$4.40 bag for both paper and plastic
Please pre-order before Sept. 30
Min. 25, Max. 200
September 4, 2019
As we mentioned in our summer newsletter, we always have such an overwhelming response for our shavings sales, it puts a lot of pressure on our mill suppliers. We are hoping that the changes shown below will make things smoother for everyone involved by spreading out our pickup days over three Saturdays. Here is the latest information:

All Pre-Orders Are Required Before Sept. 30
Pickup on One of 3 Sale Day Saturdays:
* October 12 * October 26 * November 8 *

Same Price Paper or Plastic Wrapped Shavings: $4.40
Minimum Order is 25 bags, Maximum Order is 200. Orders 125 bags and over can save 10 cents per bag by pre-paying. Square, PayPal or credit cards accepted or drop off/mail a check to the farm. Send Tammy an email and she will reply with an emailed invoice. We may be adding online payment options.
To avoid putting too much pressure on either of our mill suppliers, we won't guarantee which type of shavings you will receive. If you truly have a preference of paper vs. plastic bags, we recommend arriving early on your scheduled pickup day for the best shot at getting what you want. 
We will confirm your order back to you including a pickup day. Pickups must happen on your scheduled day. If you are a no-show, and haven't let Tammy know in advance, then your order will be cancelled. It's possible we may need to add more pickup days and we will let you know if it comes to that.
Pelleted Bedding $5 Bag
Pellets will be available on Sale Days while they last. No pre-orders accepted.
IMPORTANT: If you have placed a pre-order and don't get a confirmation back from Tammy within a few days, then we may not have received your order. Please get in touch with us again.

-- Tammy
To place an order or if you have a question:
Phone/text me at 603-617-8363
Phone the farm at 603-335-4572

Pelleted Bedding, Made in Maine
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