Despite the snow on the ground, it is still autumn so grab a hot coffee and enjoy the first  issue of the Fall Run , the Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan's October newsletter. 

Below is an update on our  activities over the past few months in relation to the joint Student Outreach Program with the Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association (SCA), as well as news on other LMS initiatives. We are also looking for suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered in training sessions or seminars in 2017, so please provide your feedback. 
We hope you enjoy a smooth and profitable fall run.

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Adele Buettner
Executive Director, Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan
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New Logo 
The LMS office is in the process of modernizing our logo. The current logo was designed in 2009 when the Saskatchewan Livestock Marketers and Order Buyers Association changed it's name to the Livestock Marketers of Saskatchewan. The new logo will use modern lines and white space to update the LMS brand. 
Annual General Meeting
The  Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference will be held at Evraz Place in Regina from January 24 - 26, 2017. The LMS Annual General Meeting will take place at
9:00 am on January 26th
More details to follow.
Ag Month: What's Your Story?
October is Agriculture Month, a time to celebrate agriculture and share our stories about food and farming.  We have a lot to be proud of in Saskatchewan as our farmers and ranchers provide the world with plenty of safe, affordable and healthy food. Share in the conversation and tell your story this October.
#OurFoodHasAStory     #AgMonth16
What is Verified Beef Production Plus?
See below for our sponsored article submitted by
Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association and
Sask Verified Beef Production Inc.
Student Outreach Project
LMS and the Saskatchewan Cattlemen's Association are engaged in a partnership to promote careers in the cattle sector to high school and university students. This project is made up of multiple initiatives, outlined below. 
Info Session at the College of Agriculture and Bioresources
LMS Board member Alan Jackson talks to Ag Students at U of S Info Session, Sept 29th.
LMS and SCA hosted an information
 session at the University of Saskatchewan Ag Students Lounge on September 29 to talk to students about career opportunities in Saskatchewan's cattle sector. 

LMS Board member Alan Jackson, SCA's Beef Production Specialist Marianne Possberg and Saskatoon Livestock Sales Auctioneer Ryan Hurlburt spoke to 35 engaged students about careers in cattle buying, production, research, animal health, and auction markets.  Great Western Brewing donated beer and LMS/SCA supplied burgers for the ninety minute session that brought out students from all years and multiple programs. 
SCA representative, Marianne Possberg speaks to students at the U of S Info Session, Sept 29th.
Some comments from the students were that they do not see many job postings from auction markets and are unsure what opportunities are available during the summer. Due to the nature of the cattle industry, summer is a slow season and not conducive to student work. If your business has interest in hiring university students, a mentorship or co-op program should be explored, one that can be offered during the school year and worked into the class schedule.  

The Edwards School of Business offers a Co-op/Internship program to third year students and MBA participants. This program gives employers the opportunity to evaluate potential future employees in the Management, Accounting, Human Resources, Finance and Operations Management majors in a four or eight-month term. 
Career Fair
LMS and SCA have registered a booth at the Agriculture and Bioresources Career Fair on November 2, 2016 to promote careers in the cattle industry to interested university students. We will distribute brochures that promote some of the key job opportunities in the beef sector. A big thanks to Rhett Parks of Whitewood Livestock Sales who has offered to participate on behalf of the LMS Board.
Lecture Series
For the third year in a row, LMS is offering a series of lectures to classes in the U of S College of Agriculture & Bioresources. Expanding on last year's successful four lectures to the Grain & Livestock Marketing class offered by Stewart Stone of Heartland Livestock and Joe Jackson of JGL Cattle, we have added two more classes to this year's agenda. 

On September 28, Joe Jackson discussed strategies and tactics for making a sale to the third-year Principles of Selling course. In the January to April term, Joe will also present to the Grain & Livestock Marketing class. Ryan Hurlburt, Auctioneer from Saskatoon Livestock Sales, discussed livestock marketing methods to the Agriculture Marketing Systems class on October 6. Another lecture opportunity being considered is for SCA representative Marianne Possberg, Beef Production Specialist, to present on production and research topics. 

If you have a topic in mind and an interest in providing a lecture at the University, please contact Serra in the LMS office.
Suggestions for Seminar Topics?
We are in the process of putting together a training series for LMS members and their customers for the 2017 year and are looking for suggestions of topics related to auction market business (accounting, regulations, human resources, etc), livestock markets, heard health, traceability, and others.
If you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to see covered or would be willing to host a training session, please contact the LMS Office or fill out the form below.  
As beef producers, we care greatly about our animals, the product we produce and the environment in which we farm. It's just common sense.

In today's world the majority of people consuming our product are far removed from the farm, and often don't understand what it is we do. Combine that with negative news stories, misplaced myths and consumer uncertainty, you only increase the need to earn public trust. This is true of all commodities: from vegetable and fish production to raising beef.

To bring transparency and assurances back to their buying choices, the industry and marketplace have increasingly adopted verification programs to reassure all levels of buyers that what we say we do - we are doing!

Sustainable is the popular term used in the marketplace to describe consumer concerns that cover a wide range of topics, such as: food safety, animal health and welfare, and the environment. More than ever, consumers want to make sustainable choices when purchasing goods and services.

Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) is a tool that can help beef producers substantiate the way we care for our animals. Cattle that are listed, or go through the ring, as VBP+ Registered provide a qualitative representation of the sustainable management practices that got them there.  Livestock marketers help beef producers represent their cattle for sale, and having VBP+ Registration behind them gives that much more credibility to the cattle, the producer and our production system.

For more information, and to find a workshop near you, check out:
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