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Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer season!
- Joe Paquet

2015 Fall Classes

Class Change
For the first time in 20 years I will be replacing the Wednesday Evening Figure Drawing with a second Studio Painting Class.
Increased demand is the reason.
There will also be a slight increase in tuition due to rent hikes.
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Teaching Philosophy
The evening classes have always been a way to give back and make valuable information available to all those who are out there working.
It is my thank you to John Osborne and his Thursday night class.
I was working full time then and if it were not for that class, I wouldn't be doing this now.
As a student, you can simply take a class or get comprehensive training: it is wholly up to you.
My unintentional demographic has chiefly been men & women over 40 who take their time seriously and in turn are taken seriously.
I believe an evening working toward what you love can be great.
It requires work, introspection and a willingness to address weaknesses and admittedly, I raise a high bar.
The results speak for themselves; regular folks who have worked in other careers have gone on to win awards in major Plein Air events across the country, had feature articles in national magazines or simply done work far beyond what they thought possible.

One of the most rewarding aspects however has been the friendships that have formed and the community which has been built - kindred spirits and lifelong connections.

We all have something grand inside us and a unique voice to say it with.
My job is to help you connect those two things -- it's something we do together.

In my book, an artist is something one aspires to; not something one already "is."
If you want to see what you are capable of, this is a good place to try.

And I love my job.


Sultry Day, Kaiping
Sultry Day, Kaiping 8" x 12" - $3,500 - SOLD
To purchase paintings directly from Joe
Just call  (651) 485-5807 or email to discuss details and options.

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