2022 November Sew Fair Schedule

      We are proud and excited to announce November Sew Fair 2022! This year we will be celebrating all month long with great free seminars, special pricing, packages, door prizes and of course LOTS of chocolate! Our favorite guest speakers are back to educate and entertain you every week with fun and informative lectures to take your sewing, quilting, embroidery and serging to a whole new level. We are repeating most lectures so everyone can get a chance to join in the fun. We will have a lunch break every day so you have time to check out the many new places to eat in our renovated shopping center! Special pricing and financing will be available all month long, with door prizes at every seminar and lots of new product. This is a can't miss event, all month long! 

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Tuesday, November 1st 10am - 3:30pm

OR Wednesday, Nov 2nd 10am- 3:30pm

OR Thursday, Nov 3rd 10am - 3:30pm

Pick ONE Day!

10:00am - 12:00pm "Kick it Up a Notch" Missy & Deb

12:00pm - 1:30pm Lunch Break

1:30pm - 3:30pm "Kick it up a notch Part Two" Missy & Deb

Join Missy Billingsley and Deb Canham as they team up to bring you as much knowledge and fun as you can pack into one day. Come and learn about Sewing, Serging, Embroidery, gadgets, notions and must haves from the best, and be entertained and educated. Missy and Deb will show you the ins and outs of machine embroidery, in the hoop projects, serger techniques that will make you rethink your sewing knowledge and sew much more! They were here 3 years ago and packed the house/aka hotel conference center, so what better way to start out the Fall Sew Fair than to have these two superstars in the house! Pick a day, November 1st, 2nd or 3rd to come and join us, learn and be inspired to kick your sewing skills up a notch. 

"My Journey Into Quilting" and

"Photo to Pattern" To Fabric!

With Joyce Hughes

Friday, November 4th 10:00am - 3:30pm

OR Saturday, November 5th 10am - 3:30pm

Pick ONE day!

"My Journey into Quilting" 10:00am - 12:00pm

   This lecture begins with a very open and inspiring talk about how I started in quilting, leading into Art Quilts with Thread Painting, finishing with ideas to use with Panels as Art Quilts.

   Many people leave very excited to try something new with their quilts. My main subject matter will be working with fabric panels. Showing many “Before and after”…Art Quilts. Exploring how panels will be able to be used on your personal projects. Many panels are looked at and passed over. I often hear, “What do you do with this”, it’s so big, the colors are dull, etc., etc. With a little embellishing and/or thread painting on the fabric, it soon becomes a piece of art.

   Learn about the preparation of the Panel for a project, the freedom of using thread painting and showing that layering thread lets you achieve different effects on the quilts. Then, add embellishments of ribbon, markers, paint, crystals, etc., The Panel is now unique and one of a kind.

  "Photo to Pattern to Fabric!" 1:30pm - 3:30pm

     Want to design your own Art quilt using a personal photo?

In this lecture, Joyce will use her own personal photo of a beautiful Sunflower. She will walk you through the numerous steps of altering the photo and converting to a pattern by using a Free App on your phone. She will explore the step of picking out fabric to create the proper depth and shading.

     She will demonstrate the next step of applying the pattern pieces to the selected fabrics for a very eye pleasing design. This process can easily be used on your own personal photos!  

     Finally, finishing with Dimensional Thread Painting adds numerous layering of threads to create shading, highlighting, texture and dimension!

"Notions Commotion"

With Debbie Lafrance

Wednesday, November 9th 10:00am - 12:00pm

Wednesday, November 9th 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Debbie returns by popular demand to show her peeps the latest tools and gadgets you will just need to have in her fun and exciting Notions Commotion extravaganza!

"Oh-Hi-Oh My Stars!" and

"Curved piecing?

You must be kidding!"

With Barbara Dann of Alleycat Quilters!

Wednesday, November 16th 10:00am - 3:30pm

OR Thursday November 17th 10am - 3:30pm

"O-HI-O My Stars"

10:00am - 12:00pm

     The Ohio Star block is a classic star block that many of us have used in our quilts. Great block but not much pizazz until now! Join Barbara as she takes you on an Ohio Star adventure – from the basic block to the WOW! blocks for your quilts. And everything is made using her favorite tools by Studio 180 Design – good piecing techniques, all blocks are made a little bigger than they need to be, and then trimmed to perfection.  

From this...

To This!

 "Curved Piecing? You Must Be Kidding!"

1:30pm - 3:30pm

     Two years ago that was me! I was NEVER going to do any curved piecing. Too hard, too fussy, and too stressful.

Then I discovered Sew Kind Of Wonderful curved piecing tools and I was hooked. Not too hard – in fact this curved piecing technique is easy (slight learning curve), very forgiving, and I’m having fun piecing curves.

-Barbara Dann


Join Barbara as she shares how to use these rulers, answer your questions, and inspire you to make some quilts using curved piecing!

"A Million Little Tips - For Garment Sewing"

With Pattie Otto

of Great Copy Patterns

Friday, November 18th 10:00am - 12:00pm


Friday, November 18th 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Well, not quite a million …. but so many tips to help perfect your garment sewing that you’ll gain confidence when sewing both woven and knit projects. Included are tips for professionally finished shirt pockets and collars, hems, knit pullovers and zipper techniques for both pants and skirts. Let Pattie help you streamline your garment sewing techniques for more efficient and satisfying results.

"I Want a Machine That Can Do That!"

With Lori Hernandez

Wednesday, November 30th 10:30am

Join us for an in-store Facebook live event with Lori Hernandez from Baby Lock. She'll show off all the incredible things we can do with our Baby Lock machines, and be available for questions during and after class.