foundation, and Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption together started National Adoption Day in 2000.  This day continues to bring awareness to the more than 100,000 children waiting in foster care for permanent homes and families who will be their forever family.

For more information on this day and how you and your family can participate, please  visit their website.
Sibling Connections
Sibling Connections is the only organization in Massachusetts designed to strengthen the sibling bond of children separated by foster care.  They provide year-round reunion opportunities for separated siblings, along with trainings and volunteer opportunities.  For more information, please visit their website.
New From the BPAR Blog
Five Routines and Rituals to Build Family Connections
We are now officially in fall. We said goodbye to the warm days of summer, and bathing suits are going back in the bottom of the drawer until next year. Autumn is a time when many are back to school, back to work, and life takes on a more serious tone. We begrudgingly fall back into more structured daily routines. However, not all routines have to be work. Enjoyable routines can be grounding for all family members. These consistent family rituals can help to create positive memories for children, teens and adults.   Continue Reading...
Something Exciting is Brewing at BPAR

The BPAR Team has been working for just about a year on an exciting project that is getting close to completion.  Coming this winter, BPAR will publish its very own book!  Filled with resources, heartfelt images, and important insights, this book is expected to resonate with all those touched by adoption.

Stay tuned!
Reach Out
The BPAR team would love to hear from you
We are always seeking adoption resources.  Are you an individual or agency that works in the adoption community?  We'd love to add you to our resource list.   Let's connect!
Our BPAR office prides itself on being a resource for all of those touched by adoption. We feel it is important to our community that we are able to provide services and supports.  Our team can help find the answers that your family is looking for. Call or email us for a free consultation and let us help guide you to finding the right path.
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